The Naked truth of Nudeit Apple iPhone Application

Yesterday I posted about Download iPhone Nudeit application : Watch people nude and undoubtedly many people downloaded it. Video of this apple iPhone application seems so promising that people thought of it for real and downloaded it. Just to verify the authenticity of nudeit iphone application, I spend my precious .99$ and downloaded this application from iPhone Apps store.

First time when I run this application I was shocked that even the welcome screen of this page is no where close to what they have mentioned in the video. I found myself cheated at that moment.

I activated nudeit iPhone application and put my friend in front of camera, and as expected this iPhone application comes out as a scam and it sounds like a prank played by the creator of this application and more over I feel pity for iPhone guy on making this application part if Apps store. No doubt marketing guys for nudeit application has done a great job, but at the cost of people money.

See the screenshot and the funny part of this application

IMG_0104 IMG_0105

Can you see the cartoonish body of a man there below the face. This application is using the face recognition technology and thus add a semi-nude image of a guy or a gal and that’s what this application is all about.

Apps store should have mentioned about this application that it’s a prank iPhone application and what ever is written in the description of the application is a complete hoax and so is the video added for marketing of this application. IMO Apps store should not have accepted such application.

What’s your opinion about such software?

7 thoughts on “The Naked truth of Nudeit Apple iPhone Application”

  1. Crap man, I thought the application was real., As you mentioned application should be accepted only after validating it,. else Apple is going to lose its reputation .

  2. i need this prog. plz any one have this if can send me it send me on my mail plz
    or send me a link to get it .
    thanks alooooot

  3. Im looking for this app for days in the app store but can’t find it for some reason. Isn’t it called nudeit I seached it but nothing cones up. What’s the name u searched to download it. Thank you

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