Test Website’s Performance from Multiple locations using Loads.in

For any webmaster, testing the performance of their websites is very important. Website performance testing forms an integral part of website design since it determines how a website is performed when actual load will be applied to it.

Different tools exist these days which assist webmasters on gauging the performance parameters of their websites. Today we’ll be discussing one such tool which we think is a great way to assess website performance. Loads.in is a free, web based website performance testing tool which provides webmasters and website owners the means to test and measure how their website loading times will be when accessed from different locations around the globe.


Loads.in features over fifty different locations from where you can assess the access times of your websites. Moreover, Loads.in loads the website in actual web browsers thereby getting an accurate loading time depending on the web browser as well. Several different leading web browsers are supported such as IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.



In order to use Loads.in, all you need to do is type in the URL of the website which you want to test and the results will be displayed in small thumbnails which will show the loading time across different platforms and locations. Results can also be viewed in the form of waterfall charts which give a more detailed and accurate picture of the website loading times.


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Loads.in is an absolutely easy to use and important tool for testing website performance for every website owner who wants to calculate on how much traffic their current hosting solutions can handle and how optimized their website is to multiple accesses from the world.

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