Terminology of Internet Movie Releases Explained

Most of you do download movies from the internet. No matter whether the source is p2p or some other file host, all internet releases use a common naming method. This guide will tell you how to tell apart DVDRip from Telesync, Cam etc.

Cam or Camrip

This version, as the name suggests, is captured using a physical camera at a theater. Usually, cameras installed on tripods or in a theater seat or installed just above the projector, are used. These copies are the first ones to become available online. The quality is not great for a vast number of reasons.

Firstly, depending on the postion and angle of camera used some part of the screen might not get captured and some distortion might be visible due to the angle. If the camera shakes during capture, it further spoils the quality. Since, the sound is captured through the camera too, often the audience reaction, laughter and whistles, can be heard while viewing. Sometimes, the audience gets so loud that you can hardly hear the movie’s soundtrack.

However, there aren’t just downsides to this. This copy becomes available within 24-48 hours of theater release. So, fans desperate to watch the movie get early access. Secondly, sometimes the theater used for copying is vacant and the quality comes out pretty good.

Telesync or TS

This release uses same method as Camrip for capture. The only difference is that this time audio is directly captured from the source. The quality is overall better than Camrip as usually better pro cameras are used and audio does not have audience noise interfering.

DVD Screener or DVDscr

A pre release copy(screener) is sent to stores and organisations for promotional use. It often has some tickers, copyright disclaimers displayed across the screen. Sometimes for short durations and sometimes throughout the movie. So, that might be irritating. Also, the serial numbers, if displayed will need to be blocked, before release to prevent tracking. That explains blurrer or black patches you might see on these videos. The quality is moderate and can be high if ripper is good. So, next best alternative to DVDRip and this arrives before DVDRip.


This is basically a copy of the final DVD released of the movie. Usually released in DivX/XviD, DVDRips are compressed to .avi files sized around 700MB. This is the one you should look out for when you download a movie unless you want a higher resolution(HD and Bluray releases). Since, this is a clone of the actual retail copy or in some cases pre-release copies, it might take some time before these files appear online for new movie releases.

BDRip or Blu-Ray Rip

Copies made from Blu-Ray Discs. These have better quality than DVDRip and the resolution is 1080p or 720p. For the same reasons the file sizes too will be double or three times that of a dvdrip.


These versions are captured from HDTV (High Definition TeleVision) broadcast sources. Again the quality is much better than DVDrip because of higher resolution. It is comparable with blu-ray rip.


A format designed for multimedia platforms. Most players carry this codec nowadays be it your DVD player or the media player on your computer. They come in .avi files.


It’s very likely that you will find one of these files with every movie you get. It’s bacically used to promote the ripper and provide information about the release. It will include movie source, file size, codecs used and movie and cast description. If you face trouble viewing these files on Windows, just open them in Notepad or other text editors.


These files are supplied to ensure whether upload and download is complete. You will need extra software to use these files.

You now know which labels and tags mean what. However, stay aware that some file creators mislabel the files; sometimes by mistake and at other instances on purpose to irritate others and increase their download hits. So, whenever a sample file available download it first and if it’s convincing and matches the details, go on to download full file.

We have discussed the most popular movie release tags here. If you need help with anything else feel free to ask via comments. If this guide helped you and you would want more informative articles of this kind let us know.

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