Tata Docomo Launched Route Founder for 2G & 3G Phones

We all know that now a days with Smartphone, maps are very useful to get direction to your destination. One of India’s leading telecom provider, Tata docomo launched a new service for Tata docomo users, (Route Finder) which will let you get direction to any destination via SMS.

Since it’s SMS based service, it’s not limited to only 3G phones or smart phones. You can use this new Route finder service on your normal phone.

This service is charged at INR 5 per direction. More over Tata docomo is offering free complementary direction. That means when you request for one direction, the next direction request will be absolutely free.

This Route finder service seems to be very useful for 2G users, but for 3G users we have so many map application and using GPRS or 3G, you can get complete street view in any localized map application.

Here is the official PR from Tata docomo team:

Tata DOCOMO has come up with a unique & one of its kind service called ‘Route Finder’. It fulfils your requirements for accurate directions to locations & also offers a robust database with millions of points of interest, including restaurants, places of worship, shops and hotels. What makes this service one of its kind is that it isn’t partial! You don’t need a Smartphone or a 3G connection to use this service; it is open for all the 2G as well as 3G users. What makes it unique is that you get turn by turn directions right on your phone anywhere anytime via sms’s. If you do own a Smartphone you can also get assistance on a map!

If you have used Tata docomo’s route finder service, do let us know your initial review.