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Zip2Fix : Recover Corrupt ZIP Files

Zip2FixModern Generation has changed a lot for all people. Nowadays Gadgets like Computers and Laptops have become useful part of our life. Computers are used mainly to store data as well our personal and professional stuffs so that it can always be with us whenever we needs it. While the situation of downloading a software or a tool form the internet and getting stuck with the the extraction of ZIP files due to corrupt ZIP or damaged ZIP.

Almost all kinds of tools today are made available in ZIP files only as it takes less space compared to other setup. while at the time of extraction of these ZIP files, we get errors as

The zip file has corrupted or some file is missing

Now, you might get stuck with the problem, many times this happens when we want to get some important and as a result we get frustrated with it. Now if you want to fix this issue of missing or corrupt ZIP files then we have one of the best tool to perform all these actions using Zip2Fix, a tool used to perform all activities related to recovering corrupted files and also fix up damaged zip files.

Recover Corrupt file with Zip2Fix:

Zip2Fix is a freeware tool that is used to recover files from the ZIP format that are corrupted as well as damage from its original sources itself. It provide an effective solutions to solve all problems for ZIP files in getting corrupted data back.

Zip2Fix comes with totally free open source format, which is one of the portable tool which has the ability to extract safely all files that are currently into a ZIP folder. The final result will provide you with the correct files that will be later on extracted on to another new ZIP folder. Currently this tool only supports ZIP and SFX file formats.

Download this tool – Zip2Fix

Do let us know if you are using any other utility to fix Corrupt ZIP Files?

5 Free Tools to Zip Files Online

WinZip and WinRaR are one of the most popular tools for compressing files. But these are paid tools and thus earlier we have shared with you few free alternatives to WinZip and WinRaR. Sometimes it happens that we have to compress files but don’t have any file compressing tool installed then in such condition there are free online Zipping tools available which  are user-friendly as well as free.
Here are 5 Free tools to Zip your Files online:


NippyZip allows you to compress files and share with your friends via email. You can upload max size of file to 5024KB. You don’t require any registration or account to use NippyZip. Just upload the file and enter the CAPTCHA and you are done.




OnlineZip also allows you to zip files online unto 5 files and you can either download it or email the files. No registration required only you need to enter CAPTCHA and done. It also shows you count number about how many files you zip that day and  how many email you sent.



ZipMyFiles don’t allow you to send emails but you can download the zipped files. The good part about ZipMyFiles is that it provides unlimited access and no registration thus when you want to zip lots of files then ZipMyFile is good option for you.




ZipIt allows you to zip 20 files having size of 90 megabytes in all. ZipIt provides you to give the name to the archive while zipping the file.  Again just like other tools, it doesn’t require registration and no CAPTCHA also.



More Online Tools:


A very simple way to zip any number of files online. Just select files and zip it. No registration or CAPTCHA required just like Zip-it online tool. But if you will try to upload illegal files then you will get banned and can’t use FileStomp anymore.



If you are using any other online tool to zip your files on go then do share with us. For more useful online tools you can subscribe to CallingAllGeeks or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.