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Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen

Delicious which is one of the famous social bookmarking service by Yahoo was supposed to be shut down. YouTube Founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, acquired Delicious and it’s a good news for delicious users that your bookmarks will not be deleted and so is your account. Though you have to use Opt-in feature to create your account and migrate it to new company. As a user, nothing will be changed but if you don’t migrate your account, from July 2011, you will not be able to access your delicious account.

The URL is going to be same and so is the design. Though we may expect a new design after July 2011.  And also delicious will no longer be a part of Yahoo and it will become a part of AVOS internet company.

How to retain your Delicious account?

In order to keep retaining your delicious account, use this page and create an account.

delicious-bookmark-migration Your username will remain the same and you need to create a new password. That’s it, once you have done, your delicious account will be safe and will not be deleted.

Delicious is quite popular among old internet user and even I have thousands of bookmarks on my delicious account.

Do let us know if you are using delicious or any other bookmarking service to bookmark ?

As a delicious user, I would love to know your opinion on this news.

Turn YouTube into a Personal DJ using Amazing Web Applications

Normally whenever we are searching for a particular song on the internet the first place we go to is YouTube because it’s that kind of place where you will definitely going to find the kind of music you are looking for.

Although YouTube provides the option of creating playlists but if you want to make the process easier than there are loads of apps on the internet that allow you to do this in an easy yet simple way. So if you tend to be a music lover and want to use YouTube for listening to diverse free music, create playlists or keep tabs on your favorite singers and artists then here are some of the web apps and websites that will fulfill your desire:



MuzakBox is a very easy to use web app that takes a very simple and easy in creating a playlist for users from YouTube. All users have to do is choose an artist that they want to listen to and MuzakBox will do the rest of the stuff. It pulls all of the songs from YouTube of an artist that you have entered and create a single list. But this service is not for the people who want to listen to diverse kind of music because it essentially makes a list for one artist only at a time.

YouTube Jockey


Well YouTube Jockey is basically an Adobe Air app that allows users to create one playlist in a single instant. Users can search for songs and then add them to their playlist but the good thing is that users can choose that whether they want to display the video of any particular song or not. Plus the app also saves your playlist automatically so that you don’t have to bother to compile it again when you open the app next time.



StreamDrag is another innovative web application that allow users to create variety of playlists of music that is available on the online video service. No registration is required to use the service but signing up give users the option of managing and saving multiple playlists. All users have to do is search for their favorite songs and load them up on their playlist. Once playlist is created and is up-and-running, users can share their collection of songs with their friends via various social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Delicious.

Better You Tube Google Chrome Extension Makes You Tube Video watching Simple

There are loads of Google Chrome extensions available on the internet that enhances the users browsing experience, some of them are just for fun while some are very useful. So recently I came across a very useful Google Chrome extension called as BetterYouTube. Basically this You Tube extension enhances the video streaming process on YouTube by eliminating the clutter and giving a very minimalist look.



BetterYouTube extension alters the entire look of You Tube page by stretching video and moving it to the screens center for a very comfortable viewing. These are the things that Better YouTube extension does:

  • Centralizes comments
  • Removal of ads from the entire Homescreen
  • Removing promoted videos
  • Auto hiding the suggestions
  • Remove ads from the search

With this extension installed, users can focus on the video with a very clean looking page. So if we summarize all the BetterYouTube features then we can say that it moves the video to the center position and automatically resizes it so that users can view it comfortably. Moreover, it also centers comments and also auto-hides the video suggestion that can be accessed any time from top-right corner of that particular page. But this auto-hiding thing of video suggestions is a feature that most users will not appreciate because this will make searching for videos distributed in parts a hassle. But overall I think this is quite a useful and cool utility for users who spend a lot of time on YouTube.

Do let us know if you know about any other useful Youtube chrome extension?

How to Change YouTube Language Back to English

From last couple of days my YouTube website language changed to Ukrainian and I had no idea how it changed. More over earlier language change option used to be on top left but now with redesign of YouTube, they have changed the placement.

This post is dedicated to all those people like me whose language is changed on YouTube and they are looking forward to revert back to English or any other language.

In new YouTube, you can change language at the bottom of the page. Simple click on the language and you can select your preferred language for YouTube.


I hope this will help users whose YouTube language is changed. Also if like YouTube, you might like to read:

Top 5 Websites to Download YouTube videos.

Top 6 Tools to Download Online Flv Videos

We watch flash streaming videos but most of the websites do not give the download links for these videos. YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other websites have unique and interesting videos but these are not downloadable directly. But there are many tools to available to download these videos. Actually the flash video is embedded in web page and we have to extract the video file from page. Also read:

Online Java Based Tools

There are a lot of online tools to grab YouTube and many other websites videos such as Dailymotion and Metcafe. For using these online applications you must have java installed on your OS. On these websites you have to put the video page url and these websites extract videos and give you a temporary download link. Below I have listed some good websites to download mainly YouTube videos.

  • Keepvid.com: You can download videos from many websites such as YouTube. You can read the review of KeepVid. [  Download link ]
  • Savevid.com: Just like KeepVid, you can download video from lots of websites. [ Download link ]


Ashampoo Clip Finder

Ashampoo clip finder is a fantastic tool to download flv videos from many websites. This tool is very easy to use. You have to enter your keyword in search and this software finds videos on YouTube,Dailymotion,Metacafe etc. With Ashampoo clip finder you can also convert flv to other formats. And you can also apply search filter only for HD videos.

[  Download Link ]

Moyea  FLV Downloader

Moyea Youtube Flv Downloader is an excellent application that is able to download online flv videos from Youtube,Dailymotion,Google videos ,Fox videos and many other websites. It is a free tool and it downloads flv speedily. You can pause and resume downloading videos any time. You can also manage downloaded videos with its video library.

[ Download link ]

FLV download with IDM

IDM or Internet Download Manager is the best download booster tool. I have observed that download manager can increase download speed up to 8 times. We can download YouTube and other flv videos with IDM while playing video in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (not in Opera).

Download link ]

Speedbit Video Downloader

Speedbit video downloader can grab flv video from internet browsers while playing video. It is also a good flv grabber and accelerator. It is integrated with Internet browser and when a video streams it starts blinking in browser toolbar. It is not free but you can try it for one month.


Download link ]

Do let us know which tool you find best and if you like online tools or offline tools?

Watch Music Videos On YouTube Easily Using YouTube Music

How many of you visit YouTube only for watching videos? Probably all. It is easy to use search box to find videos of your choice but what about other top videos and latest released videos. There is a good news for music fans. YouTube recently renovate its music page and added some superb flavors.

On the page you can find the top videos without any fuzz. You can find top music videos on this page. Below it there is a category for “Today’s hits”. Similarly you can find categories for Pop, electronic, country and folk, rap and hip hop, world music, classical, rock and many more.


To play the videos just click on the “play category name” link next to the category name. A random playlist will be created. You can also queue videos by hovering your mouse over video thumbnail and click the play button appeared by the action.

The most appreciating part of this section is it is clutter free, without any ads. You can easily find videos according to your interest. According to YouTube, they will soon release a new feature which will called “Events Near You”. It will help you to find live music happening in your area.

Checkout more about YouTube:

Check out YouTube Music [via The Official YouTube Blog].

Watch YouTube Videos in Clutter Free Interface Using ViewPure

YouTube is an amazing service to watch music and other kinds of videos online. I use this site daily for entertainment as well as learning purpose. But I really hate ads flashed inside the videos and also I don’t like other clutters such as comments, related videos, etc near the video.

Viewpure is a web service that removes all the clutter from YouTube video and runs it in a neat interface. You can also create a custom environment for video viewing, example you can generate personalized URL (ViewPure.com/[URL]) and also password protect your video.


Given below is the screenshot of “Pure video viewing” video playback. There are some useful links given at the top. You can darken the background from white to black .Also you can create short link for the YouTube video. If you want to share the clutter free video on Twitter then click on “share”.


If you scroll down the home page to the bottom, you’ll get a Viewpure bookmarklet. Just drag and drop this bookmark;et on your browser’s bookmark bar. Now go to YouTube website and click on the bookmarklet. It will redirect you to ViewPure and play the video in neat interface. Simple and easy. No signup is required to use this service.

Tip: To fully enjoy the video, darken the background and click the F11 button in Windows. You can watch the video in a neat, full screen mode. Want to come back? Press F11 again.

Go to Viewpure for clutter free YouTube video experience.

Download Videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo And Other Services Quickly Using Clipnabber

If you love to watch videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Vimeo etc.and you intended to download those videos on your computer then there are several ways to do that. Most of the tools supports YouTube videos only. There are only fever tools which supports most of the video services.

ClipNabber is free to use web application by which you can download YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Megavideo videos easily and quickly. All you need to do is open the Clipnabber website, paste the URL of the video of any video sites and click the “nab” button.


Three download buttons appear. You can download the videos in FLV, MP3 and mobile phone format.

There is a Clipnabber bookmarklet available to quickly download the video. Just drag and drop it on your browser’s bookmark bar. Now open any video on your browser and click the bookmarklet on the bookmark bar. You’ll be redirected to the Clipnabber website and it will display the download buttons. Click on any download button to quickly download the videos.

This service is free to use and there is no sign up required. It supports videos from more than 100 video sharing sites and it also supports HD videos.

Check out Clipnabber to instantly download videos from more than 100 sites.

MyTube60: Join Multiple Youtube Videos Into One

YouTube, YouTube is an awesome site for watching music videos online. Wouldn’t it be great if you can join different YouTube videos into one. You can play those videos in the birthday parties or any other function.

MyTube60 does exactly the same. You can join various YouTube videosto make a Power Hours. The other great feature of this tool is that you can specify the start time and end time of any video or you can choose it to play for a minute.

To use this service you have to sign for the account. After signup click on the confirmation link sent in your email. You will be redirected to the mode where you could create power hours video.


After creating the power hour, you can preview it before publishing. After publishing you can watch it anytime while visiting the my videos section. Your published video is viewable to other users of the site. One thing to note that you must have to add 20 videos in the list before publishing.

You can also register using your Facebook account and add as many friends you want. There is an option to view power hours created by other users of the site and also you can rate them. You can make your watch list and favorite video collection.

Here’s a video tutorial of using this tool. Don’t forget to login before using this tool.

Check out Mytube 60 to join various YouTube videos.

Do you know any other site which combine multiple Youtube videos into one?

Play Game On YouTube: Google Chrome Fastball

You might be surprised after reading the title of this article. Probably you had seen many games video on YouTube but playing games on YouTube is bit indigestible. But it is possible with latest Google creation, Google Chrome Fastball, a flash-based game for YouTube.

This game starts with a small ball moving from one place to another by taking various path. In the path various obstacles come in the form of questions and you have to answer them in minimum time. The game is integrated with various services like Google map, Twitter and Last.FM and the flashed questions are answered by using these services.


There are total 5 obstacles in the games and you’ll be asked one question in the each obstacle. Answer the question and clear the path. You can also skip the obstacles by clicking on the skip link but you will pay penalty for each skip.

Penalty comes in the form of time (in seconds) which is the prime factor for this game. You have to complete this game in minimum time. The current record by the Chrome team is 1 minute, 20 seconds. You can check the time at the top right of the video.

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Chrome recently rolled out with integrated Flash player. The main motive behind this game is to represent the Flash flash feature of Chrome. Along with Chrome it also runs on Firefox pretty well.

Check out Google Chrome Fastball, [via The Official Google Blog].