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3 Free Alternatives to Xmarks

xmarks alternativesXmarks is my all time favorite add-on and I am sure that if you are a blogger it would be your favorite too. In case if you are not aware of Xmarks then let me give you a brief introduction to it. Xmarks is a Firefox add-on which helps you to sync your bookmarks easily from one PC to another.

But unfortunately, Xmarks won’t sync your bookmarks anymore and thus I thought of using other tool so that I can sync my bookmarks and passwords easily. First option came to my mind was Firefox sync but I thought of checking out more alternatives and here are few which I came across.

3 Free Alternatives for Xmarks:

Firefox Sync:

This is one which I can consider using for sure. I have used Firefox sync earlier also and was quite happy with it. Firefox Sync is a Firefox add-on which helps you to sync your passwords, bookmarks and browser settings including history, open tabs etc. easily on multiple systems. It is available as built-in FireFox beta 4.


[ Link ]

Chrome Sync Feature:

If you prefer to use Chrome then Chrome do provide feature to sync browser settings including auto fill, extensions, themes, bookmarks etc. on multiple systems. For enabling sync option you need to click on Wrench menu (Windows) or Chrome (Mac). Select Setup Sync then sign in to your Google Account and enable the sync feature.

Chrome Sync Feature

[ Link ]

Windows Live Sync:

Windows Live Sync is in Beta version right now. For using this you need to download Windows Live essentials. Now you need to click on Start button. Type Sync in Search box and click Windows Live Sync beta. Now in Program Settings, turn on syncing option. To start syncing Turn-On the syncing option on other systems also.

windows live sync

[ Link ]

Apart from above, another option is to use MobileMe from Apple which will cost you $99/yr.Now it’s upto your requirement which one you prefer to use.

Xmarks is going to shut down from 10 January 2011. Meanwhile I will try to find more alternatives for Xmarks, if you are aware of any Xmarks alternatives do share with us.

XMarks: Password Bookmark Synchronization Software

Xmarks offers bookmark synchronization; that is you can access your favorite bookmarks from anywhere, for simplifying the process there is an Add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac), Internet Explorer, which helps you to synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers and even multiple browsers. I would suggest you for using this Add-on with Firefox .


Credit: Flickr

This is very useful Add-on for all the people who work on multiple computers at home and office; they can easily sync their bookmarks and passwords from their home computer to office computer. Xmarks Firefox is quite easy to install and just with not much configuration you will be able to synchronize all your bookmarks.

Here are quick steps to sync your bookmarks and passwords through Xmarks:

  • Register yourself on Xmarks website.
  • Download Xmarks for Firefox from here.
  • Once you installed Xmarks in Firefox, you just need to Run Setup Wizard as shown below.


  • Click on the Next Button shown below.


  • If you have not created an account earlier you can create now, or skip through if you have already created an account. You will skip this step ,if you are setting it up from another computer.


  • Enter you’re your username, password in the screen shown below.


  • Once you enter username and password, it will ask you whether you would like to synchronize passwords, select no and click on next.


  • A Dialogue box will appear and you need to click ” Next”.


  • Following windows will appear.


  • After that your bookmarks are uploaded to the server. Now whenever you want to sync your bookmarks or passwords and just click on “Synchronize now” as shown below.


Xmarks also gives you options like synchronizing as soon as you open your browser or close browser, saving passwords and automatic synchronization. You can choose your preferences according to your requirement.

Hope you found this Add-on useful. Which add-on you use to synchronize your bookmarks from one computer to another?