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Flex Your Mind Muscles with 3 Cool Word Games on Google Chrome

Apart from productivity and work-based browser apps and Google Chrome extensions you can also find loads of really cool games and some real ‘time wasters’. There is always a love affair between word games and languages, and whenever we talk about word games then first thing that springs up in our mind is either crosswords or Scrabble. So let’s head out to Chrome’s web store and dig out some games that are good time pass and also help us to flex our mind muscles.

Semantic Wars

Semantic Wars

A word game designed for Google Chrome that basically works on the principle of guess-the-word. All you have to do is guess letters from any random word and from any random category. For guessing each correct word, users can rack up some gold and in the case of wrong guessing the wealth starts decreasing. You have to use the given wealth in such a manner that you are able to train the warriors so that they can takeover the enemy castles. With each victory you open up new levels with a higher rank of difficulty. You can download Semantic war from Google Chrome Store.

Qbox for Chrome


Well if you happen to be a fan of wisdom speaks and quotations from famous people then you would love to play Qbox-Wisdom of Ages game for Chrome. The game has an archive of almost 1500 quotations that are arranged as per three distinct time periods namely Old Times-Middle Ages and Modern Times. The game is quite challenging because the entire quote is shuffled and you have to beat the clock as well. Hints can be used but they will cost you points, you can also earn bonus points by completing certain words. On the whole Qbox is a real test of your mind muscles that will make you engross in the game.

Draw My Thing

Draw My Thing

Basically it’s a multi-player word-guessing game that has a social twist to it. You have to draw a shape or anything on a canvas and the opponent have to guess the word out of this drawing. Players have to take turns to guess the word that are being drawn on the canvas. Draw My Thing is more of a kids game because it will help to stimulate creativity amongst the kids because of drawing and word associations.

Google Chrome has some other cool word games stuff as well but I recommend that you start with these. Let us know in comments about your experience?

Squabble for iPhone Released: Addictive Online Word Game

A brand new word game has been released in the App Store today. Squabble for iPhone has been designed by the Retired Astronaut Collective. This is a two player game that can be played online or offline. The goal is to create the longest words you can with the given set of letters. As a free game, this is going to be an instant hit.

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