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5 Best Typing Applications for Windows

Everyone who is connected to Computer wants to improve typing speed. And if you want to be a professional typist then you should use a typing software because it makes your task easy. Self learning of typing using typing software is a great way now a days and these typing applications are specially programmed to teach typing without a human teacher. Here are 5 best typing software which work great in learning English typing.

Typing Master


Typing Master is a  well working software to learn typing. This software works with step by step typing lessons. Moreover Typing Master is very easy to use application and it gives instructions like a human teacher.

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UltraKey is a powerful typing tutor which can turn any  layman to a professional typing master. UltrKey typing software is suitable for the person of any age. Its step by step chapters and instructions helps user  learn typing easily.

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Typing Instructor Platinum


Typing Instructor Platinum is an electronic typing teacher which teaches typing with fun and enjoyment. There are advanced techniques in this software which does not let  user be blasé about typing like some challenging and entertaining typing games.

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GS Typing Tutor


GS typing tutor is a very good program to learn typing and it is a great help for a typing student. This typing software also works for beginners as well as advanced users.

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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum


It is a popular and reputed typing application and  25 versions of it has been launched. There are more than 400 typing mission in this software and 14 special typing games makes it extra efficacious from others.

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Now please let us know about your typing needs and about your favorite typing tutor software.

5 Excellent Softwares to Take Screenshots in Windows

Taking screenshots in Microsoft Windows has traditionally been done by hitting the Print Screen key present on the keyboard and then pasting the screenshot in any picture editor (usually Microsoft Paint) from the clipboard. This simple way of taking features lacks the functionality and the details often required by screenshots e.g. when it is needed to capture a specific part of the screen area in the screenshot or show a particular dialog box etc. Fortunately softwares now exist which provide advanced features for taking and managing screenshots. Today we’ll be listing five great free softwares which you can use to take and manage screenshots easily.

1. Snagit

Probably the best screenshot taking and management software since it combines a fully featured photo editor along with its screen capture tool. Snagit captures parts of screens, dialog boxes, zooms in to different areas of the screen and automatically saves the screenshots captured. Its picture editor can be used to modify and enhance any type of screenshot easily.


2. Screen Capture

Another great yet simple to use screen capture tool, Screen Capture has a simple User Interface (UI) which can be used to take, manage and save screenshots of all sorts using just a single window app. It also has some advanced features such as selecting custom area of the screen for capturing and some great screenshot editing options as well.


3. Screen hunter

One of the simplest software to use to take scree captures. Screen captures can be done by simply pressing F6 key and several advanced options such as making the mouse pointer disappear from the screenshot, specific area of screen capture etc. can be setup.


4. MW Snap

Another great screen capture tool which has the option to zoom in certain part of the screen and then take a screenshot.


5. Gadwin

Very similar in User Interface (UI) to Microsoft Office products, Gadwin can be easily used by anyone to take and manage screenshots easily. It also supports adding comment boxes to captured screens and add arrows etc. as well.


Do let us know if you know more free or paid softwares to take screenshot.

10 Must Have Free Windows Applications

If you are addicted to stay online whole day and using Windows then I would to suggest you to have following windows software to save your PC from virus, saving time or to be more organized. The best part is that all these applications are free to use.


Here are 10 must have free windows applications:


Ccleaner is one of my favorite application when it comes to clean up my computer system easily and quickly. It removes all temp and useless files and helps to run your windows run faster. It can also cleans the trace of your online activities.


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Fences is a software without which I can’t imagine my desktop. It helps me to organize my all file and folder in proper fence so that I can easily search any of the files easily. You just need to use your right mouse button and create a fence by dragging it on desktop.


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TrueCrypt is a reliable application to encrypt and hide data. It helps you to hide encrypted data so that no one can even know that it exist. It works with USB drives also so even if your USB drives gets lost then also no one able to use your confidential or important data from USB drive. You can read more about TrueCrypt on Shoutmeloud’s article about Truecrypt.


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Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller helps you to uninstall programs fast. It gives you option of Advance uninstall which helps you to uninstall the unwanted programs completely without leaving any temp files or registry key behind.


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7Zip is an good option to consider when you are looking for an application to compress files. The best part about 7zip is that it doesn’t require any registration or sign-up. It supports multi-languages that too more than 74 languages and it is very quick when it comes to compress multiple files.


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Irfan View

Irfan View is a free image viewer. It consists of many useful features which makes it a user-friendly application such as image editing, rotating, resizing, slideshow, batch coversion and many more. There are few plugins available which will help you to add more features to it.


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Tweak UI

Tweak UI helps you to change system settings which are not easily done by default Windows UI, thus making your computer system more faster and secure. There are many useful features of Tweak UI to customize taskbar, desktop, mouse, my computer etc.


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It becomes frustrating to unlock the files which gives you error like “Cannot delete file”, “File is in use by other user” and other similar errors while deleting, renaming or moving files. Unlocker helps you to unlock such files easily and quickly. Thus with Unlocker, you don’t need to again restart your system or close the files.


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Launchy helps you to launch applications easily and quickly with simple shortcut. It is quick and easy to install and it gives you option to customize with your own shortcuts. Whenever you want to open an application you just need to enter shortcut or Alt+space and you will get quick access to the application.


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Free Download Manager

If you stay online whole day and keep on downloading lot of files then Free Download manager is must for you. It is best Download manager available for free. It supports torrents and have awesome features like adjust traffic usage, schedule downloads, downloading websites with HTML spiders and many more.


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Apart from these applications, you must have a best Antivirus software to secure your computer system.

These are few Windows app which I am using and if you have used any of these then don’t forget to share your feedback with us.