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5 Websites to Play Online Game for Free

We have already talked about Mario which is one game that you can play on your browser online and offline and here we are adding more into our list of Online gaming. There are many Websites which let you play interesting flash online game for example miniclip and  there are many more such Websites in the market.

We have shared few browser based games with you to enjoy your break and you can play those games easily in your office too. But if you don’t want to bind yourself with browser games then here I am sharing few cool websites where you can play lots and lots of online games of your choice.

Few PC Games:

Play Online Games with These Interesting free sites:

There are endless such websites but before you use any of these online flash game sites, I suggest you to make sure the site is clean and free of spyware. Specially. avoid installing toolbar and spyware these sites offered, as most of them are bundled with some stock app, which will slow down your computer. Simply, go to any of these online game site and start playing game, without installing anything. You also don’t need to have a gaming PC to play these games, as such online game could be played on any computer with minimum configuration. For better experience, I suggest you to download Chrome browser, which will give you better game play experience.


It’s one of my favorite website to play games online because it provides me lots of different category which includes sports, racing, Broad, puzzels and lots more.

Play Online Game

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Here you can see the ratings of all the games by players. You can also discuss about games in community and search different games through categories.


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Are you a Mario lover, I am one and if you are too then MarioFlash is for you. MarioFlash is dedicated for Mario games. There are links to other different types of games too, which you can play according to your wish.

Mario games

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CandyStand is another website for gaming addicts and it allows you to save your favorite games, scores and win exciting prices.


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Bored gives you a brief introduction about the games with rating and number of times a game is played. I like the neat and clean interface of bored.com which makes it easy to select the game.


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If you know more such sites which let us play online game, do let us know via comment. Also let us know your most addictive online game, that you are addicted to right now.

3 Websites to Show Photoshop Editing Skills and Win Prizes

Contests and challenges normally extract out the best of us in every regard, we often hear about photography contests or challenges but I guess most of us either overlook them or don’t pay attention. Photoshop is no doubt an amazing and a powerful photo editing tool that offers loads of features. Here I’m sharing couple of websites which let you show off your Photoshop editing skills and you can earn various prizes and cash.

A Photoshop professional knows inside out of this tool and usually know that how to interact with a photo. So if you happen to be a Photography enthusiast who loves to work on Photoshop then I have lined up some pretty sought out online challenges and Contests for you that will not only help you to learn but also give you a chance to compete with some of the best Photoshoppers out there:

Photoshop Editing Skills Websites:

Photoshop Contest

Photoshop Editing Skills

First up is Photoshop Contest, the website hosts number of contests offering prize money of $50 and more for each contest. If you have good Photoshop Editing Skills and want to rack up some money in your PayPal account then this is a perfect website to do so. You can choose from scores of online contests offered by the website and participate in anyone of it. Enter your Photoshoped images and see that whether it gets popular or not by other users.



The website has almost 5000+ members and a total of 2000+ contests are being hosted by the site till-date. Website basically runs sort of Graffiti contests that are held three days in a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You have to make your entry by uploading an image and thereafter the members will vote. Weekly contests called as Slags are also being hosted by MechaPixel, they are quite competitive with members posting their masterpiece entries.

Photoshop Faceoff

Photoshop Faceoff

The working of Photoshop Faceoff is quite simple, all you need to do is launch the website and download the contest image on your computer. Photoshop that image to your liking and imagination and post it back on the website so that general public and members can view it. A Faceoff winner is decided daily solely by general public voting and the entire month’s leader get the top spot and prize money or gifts.

If you have participated in some kind of an online Photoshop Editing Skills contest recently then do share your experience with us.

3 Amazing Websites to Discover & Learn About New Music

To not love music is I think very much an impossible thing in the present times, because no matter wherever you are you will feel the aroma of music around. In this article I will be dishing out some really cool websites and web-spots that will not only help you to find out and discover new and quality music rather it will help you to understand music in a much better way.

MTV Music Meter

MTV Music Meter

This particular music website ranks over a million artists and allows you to discover some really cool music and keeps you updated regarding what is hot on the music scene at present. The ranking system is pretty cool, it is based on not only the album sales percentage but also on how many times an album or an artist is mentioned in blog posts, news pieces and social networking platforms. Clicking on a pull-down menu MTV Music Meter will further expand the artist tab revealing more information about an artist and the album.



Lot of people use music during workouts, mainly because not only its fun but chances are that with music filling your ears your work our time increases automatically. Jog.fm is a perfect site for those who want to hear music while working out. You can get your fresh music mixes depending upon the exercise you doing that is either running or lifting weights. Enter the time for your workout and music will be available to you instantly. You can access the Jog.fm site and browse it for options.

Theta Music Trainer

Theta Music Trainer

Want to get better understanding of music, want to discover that what music suits you then Theta Music Trainer is the perfect spot for you. Through built-in games users can sharpen their sense of recognizing tones and pitches, plus they can also strengthen theory skills tagged with music. Theta Music Trainer indeed a fun site to browse for music and revamp your skills.

Well guys, do try out these music websites and give us your feedback.

3 Useful File Sharing Websites for On-the-go file sharing

There are multitude of file sharing websites that allow users to send files to anyone without going through the hassle of creating an account. Moreover, in the world of web apps, internet users prefer file sharing services in which you can be over with the entire process in just few clicks.

So keeping these things in mind, here is a list of 3 useful web-based file sharing programs that don’t require any kind of registration, compatible with almost all the popular internet browsers and most importantly free of cost:


PipeBytes - Free and easy file transfers.

Pipebytes is a service that directly connects with the computer of a person who requires a given file. All you have to do is choose the file that you want to send and give URL corresponding to that file. Pipebytes is a useful service that is very easy to use in all aspects, you can access the service from their official website.


senduit   Share easily.

This file sharing website has a 100MB limit but apart from this limit it has various other advantages. Just like you see in spy films, you can set the files you have shared to self- destruct after specific amount of time. This particular feature is great if you are conscious about keeping your files for an extended time on the internet. Senduit is indeed a very easy-to-use web file sharing service that is free of cost.


JetBytes   free file exchange service

This particular file sharing client connects your computer directly with another computer at the remote end. Jetbytes has a user friendly interface having a more detailed option set included. Moreover, all the links generated by Jetbytes file sharing service are only for single-use means that you cannot send the generated URLs to more than one computer.

How To Create a Website Using Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is a very useful cloud storage utility that have loads of features and options, apparently there is no end that how useful Dropbox can be especially with the inclusion of certain addons and extensions. Although its core purpose is to keep files and data on a cloud and keep them synced to several computers but interestingly Dropbox account can also be used for other purposes like creating a website or listening to music on-the-go.

Create Website Using Dropbox

So in this post I will explain that how to create a website in an effective yet simple way by using your Dropbox account. Here is what you need to do:

DropPages add-on for Dropbox and How to use it?



DropPages is the service that enables users to create website using their Dropbox account. There are two built-in themes available on DropPages, Basic and Oceanmist. Basic is a white minimalist theme, whereas Oceanmist is a graphics rich tabbed theme having Blue color scheme. So in-order to create the website, here is what you need to do:

  • First of all select the themeDropPages-theme-selection
  • Extract the theme file into the Dropbox Folder
  • Now rename that folder according to the website address that you want to have
  • With the DropPages free option, you can only select a sub-domain that has to be integrated with droppages.com domain
  • The paid account having a subscription of $5 a month can get you your own domain and also an additional storage of 1GB.
  • Next step is the folder sharing, use Dropbox share feature to share the folder containing the theme and the data
  • Send the invite to the email address [email protected] and after a while a dummy webpage will be online in which DropPages will include dummy text automatically

The best thing about DropPages is that on prior technical know-how of website making is required because the process is simple. The changes are automatically saved and those changed files are also synced with DropBox automatically. Users can also keep a backup of their entire website on their computers.

8 Websites to Download Software for Free and Legally

There are a lot of free and trial software available on many websites. Here are top 8 websites to download software for free and it’s legal to download software from these websites. This websites are very useful because they make your search and software download task easy.

  • Sourceforge.net


It is the official website of Open Source developers and ultimate treasure of powerful but yet free software such as Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, FileZilla, Gimp, VLC media player etc. We can’t compare this amazing and respectable project.


  • Freewarefiles.com


Freewarefile.com is a website with which you can browse thousands of free software to download. These are fully free software i.e. freeware and no shareware. It is an amazing resource for anyone who is seeking for free softwares. Homepage

  • Freewarehome.com


It is another great website to download freeware software. This website is easy to navigate and you can easily search desired free software with its advanced search. You can download from different categories such as programming, system utilities, education, games, graphics etc.


  • Bestfreewaredownload.com


Bestfreewaredownload.com is a huge collection of free software available. Besides providing direct download this website gives proper detail and rating info of available freeware.


  • Filehippo.com


Filehippo is a nice project of freeware software collection and we can find a lot of free and valuable software.


  • Download.com


Download.com is of the largest download website and when we search keyword “DOWNLOAD” in Google then we can see it as a top result. On download.com you can find most of free software available on internet.


  • Softpedia.com


Softpedia.com is equally useful as Download.com and it also have a lots of  collection of free and trial downloads. Besides windows you can download software for MAC, Linux and mobile OS.


  • Snapfiles.com


Snapfile offers both free and shareware downloads. It is a good resource to search free ware software.


Do let us know more such sites which will help you to download softwares for free and legally?

5 Useful Free Websites to Backup Your Data

Backing up your data is one of the most important tasks. You don’t know when your PC will be attacked by any virus or some error which may result in loss of important data. So, it is really important you make backups from time to time. These days, there are many excellent online services which help you backup you data online so you can access it whenever you want. Today, we have gathered a list of some excellent online services which can help you backup your data online.


iDrive is an excellent online tool which enables you backup your data online. With iDrive Basic plan, you can upload 2GB data online for free. Other features include automatic data backup, true archiving, iDrive Explorer, manage multiple accounts, retrieve data from any location and much more. If you are satisfied with the service, you can also upgrade to paid plan on which you can upload data of up to 500GB.



ADrive is an online storage service which enables users to upload 50GB data online for free. With ADrive, you can share files with other people, upload folders/directories, search files, remote file transfer, edit documents online using Zoho Editor, access uploaded files anywhere and much more.


Windows Live SkyDrive:

With Windows Live SkyDrive, you can upload 25 GB data online for free. With Skydrive, you can make online backup and share files with other people online. SkyDrive also gives you access to free Office Web Apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint so you can create, share and work online with others. With SkyDrive you can also create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, even without having Microsoft Office installed.



Humyo is another online storage service which allows users to upload 10GB data online. You can upload media files up to 5GB and the remaining 5GB is dedicated for other files. You can access the files online anytime, anywhere. However, there is no desktop client for Humyo right now.



With Mozy, you can backup 2GB data online for free. You can even go for paid plans and test them for free for certain period of time. With Mozy, you can easily upload/manage files, automatic/schedule backups, file support service, multiple restore options and much more.


How you take backup of your data? Do share with us.