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LaunchItNow: Create Attractive Launch Page for Your Website

launchitnow-1Creating an attractive launch page can drive many regular readers for any website. The reason behind that is if you are working on a new project and you have an attractive launch page, it will make the visitors check out how the site or blog will be and will definitely wait for the official launch. But many people fail to create attractive launch pages either because they don’t have advance coding knowledge or do not pay that much attention to the importance of launch pages. To solve this problem, you should check out a web application named Launch It Now.

Launch It Now is a useful website which helps users create launch pages for different websites without advanced coding knowledge. To get start, go to LaunchItNow website and click on “Create Your Launch Page” button.


In order to use the service, you must sign up for a free account. It will ask you to select your username, password and email address. After filling out all the required details, click on Submit button and you are good to go. It will redirect you to the dashboard of LaunchItNow.


Now, select create your page and it will take you to modify the settings of your launch page. Fill in the site navigation details, setup front page, add social media icons, email notifications to tell readers about the launch date and much more. You can even track the number of people who visited your launch page by inserting Google Analytics code in it, just like any other website you track. Once you are satisfied with all the details, click on “Save and Publish” button. If you want to check out how the page looks, you can preview it as well before adding the code to your website’s template.


Now, it will ask you to follow some simple steps, download the index file, grab the code and paste it in the index file. Follow 3 simples steps mentioned on Launch It Now to setup your launch page.


LaunchItNow is a useful website if you are looking for a simple and easy way to create launch page for your upcoming project.

Note: Keep this thing in mind that the website is still in Beta stage and free for time being. It might contains errors and bugs which you can report to the support of Launch It Now

Check out Launch It Now

Test Website’s Performance from Multiple locations using Loads.in

For any webmaster, testing the performance of their websites is very important. Website performance testing forms an integral part of website design since it determines how a website is performed when actual load will be applied to it.

Different tools exist these days which assist webmasters on gauging the performance parameters of their websites. Today we’ll be discussing one such tool which we think is a great way to assess website performance. Loads.in is a free, web based website performance testing tool which provides webmasters and website owners the means to test and measure how their website loading times will be when accessed from different locations around the globe.


Loads.in features over fifty different locations from where you can assess the access times of your websites. Moreover, Loads.in loads the website in actual web browsers thereby getting an accurate loading time depending on the web browser as well. Several different leading web browsers are supported such as IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.



In order to use Loads.in, all you need to do is type in the URL of the website which you want to test and the results will be displayed in small thumbnails which will show the loading time across different platforms and locations. Results can also be viewed in the form of waterfall charts which give a more detailed and accurate picture of the website loading times.


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Loads.in is an absolutely easy to use and important tool for testing website performance for every website owner who wants to calculate on how much traffic their current hosting solutions can handle and how optimized their website is to multiple accesses from the world.

Visit Loads.in

Tastebuds: Find People With Same Musical Taste

Music fans look for similar tastes in music when finding a partner to have a relationship with. But meeting people and then finding their musical interests can be a long trial-and-error process: just imagine how many potential partners you would have to go through before you finally found somebody who liked the same bands as you.

But thanks to a web service called “Tastebuds” you can search starting backwards: choose a partner after you get a list of people with similar musical tastes.


Tastebuds is a free to use website that helps singles find other singles through similar taste in music. You start by telling the site your favorite bands and musical artists. Then you specify your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for. Finally you select the country you want your partner in and click on the “Let’s Go” button.


Your potential partners are found and their images displayed as thumbnails. With each thumbnail you can see the partner’s location and age. Through a letter icon next to each image you can contact the partner but before this step, remember to create an account on the website.

More for Music Lovers:

Your search results can be filtered using the left pane that lets you specify the age range and location of your partner.


A useful website with an important purpose, Tastebuds comes as a blessing to all single music lovers.

Visit Tastebuds @ http://tastebuds.fm/