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iWeb2Print: Easily Convert Web Pages into PDF Files

Printing out an entire webpage can take a heavy toll on your printer’s cartridge. This is so because usually you require only the text in a website and not the redundant images, ads, and banners on it. To save your cartridge ink while printing webpage, you should first convert the webpage to a PDF that excludes the unnecessary images. The PDF version of the HTML will also help you reading the material offline and carrying it on portable storage devices such as flash drives.

The HTML-to-PDF conversion can be done through various web tools. One of the best of such tools is iWeb2Print.


iWeb2Print is a free and convenient online application presented by SciWeavers. The tool lets you specify the URL of any webpage and it then converts it to the PDF file format. Before conversion you can specify whether or not you want a gray scale PDF, a PDF without images, and a PDF without background. Each of these three options can be individually controls using three checkboxes.


You can also control the orientation of the PDF: portrait or landscape. The page size can be selected to ensure best results while printing. Numerous page sizes are supported by the tool ranging from letter and A4 to B9 and C5E.

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When you have selected your options and clicked on the “Convert” button, your PDF file is made available for download. Under the download link you can preview a low-quality version of the PDF to get an idea of how the outcome looks like.


iWeb2Print offers a very useful service in a very simple interface – something definitely worthy of two thumbs up for converting webpage to PDF files.

Visit iWeb2Print’s homepage by clicking here.

Save Webpages to Read Later with PaperSpan

While reading articles, news or interesting stuffs online we do come across few web pages which are useful but we are too busy to read that time. But such useful web pages are worth reading later when you get time.

I came across such a useful tool, PaperSpan which helps you to save the webpage and then allows you to read later whenever you are free. The process is quick and easy.

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  • To start you need to register with PaperSpan website. Registration is very quick.


  • Once you get registered, you will get a link which you need to drag to your browser bookmarks.
  • After adding bookmarklet, you can save any webpage you want to read later by clicking on it.


  • You can also add, delete, edit the web pages and move to new folder.


  • If you have the URL of webpage you can also save it manually.


PaperSpan also provides a nice Google Desktop Gadget to access your saved web pages quickly and you can also use “Fav House” feature to mark your favorite web pages. So, next time if you are in too busy to read a useful web page then don’t forget to save it for later.

Try PaperSpan out and do share your feedback with us.