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PrintFriendly: Create Printer Friendly Version of Any Web Page

printfriendly-1These days, websites and blogs are using so many advertisements that it becomes difficult to locate and read the content or even print it for offline reading. There are many tools available which can help you get the printer friendly image of any web page but most of them requires you install third party software or pay to use the service.

Today, we came across an excellent online tool, PrintFriendly which can help users generate a printer friendly version of a web page, without any advertisements or sponsorship links. Using the service is really simple and straightforward. All you have to do is type the link you want to convert and click on Print Preview button.


The time it takes to convert the web page depends on the length of the content and other things (e.g ads, scripts etc) that are running on the website. Once converted, it will give you option either to save it as a PDF file on your PC so that you can read it offline or print it right away. Users can even share it with other people as well via email.


If you want, you can even reduce the font size and prevent images from loading as well so that you can read the articles without any distraction.


In conclusion, I must say that PrintFriendly is a must try if you want to read online content without any ads or distractions.

Visit PrintFriendly

Online HTML to PDF converter: Pdfcrowd

PDF is a file format which you can take in a pen drive or send it through mail. Due to ease of export and readable capabilities, it is widely used as an ebooks and guide format. There are web services by which you can convert the html web page into PDF format easily so that you can later read it offline.

Pdfcrowd is one such awesome service that lets you convert the web page into PDF quickly. This service is free to use and it doesn’t require any signup.

To use this service, go to pdfcrowd and enter the URL of webpage in the given box. Click on “Convert to PDF” button.


On the save file pop up, select the save file option and click on OK button.


After saving, open the file in any PDF reader installed in your computer. Here’s a look of Callingallgeeks page in PDF format. Similarly you can convert any other web pages.


There are many options available such as page size, page orientation, page margins, PDF security and HTML options but before using these features signup is required.


This tools also comes with many other features such as online WYSIWYG Editor, to edit the HTML document online and directly export it to PDF. It also provides API for developers to improve the product. Bloggers and webmasters can enter the code in their websites to provide the option to convert web pages directly to PDFs.

Check out Pdfcrowd to convert web pages to PDF quickly.