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Translator to English does translations with a Right Click[Firefox]

Many a times we come across news posts and other articles that are written in some other language but English. Times like this, we normally use Google Translation to get the article translated to English, which to be honest, takes some time. What if you could do it say 3 seconds and no heading over to Google Translate and stuff.

If you’re on Google Chrome, the browser will automatically detect the language and ask whether you’d want to translate it. That’s not the case with Mozilla Firefox. Here’s a useful addon for Firefox that lets you translate any page to English with only a Right Click. It’s called Translator to English. The addon works like a charm and can translate almost any given language to English and it’s super simple to use this addon.

After downloading and installing Translator to English, head over to any page that is not in your native language. Now select the text that you want to translate to English and Right Click to open the context menu. Click on the option Translate Selection to see the magic happen. Sometimes, if you select a huge paragraph the text may not be translated, so it’s preferable to select 2-3 lines for translation. You can see in the screenshots below how accurate the translation is;

The text that you select gets translated on the same page, no refreshes or anything of that sort required. It’s fast, simple and fairly accurate. When I say accurate, I mean you’ll easily understand what the Chinese or German text you wanted to translate means in English. The sentences and grammar will obviously be messed up, so it’s your job to make it clear and understandable.

You can download the Translate to English Firefox addon from over here.

Tell us if you found this add-on useful. What other translator addons you use on your Firefox browser. Have you downloaded Firefox 6 yet?

30 Best Free WindowsXP software

Every couple of years or so, I format my PC’s hard drive, reinstall Windows, and start again with a clean slate.  Instead of automatically reinstalling all the programs I had running before, I start working, and reinstall applications on an as-I-need-them basis. Here are the Windows apps I run on my clean new Windows desktop now.

Primarily I use Windows XP Pro; never quite made the full-time switch to Vista. Many of the apps below are directly related to what I have do to as a tech writer, so as always, your mileage can and will vary. All items are free to download unless otherwise noted.

Web Browsing software for Windows

  • Firefox (primary web browser) with many extensions:
    • Foxmarks (bookmark synchronizer)–must-have for anyone who uses more than one computer
    • Adblock Plus (advertisement blocker)
    • Auto Copy (skip Ctrl+C)–saves keystrokes while blogging
    • Better Gmail 2 and friends–these are extensions I authored, so I dogfood ‘em
    • CoLT (link copier)–another blogging timesaver
    • Evernote Web Clipper (web clipping)
    • FireFTP (FTP client)
    • Google Gears (offline webapp access)–use this for WordPress and other webapps
    • Greasemonkey (user script manager)
    • Read It Later (web page reading shelf)
    • Ubiquity (universal browser commander)–here’s a little of what Ubiquity can do
    • Web Developer (webdev tools)

Windows Enhancements and Utilities

  • FileBox eXtender (open/save dialog customizer)–ugly as sin, but great for making your file list also show in details view, sorted descending by date (for example)
  • TeraCopy (better file copying)
  • Google Desktop (file search)
  • FoxIt (PDF reader)–lighter than Adobe
  • 7-Zip (archive manager)–handles more archive file types than Windows built-in ZIP extractor

Backup software for Windows

  • Mozy (online backup, offers limited free storage, with paid subscription options)
  • SyncBack Freeware (local backup)

Media software for Windows

Remembering Crap

Getting Things Done

  • EditPlus (text editor, $35)–fell in love with EditPlus years ago, paid for a license, and never looked back, even though there are strong free alternatives
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (office suite, not at all free)–use only when absolutely necessary


  • Digsby (instant messenger)
  • Thunderbird (email)–I use Gmail’s web interface for email, but POP my mail to Thunderbird once a month so I have an offline backup


  • Synergy (keyboard/mouse sharing software)–there’s a MacBook and a PC at my desk; Synergy lets me share a single mouse and keyboard between them
  • WinSCP (SCP and SFTP client)

Blogging Apps for Windows

  • SnagIt (screenshot-taking utility, $49)–lots more options than Alt+PrintScreen
  • Camtasia Studio (screencast-taking utility, $299)–excellent screencasting software
  • Texter (auto-text replacement utility)

via Gina Trapani