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5 Websites to Detect Invisible Yahoo Users

If you feel that your online friends are hiding from you or too busy to stay online on Yahoo messenger then there are few tools which can detect invisible yahoo friends when they are online on Yahoo messenger but have their status as offline. All the tools listed here are free and quick to use.

detect invisible yahoo

Useful Online tools to detect invisible yahoo Friends


It’s very easy and quick to find who is online on Yahoo messenger. You just need to enter the Yahoo ID of your friend and press enter, instantly you will get the results that the user is online or not.

invisible ir

[ Link ]

Detect Invisible

This web app is similar to invisible.ir. It also gives you quick access to find out the status of yahoo messenger users. It also saves your buddy list whose status you checked recently.

detect invisible

[ Link ]


4invisible is also a web based tool, you can check your Yahoo messenger friends easily just by typing Yahoo ID. It also provides other information like profile details, avatar etc.


[ Link ]

Invisible Scanner

Invisible scanner do same task as the above web app. No need to register or sign in with your yahoo ID You can easily detect invisible yahoo friends by entering their Yahoo ID. Unlike DetectInvisible, it does not save your search history.

invisible scanner

[ Link ]

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MySpytool is bit different from above Invisible yahoo users detector tool. You need to sign up on MySpytool but it is very easy to sign up and you don’t need to go ahead any confirmation process. It also shows you the status of Yahoo user just by entering the Yahoo ID.


[ Link ]

Do let us know which website do you use to detect invisible yahoo users. How do you handle those people who intentionally stay invisible on Yahoo messenger.

KeepMeOut Will Help You Control Your Internet Addiction

I’d understand if you’d say that you’re working for Facebook or Google, then you couldn’t possibly control your internet addiction. But, in case you’re not and still are on a certain website or two all the time, then you should probably visit a shrink or sign up with KeepMeOut.

KeepMeOut is an online web service that will help you get over your addiction to certain websites, adult or not, by literally keeping you away from them. While using this service, you’ll not be given access to such addictive websites, but then you’ll be the one deciding that. It’s only another web service, but without any help from you, it’s not going of to be of any help to anyone. Of course, there are some websites that you’d like to check regularly like CallingAllGeeks or ShoutMeLoud, now these aren’t addictive sites. Facebook, on the other hand, is a really very super addictive website.

KeepMeOut is only a web service, it’s not any kind of mind reader that will control your brain to not visit a certain website. It only works if you decide that you need to help yourself and get things done, rather than drool over something on Facebook or Youtube. Here’s how you get things started;

  • Tell yourself that you can get rid of that deadly Facebook addiction. If you’re addicted to CallingAllGeeks then stop reading!!
  • Visit http://keepmeout.com and type in the name of the website that you want to keep yourself out from
  • Now get the settings right, for example, if you want the website to warn you to stay away from a website for say 2 hours, then you can select the settings for that. There are few Advanced options as well.
  • Now click on submit and save the created link as a Bookmark.
  • Make sure you use the created link to visit the desired website, so as to keep yourself not addicted to it.

It’s pretty much going to work out if you decide that it should. After all, addiction is not a good thing!! So be good fellow addicts and try to get rid of that nasty website addiction of yours.

Are you addicted to any other websites other than Facebook, Youtube et cetera?

MarkUp: Draw on Any Webpage and Share it Easily

MarkUp is a fun extension on Google Chrome which lets you annotate any page you want and share it with your friends. The tagline of this extension says – MarkUp. Share. Repeat. Markup lets you draw on any webpage with a variety of tools to express your thoughts, make a point or just simply edit. It is just a fun extension and you can get some laughs using this extension by creating funny faces, etc. on web pages. The plus points of MarkUp extension are:-

  • Draw on any webpage with Markup
  • Stay in your browser. Nothing to download
  • Get Markup by bookmarking this icon
  • Make shapes with the magic marker
  • Write with the text tool
  • Publish to share you creativeness

Using this extension you can share your feelings about a webpage and then share it with your friends. Let me tell you how you can use the extension.

1. Download the extension from here.
2. Click on the extension icon on the top right.
3. Wait for 5-10 seconds for the page to reload.
You will see a tool box.
4. Now annotate the web page using that toolbox.

You can mark shapes with the magic marker, write with the text tool and more. After you are done. Publish your work so that your friends can see your creativity as well.

Another cool thing is that you can try it on their official site without even downloading the extension. You just get the example of what you can do with this great extension. You can draw in different shapes at their site. Click here to experience the site.

According to me this extension can help you to share your ideas about any site and write about them on the site right away and then share it with your friends. All of it is so nicely done that I didn’t find even a single thing to criticize about this extension and hence wanted to share it with you. You have to try this cool extension.


So, what do you think about this extension? Would you install it? Do comment.

Upload Foursquare Photos to Flickr Using Flicksquare

Foursquare is a famous location based social-networking website that lets you check-in to places and tell your friends and family your current location and whereabouts. It’s another alternative to Facebook Places or Google Places, but is more widely used as it’s main purpose involves location-based services unlike its counterparts.

The Foursquare app is available across almost all the mobile devices enabling users to interact more easily, update locations on the move and upload pictures of where they’ve been. If you like to take photos on the move, then it is more likely that you upload it to the internet too and use services like Flickr to save them on the cloud. If you have both Foursquare and a Flickr account, then this is the right web service for you. It’s easy to remember too, because it’s called Flicksquare and uploads your Foursquare images directly to your Flickr account.

FlickSquare helps you post your Foursquare checkin photos to your Flickr account automatically! Just follow the four steps below, checkin on Foursquare with a photo, and your photo should automatically appear on your Flickr account! And don’t worry, you can always turn FlickSquare off later.

All you have to do when you visit the website is register using your Foursquare credentials and sync your Flickr account to it. That’s it!! The next time you’re taking pictures using Foursquare it’ll get directly uploaded to Flickr, automatically. Isn’t that wonderful? No worry of losing your Foursquare photos again. If you are aware of any other tool which helps to upload Foursquare Photos to Flickr then do share with us.

[ via Lifehacker ]

Kindle Gets Google Translation With Kindlefish

If you happen to own a Kindle E-reader, then you must be knowing that one can’t use Google’s translation services on the device. The Kindle carries the prestigious honor of being the most sold device on the Amazon market. Although it was the Kindle 3 that performed the best, the Kindle too comes from the same line-up, so it’s okay to assume that the Kindle is now owned by a huge population.

Now what if you’re stuck in a situation where you may need to translate something to understand better or if the webpage you want to view is in another language and all you have is your Kindle. You know you can’t use the Google Translation service because that just won’t work on the Kindle. No worries all you Kindle users out there, because a new web app called Kindlefish will save you the trouble. The app is developed by a certain SeattleFlyerGuy.

Know More about Kindle:

  • Amazon Introduced Two New and Better Kindle
  • Amazon Launches Kindle for Web

The whole process is quite simple, and is a very good Google Translate alternative. All you have to do is visit the web client http://kindlefish.t15.org on your Kindle and start translating instantly. It’s obviously not going to be fast, because the Kindle, lets face it, doesn’t have enough juice in it. Kindlefish uses the Google Translate’s prowess and implements it into it’s web client allowing you to use Google translate services. The web app provides about 3 default language options that you would normally use and almost all the languages except a few Asian and those containing non-Latin alphabets.

To use, just visit http://kindlefish.t15.org.

[ Via Lifehacker ]

5 Free Websites to Share Huge Files Online

Uploading and sharing files online is bit cumbersome. There are many services though but few are not reliable, few are paid services and few are not reliable to share important files. And it’s irritating to search for free service which can share files quickly when we want. Thus I have complied list of 5 such free online services which you can use to share file across web.

5 free and quick online services to share files online:


DropSend is good way to share your files online. You do need signup for sharing and online storage of  files on DropSend but it’s an easy and quick process. You can go for free as well as paid service according to your requirements. With free service you can upload up to 2 GB of data and share 5 file per month, if you want to share more you can go ahead with paid service.


[ Link ]


Badongo gives you option for sharing file with signup as well as without signup, of course the services will be different for both but the good point is when you are in hurry and want to share file without registration or login then you can use Badongo. There is free as well as paid service available. In free service you will get 12GB upload and 1 file sharing every day.


[ Link ]


Just like other online file sharing services, GigaSize also offers paid and free services. If you register for free service you will can upload 300MB/file. When you upload the file you will get a URL of the uploaded file which you can share with your friends via social networking websites, forums or email.


[ Link ]


File.ai is another quick online service to share your files. You just need to drag and drop the file in a Folder added on File.ai and you will get a transfer ID and link which you can use to share file with others on email and IMs.


[ Link ]

Share Send:

ShareSend also provide you the URL of the uploaded file which you can share with others. But the good part is that you don’t have to login or register to ShareSend to share your files. It also gives you the option to tweet your link. You just need to enter your Twitter credentials and tweet. You can share up to 100 MB/file.


[ Link ]

These are few online file transfer services which share your files quickly and easily with your friends. If you are using any such services which share files with good speed and easy to use then do share with us and our readers.

To keep yourself updated with more interesting websites, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe us on RSS Feed.

5 Free Online Watermarking Tools

Images always enhances your articles and thus it is always recommended that you should use relevant images in your posts, it can be a image from stock photograph , image taken from your camera or any creative image you made. But sometimes it happens that other bloggers use your article images thus it is always better to watermark your blog images.

Here are few online tools which you can use to watermark your blog images. As these are online tools you don’t have to worry about downloading, installing them. You can use them from anywhere and anytime.


Watermark.ws is one of my favorite it allows you to add text and image watermarking, image compression, you can upload many images together and it supports jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif and tiff. Pro account is also available in Watermark.ws thus you can opt either free or pro account according to your needs. In free account you can upload images having size less than 500 kb.

watermark ws

[ Link ]


If you write eBooks then this web app will be useful for you. Watermark-images help you to watermark your images in batch as well as PDF files. You can easily customize the fonts, colors of watermarks. Watermark-images is very easy to use and loaded with many other features like watermarking images, batch watermarking and conversion of image formats.


[ Link ]


Pickmarkr allows you to upload image from your computer as well as flickr. You can use customization features of watermarking images like text watermarking, image watermarking and titled watermarking. Like other web app for watermarking images it also allows batch watermarking and gives you options to edit your images.


[ Link ]


This is bit different from other watermarking tools. You can use it as a free online version or you can download the Batch Watermarker. With free version you will able to add watermark to one image at a time and save each image individually instead getting a zip format of all the watermark images togeter like in other watermarking tools. It also don’t provide preview watermark images with free version thus to get all these features you will need to download Batch watermarker.


[ Link ]


Picghost also gives you options like Picmarkr to watermark your images or text in different forms like changing fonts, colors, alignment or using tiled styled watermark. It also allows you to check out the preview before downloading the image. You can upload 40 images at a time with size max of 10mb each.


[ Link ]

All these online watermarking tools are easy and quick to use and you can select any one of them according to your requirements. If you are aware of any useful online watermarking tool then do share with us.

Easily Add Frames to Your Photos Using Framer

All of us love to make our photos more beautiful and attractive by adding frames to them. This trend has been around in smartphone cameras and webcams, but now you can do the same with your regular digital camera pictures via an online web service called Framer.

Framer is a subsidiary Beta service provided by ClipYourPhotos which allows framing your digital pictures with a few simple clicks. No registration is required to use Framer and you can simply visit the website and start uploading pictures and then begin to frame them from many of the available frame templates.

The website is really responsive and many frames are available such as Film, paint, floater, paper, simple, creamy etc. Applied frames are reviewable instantly and if satisfied, you can save the photo and download it on your PC or share it on any social media network.


The website also features face bender service which can modify the look of any photo by modifying it with face bending features. Also, the ripple creator app also adds some cool ripple effects to pictures.

All these services, including Framer are available on a single platform of ClipYourPhotos. If you need instant modification and side effect addition to your pictures, then this is a service to look out for.


Using Framer To Add Frames to your Photos

  • Using Framer is really simple. First of all, browse the image to which you want to add frame.

  • Select the type of effect you want to apply from the right sidebar.

  • Once you are done selecting the frame for your photo, click on Save Framed Photo.

Framer is an excellent service to add frames to your images. If you know any other service which can perform the same feature, do share with us using the comments section below.

Check out Framer

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If you are aware of any such web application, do share with us.

5 Websites to Create Disposable Email IDs

As a blogger we need to register on many forums, websites or web applications to try different tools. As soon as we register, our Inbox starts getting mail from that web app, forums etc. Because of lots of spam mails sometimes we miss many important mails and clearing up those spam mails is again time consuming.

Thus to avoid such mess in our inbox and to save time, its better to use temporary emails which gets destroyed themselves and we can use them whenever we want to try any new online tool or register on any forum. Here are 5 such useful email disposable services which you can use for creating temporary email IDs.

10 Minutes Mail

As the name suggests 10 Minute mail provides you a email address for 10 minutes and after that it gets destroyed. The process is very easy and quick. The only thing which you might not like is that the email Id is auto generated thus you don’t get any choice to select the email ID. This is for people who want to create and destroy the email id quickly.

10 mins mail

[ Link ]

My Trash Mail

MyTrash Mail gives you option to select your email ID which you were not getting in 10 Minute mail. The format of Email id in My Trash mail is [email protected] and you can also create a phantasy email with one of the active domain names like [email protected] The email stays up to 30 days.

trash mail

[ Link ]


Temp Email is another temporary email service. It allows you to create email Id after entering the CAPTCHA. The format of this email ID will be something like [email protected] TempEmail.net and it will get expired after 14 days. It also provides you the time when it will get expired on 14th day.


[ Link ]


Mailinator requires no signup or CAPTCHA thus creating an account is very simple and quick. You can access the email through the website, RSS feeds as well as customized widget. It removes all the email having images or doc attached. Mailinator destroys the email ID automatically after one hour.


[ Link ]

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SpamBox supports 12 multi-languages and also provide different expiry time for the email ID you create. You can select any time according to your requirement like 30 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 month etc.

Spam Box

[ Link ]

There are few more services available but I prefer above ones because they are user-friendly and free to use. If you are aware of any of such useful and free service do share with us.

Top 5 Free Tools to Take Screenshot Online

As a blogger or even as a normal internet users, there are times when I need to take screenshots. There are many sites to take screenshot online and here I’m going to list down some of the free websites available. Though, I prefer software’s like Snag it, Windows Sniping tool (Windows 7) for screenshot capture, but these online tools are very handy at times.
Take Srceenshot Online

Whenever you want to share any useful tool or software in tech blog, it is always recommended to add images to that post so that readers can easily understand the software and its utilities. But if you don’t like to download softwares to take screenshots then you can use few web applications which are free to use.

5 Web application to Take screenshots online:


Bounce helps you to take screenshot of any website and also allows you to add comment with the screenshot to make it a perfect screenshot to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or email. To take a screenshot, you just need to enter the URL of the blog to take the screenshot. The best part you don’t have to register on Bounce.


[ Link ]


For using Websnapr you need to do a quick registration and need to enter website URL. It gives you option to select the size of screenshot you require. This online screenshot service is free but if you want options to customize the screenshots then you can go for premium account.


[ Link ]


Snapcasa also provide free and premium services. Free service includes good features like selecting screenshot size, adding watermark and many more. So, even if you choose to go for free service you will get all basic features.


[ Link ]


Thumbalizr lets you to take screenshot by entering URL and clicking Thumb-it button. It gives you option to select the size of screenshot which you can enter manually also. The qualities of images are good with Thumbalizr.


[ Link ]

Super Screenshot:

Super Screenshot is again an easy to use web app without any clutter. You just need to enter URL and there is no need to register before taking screenshot of any website. You can select between taking snap of full website or just the visible area.

Super Screenshot

[ Link ]

With these tools you can easily take screenshots of any website and share with your friends on social networking websites or use it on your blog.

If you are aware of any other alternatives to take screenshots online, do share with us.