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DesktopNova : Automatically Change Wallpapers in Ubuntu 11.04

I’ve been using the Ubuntu 11.04 for quite some time now. Compared to the previous versions, various changes have been made in Ubuntu like the Unity interface became the default UI for Gnome, Banshee replaced RhythmBox as the default media player, OpenOffice.org was replaced with LibreOffice, etc. This enabled me to easily switch from Windows to Ubuntu. I could easily find replacements for most of the applications I used in Windows. But, one Windows feature I still miss is automatically changing wallpapers.


Automatically changing wallpapers or slideshow wallpapers gives your desktop a completely new level of personalization. Well, after Googling for a while I found that by using an application called DesktopNova you can easily create changing wallpapers in Ubuntu. DesktopNova is a simple application for Ubuntu that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper after a preset period of time. This application works only on Gnome and Xfce desktops. In this post, I will show you how to install and use DesktopNova in Ubuntu 11.04.

Installing DesktopNova

To install DestopNova, click on Applications in your Unity launcher menu and search for Terminal. If you are using the classic Gnome interface, you can open up the terminal by going to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.

Ubuntu Terminal

In the Terminal window, type the following command to download and install DesktopNova.

sudo apt-get install desktopnova desktopnova-tray desktopnova-module-gnome

Install DesktopNova

Once the installation is done, you will have to configure the application so that it can work with your desktop.

Configuring DesktopNova

To open the DesktopNova configuration tool, click on Applications in your Unity launcher menu and search for DesktopNova. Classic Gnome users can just go to Applications -> Accessories -> DesktopNova.


First, you will have to add the images that you want to use in rotation. To add images one-by-one simply click on the Add button. To add directories, click on Add Folder button and select the directory that contains the wallpapers.

DesktopNova Configuration

Once you have added the images you need, go to the Settings tab. Under Settings, tick the checkbox next to Change wallpaper in intervals and enter how frequently you would like DesktopNova to change the wallpaper. Also tick the checkbox next to Change wallpaper every launch and Launch daemon every session(Autorun) so that DesktopNova automatically starts every time you start your system or even change your session.

DesktopNova Settings

Now, to activate DesktopNova on your desktop, click on Modules, select Gnome 0.2 and hit the OK button.

DektopNova Module

Next, go to the Tray-Icon tab and tick the checkbox next to Launch tray-icon every session(Autorun). This makes sure that the DesktopNova tray icon launches automatically when you log in. The tray icon enables you to manually change wallpapers as and when required. Finally, hit the Save Settings button at the bottom. This completes the configuration of DesktopNova.

To start DesktopNova, go to the Settings tab and hit the Start Daemon button.

Start Daemon

This starts the daemon that works in the background and automatically changes your wallpaper. To start the tray icon, just log out and log back into your account. You can manually change your background by right-clicking on the tray icon.


So, what are your views about DesktopNova? Know any other similar application for Ubuntu? Tell us about it via the comments section.

4 Intriguing Live Wallpapers for Your Android Phone

I’ve always found Wallpapers to be refreshing, whether you have put up a physical wallpaper on your room’s wall or you have setup a virtual wallpaper on your computer or smartphone they always tend to express a bit about your mood and yourself. Though digital wallpapers are easy to manage because you can change them whenever you want as per your mood.

So recently I was exploring wallpapers on the internet and came across a new kind of category of wallpapers called as Live Wallpapers designed specifically for Google’s Android OS. Here is a list of 4 cool Live wallpapers that you will definitely like to have on your Android phone’s Homescreen.

aniPet Aquarium

aniPet aquarium

Live aquarium wallpapers always have a very special and refreshing feel and this one is designed solely to give users the pleasure of a digital aquarium. aniPet Aquarium wallpaper has both the paid and free version, on the free versions users do not have access to the settings and full features. aniPet Aquarium is available for download from Marketplace.



I found this wallpaper to be a real fascinating one, it simply transforms any of your photo into a symmetrical grid of tiles that slide and float, plus these free floating slides also respond to users touch. Photile wallpaper also have a free and a PRO version, different tile arrangements and customizable themes are only unlocked in the PRO version.



Heavy rain, lighting and dark clouds is all you are gonna get on your Android Homescreen with Thunderstorm live wallpaper. You can also tune it up with the settings like adjusting wind speed, ambient light shade or the frequency of lighting bolts. The full features though are only offered on Thunderstorm Donations, a paid version of the wallpaper.


starlight live wallpaper

Starlight live wallpaper offers floating clouds and shimmering stars. In the paid version, you can toy around with features like shooting stars and the star density in the background. The full version also allows users to control cloud layer and real-time animations.

Have you setup a Live wallpaper on your Android, if you have then do share your Top list with us.

3 Web Sources For Downloading HD Wallpapers for Android

You can find tons of goodies on the web these days for your smartphones, may it be an iPhone or Windows Phone 7 or Android powered phone. In this post I will be telling you about 3 Top quality sources from where you can download High-def wallpapers for your Android powered smartphone homescreen. But firstly it is important that we figure out what screen resolution wallpaper should be optimum for our Android phone.

The most obvious trick is that you search for wallpapers having a double width in terms of screen resolution. This is because the wallpaper we set on Android’s homescreen spans across 2-3 Homepages, so the required image should be twice in width but same in height. Well now coming over to the web sources, here is a brief review of some of them:



First up is CellMind.com, this particular website offers tons of wallpapers, ringtones and themes for multitude of phones. Wallpapers can be sorted out as per the phone model or category. It doesn’t have HTC included in the Make drop-down menu meaning that this website offers nothing to HTC users. It has a good archive of images and users can download some real quality stuff from CellMind.

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy is an ideal source if you are looking set 3D wallpapers as Homescreen of your Android powered smartphone. You will have to subscribe to get these images but the website also offers free images of resolution 320×480 for download.


mobile 9

This particular website offers loads of wallpapers for downloading, apart from wallpapers Mobile9 also offers users to download ringtones for tablet and smartphones. You can either create your personalized account or search for stuff directly by punching in your mobile model number. Mobile9 has a neat UI and it also offers a hefty archive of wallpapers which you can set as Homescreen for Android.


Though all of the websites that I have mentioned offer only static Android wallpapers but if you are interested in moving wallpapers then you can also find them on websites like livewallpapers.org.

3 Quality Wallpaper Changing Apps for Your Android Phone

Wallpapers always add a certain amount of personalization to a mobile device that a lot of other people are also using. With the increase in mobile devices under-the-hood hardware and large screen sizes, various Wallpaper techniques have emerged. So today I am rounding up 3 top notch wallpaper changing apps that you must have on your Android phone:

Wallpaper Switch

Wallpaper switch

This app simply picks the wallpapers from Goodfon.com and rotates them automatically on the Homescreen of your Android phone. This means that you can have an ample of variety on your Android phone as far as the wallpapers are considered.

Wallpaper App do give users controls like how frequently you want to change the displayed wallpaper and what categories you want to be displayed. You can download Wallpaper Switch from Android marketplace.

Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper Changer

Though the idea of switching between wallpapers is based on the core idea that you can pull wallpapers from a folder filled with varying images. This switching of wallpapers don’t allow users the requisite control, Wallpaper Changer app provide users a new scheme.

Wallpapers are by default added to smartphones changer rotation and you can also add them in a list. Switchover frequency can be changed as per your desire. Wallpaper Changer works well with Android 2.1 and all the above versions.

Wallpaper Change At

Wallpaper Change At

Personally I like this wallpaper changing app, mainly because of the fact that it is an event-based wallpaper switching thing. Picture this, think that you have set a reminder about your friends birthday but the moment that reminder pops-up you discard it. So a better way is that you should use the app Wallpaper Change At because it will automatically change the wallpaper on your Android phone in consonance with the event on your reminder or calendar. Wallpaper Change At requires Android 1.5 or any up version of it.

Got an Android phone? If yes, then do check these apps out.

Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never Theme for Windows 7

Any Justin Bieber fans over here? You know, the little girly voiced boy who got from rags to riches thanks to YouTube’s mass mind control powers!! Microsoft has just released a Windows 7 theme of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never World Tour for that features 4 Justin Bieber wallpapers from the tour and some others from his journey to stardom. Specially girls will be going insane now, if you’re reading this, jumping in your room and screaming out loud.

Justin Beiber Theme Windows 7

To make Justin Bieber fans feel even more happier and make them go more crazier, Microsoft has released the Justin Bieber Never Say Never Theme pack for Windows 7 operating system. If you’re a hardcore Just Bieber fan and have the symptoms for Bieber Fever then you should probably download this theme and make your life less miserable or exciting.

Follow Justin Bieber on his inspirational journey from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, to Internet phenomenon and global superstar with images from his 3-D concert film in this free Windows 7 theme.

The Justin Bieber Windows 7 theme is available for download from Microsoft Download Center and will transform your desktop to give you the much needed Bieber experience. There are some however who hate Justin Bieber, although I can’t figure out why. They’re probably jealous of all the fame and money he’s got or probably because he unlike other struggling musicians made it to the top. And by the way, I don’t like his music either, I have nothing against him though!

Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never Windows 7 Theme from here. You don’t have to do much to install the theme, just double click, follow the instructions and you should soon be able to see him all over your desktop. If you don’t, then you probably did not waste your time and downloaded something worthwhile.

Download Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 is finally out, and no matter if it’s being loved or hate, Windows 8 is stylish. This was however foreseen, as before, when Microsoft has ever tried to launch a new operating system many have tried to leak the beta versions and so on.  There aren’t going to be any drastic changes with the new Windows 8 operating system, but just a few minor ones that mainly include some UI tweaks, some additional software and a new browser perhaps.

Download Windows 8 Wallpaper< Image Credit >

Since the topic has gone viral, everyone wants to get their hands on any leaked builds of Windows 8, transform their Windows 7 into 8 or get the wallpaper at least. The Windows 8 wallpaper is available for download from many locations, but beware that most of them are just photoshop edited ones or are just fake. The one I’m about to share with you today is the original Windows 8 wallpaper that is available at DownloadSquad for download. Check out the Windows 8 wallpaper below.

windows 8 m3 wallpaper

According to sources, the existing build(Windows 8 milestone 3)has leaked just this wallpaper and a new TwinUI interface file named as TWINUI.DLL. These are the only two things that you can get your hands on right now, but there are people who claim they have the beta builds of Windows 8 other than those official Microsoft Connect guys. We are not sure how accurate they are, but we will keep you updated if a beta version does get leaked.

You can download the Windows 8 wallpaper from here.

What do you think of this wallpaper and the whole bunch of Windows 8 rumors ?