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Action Movie FX App : Add Stunning Video Effects in iPhone [ Review ]

Action Movie FX is yet another awesome application that one must have on their iOS device. If you like to shoot videos on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but are bored because you can’t find anything interesting to shoot, then this is the app for you. This app brings some awesome Hollywood styled video effects to make what you’re shooting more interesting and funny.

Do you remember the amazing missile crash and tornado effects used in many of the Hollywood movies, well, this app does something similar without you needing to spend millions of dollars on it. Action Movie FX is a really fun app to have on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and it will certainly make you and your friends laugh.

Action Movie FX App

The effects available in the app are so realistic that they blend in very well with the video that you shoot. You can choose from three free effects and download many others for a price. The whole process of adding effects to a video is easy as well and the app is very fast in adding the effects and processing it, specially if you’re using an iPhone 4S. Action Movie FX app is free to download and, like I said earlier, comes with three free effects namely Missile Attack, Car Smash and Demolition Rock.

How to use Action Movie FX app on iPhone

After downloading the app, launch it and tap the Go button to start filming your very own Action movie. Now, choose from any of the three effects that are given and start the process.

Action Movie FX effects

Shoot a short video, preferably of 10-30 seconds or you can even go longer if you’re filming some serious stuff for a real movie. After recording, choose where you want to add the effect. You can either add it somewhere in between or towards the end as that makes it more interesting and funny.

Action Movie FX timing

Click next and wait for the app to render the video. If your film is long and you’re using an iPod Touch or iPhone 3GS, then it’s going to take some time. Once it’s done, you can play the movie and see for yourself how it is. You can even edit it and change where the effect has to start and end, if you didn’t like the finished video.

Here is a sample video showing Movie FX app effect:

That’s it! Now, you can decide whether you want to share the amazing video that you just created with your friends on Facebook or via Email. The extra effects pack cost $0.99 each and are available as in-app purchases. Try the app out and tell us if you liked it. I’m sure you would because it is one very interesting app to have some fun.

Download Action Movie FX ( iTunes Link )

This app is also available for Android phones and you can download Android version from here.

YouTube Gets Some Really Cool Editing Tools and Features

You enjoy uploading videos? Specially on to your YouTube page, but are somehow not satisfied with the features provided with the up-loader? Well, worry not, because you will hereby be treated with some really cool options that will let you turn your boring 2D video to 3D and much more. YouTube has introduced lots of new features that lets you convert 2D videos to 3D ones with just a click, upload videos that are 15 mins and longer and add effects using Vlix and Magisto.

The 2D to 3D conversion isn’t that awesome, but it’s better than trying to record using two cameras and then blending them together. 3D glasses will be required on most displays, unless you own a 3D display already. Also, this is only if you really want to see what 3D looks like. Edit your videos/convert them to 3D using Edit Info.

The second feature is the ability to upload videos that are longer than 15 mins. Until now, the cap was up to 15 mins for a single video, but now that’s all gone. However, you’ll need to have a verified YouTube account to be able to be eligible.

YouTubers are some of the most innovative, entertaining and inspirational people in the world, and their creativity often needs more than the current upload limit of 15 minutes.

Longer videos are bigger in size too, and that will take longer to upload. Imagine you’re uploading a 300MB video and then the net just disconnects!! Normally you’d swear really loudly, but now you can continue the upload once the internet is back. Pretty cool right?

Last, but not the least, you can edit your videos using two new third party editors by visiting youtube.com/create. Using these tools, Vlix and Magisto, you can add effects, text, crop, cut your clips into short-clips and more.

That’s about it for the moment. You can check out all the new features the next time you plan on uploading that embarrassing video of your friend. What do you think of new features?

Video Blogging for iPhone is Back with Viddy iPhone App

If you happen to be a social networking fan then you must be in knowledge of 12seconds.tv that allow users to post small-time videos of 12-seconds about whatever they are doing or is happening in their life. But for some unknown reasons the site got closed in October. So if you happen to be an iPhone user and an avid blogger then there is good news for you because a mobile version of 12seconds.tv type video blogging has started and is named as Viddy.

Viddy iPhone ap

Basically Viddy for iPhone is a “live-streaming studio” that will allow you to compose 15-second videos along with the things like special effects and background music. You can also share and upload these videos on different social networking platforms just like you share photos on platforms like Flickr and Instagram. The thing that makes Viddy bloom is the iPhone’s video cameras. The iPhone’s front facing camera makes Viddy a perfect app for personal video blogging and will let you vent out your expressions in the form of video posts.

Viddy for iPhone Features

The app’s main features include the ability to capture a video directly from within the app or you can also import a video from your phone’s camera roll. If you choose to record the video directly from within apps interface then iPhone’s self timer will automatically pop-up helping you to clock the time for video. Moreover, if you scan a video from your camera roll, you can trim it within app interface but you won’t find a timer in this case.

Viddy Effects

Next up is the filters option, you can apply filters to your video from a built-in archive, and common filters are junked-3D and vintage. Regarding previewing, Viddy provides you with the option of previewing your edited video before sharing it on any of social networking platform.

You can also put in background music for your video, though you can’t import music from your iTunes library but there is a provision to add music and transitions directly from Apple iMovie.


Last step is to add labels to your video and select the social networking sites where you want to post your video. Apart from these features, you can also create your “fan following” by using Viddy’s “Find Friends” feature. You can develop your followers list either from your phonebook or by searching Viddy’s current active users.

I think Viddy is a nice looking app with a new concept, obviously developers need to release it for other platforms like Android and Blackberry. Though there are some drawback like a playlist option should have been there but I guess coming updates will be sorting out the current issues.

Do use it and Let us know that whether you like this innovative idea or not.

How to Rip, Transcode and Add Effects to Videos Using VLC Player

Developed by VideoLan, VLC Media player is no doubt an amazing player with loads of features. It is very light and plays almost every video or audio format that is available on the internet, plus it is very light on system resources and is effective for all the platforms may it be Linux, Windows or Mac.

But what is good about VLC player is that it has a wide range of features that users are usually not aware of. So here are some of the tricks and tips that will make your VLC player experience more eventful and enjoyable:

Add Effects to Videos Using VLC player

Although partly fun, in some instances useful, there are loads of effects that you can apply to your video files with VLC player. Here how this works:

  • Start playing a Video
  • Click on Tools and then click on Effects and Filters


  • An adjustment window will open up showing various Effects and their controls
  • Choose Video Effects Tab and you can play around the video files, Settings like Brightness, gamma and hue can be adjusted for any video file having poor quality
  • All the other Tabs are for fun for example you can add things like Water effect, text and logo, video rotation option.

How to Transcode video Using VLC Player

This is a feature that I really liked about VLC, because in normal media players you don’t find option like converting videos from one format to another. VLC media player can be used to rip disc-based multimedia contents like music or videos, plus it can be used to convert videos from one format to another.


To use VLC player as a video converter, start VLC and click on Media and then Convert/save option. A dialogue box will pop-up that will allow you to choose that either you want to convert or rip and then where you want the destination file to be. Once you are done adding the source media click on Convert/Save to start off with the process.

After that another window will pop-up that will allow you to choose that all the encoding settings such as output location of file and codecs. Normally transcoding is a resource-intensive process so you will have to be a bit patient.

Do try out these amazing feature on your VLC player and let us know in comments that what do you think about them?

6 Awesome Video Joiner Tools for Windows

We need video editing time to time and sometimes we need to merge two video clips in a single video. In this condition we require a good and fast video merging or joiner tool. Here we are telling about 6 cool working video joiner tools.

1.Blaze Media Pro


Actually Blaze Media Pro is complete media editing and enhancing solution and also works as a perfect video joiner tool. It is able to join avi,wmv and mpeg  video formats. Overall it is an All in One media tool box and you can convert,cut,join audio and videos.


2.Ultra Video Joiner


Like Ultra video convertor Ultra video joiner is a very efficient tool and joins videos very fast. It is a specialized media joiner tool which is able to join AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4, FLV  even MKV format.


3.Free Video Joiner


Like its name it is a free video joiner tool which works excellent. Free video joiner can join videos in avi,mp4,iPhone,PSP,move,iPod and WMV. It does not affect video quality but it takes a little more time in video joining.


4.ImTOO Video Joiner


ImTOO Video Joiner comes with 30 days money back guarantee and thus you can estimate the efficiency of this product. This tool can join AVI, MKV, MPEG, MP4, WMV, FLV, 3GP, H.264, MOV, ASF, DAT, HD video, etc. It is a fantastic video joiner which allows you to take full control over video conversion such as frame rate,video quality etc.


5.AVS Video Editor


Literally the name of this company is enough to estimate product efficiency and really AVS Video Editor is an out of crowd video editor,joiner and splitter. This professional video editing tool can split and join AVI MPEG WMV MP4 MOV QuickTime 3GP FLV MPEG2 YouTube Flash VOB MPEG1 ASF DVR-MS M4V DAT RM RMVB MKV DV video formats, etc.


6.Corel Video Studio


Though this monster Corel application is much more than mere a video editing software but we can index this software here. Corel Video Studio is one of the best video editing and video mixing software which is able to split and join videos.


Now do share your favorite video joiner software with us and suggest any other good video joiner application which is not in the list.

New Vimeo App for iPhone with Video Editing and Sharing Released

Vimeo is another alternative to Youtube, a video sharing website to let your imagination flow and be creative. They have been known to provide very good video editing tools and options when it comes to online video editing.

If you prefer using Vimeo to edit and upload your videos online, you now have the choice to do it on your iOS device. Vimeo recently launched their very first official app on the App Store for all those video enthusiasts. Using this app, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a video editing tool for free, whereas Apple’s iMovie will cost you $4.99 to enjoy similar and less features.

What the Vimeo App for your iOS device can do:

  • Download and manage all your videos on Vimeo and view/edit them on your device
  • Upload videos taken/edited in either SD or HD formats
  • Pause/resume uploads and get reminded when a video is paused
  • Replace existing videos
  • Edit title, description, tags, privacy and credits
  • Share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email or SMS
  • Add your clips to your Groups, Channels and Albums
  • Stats on daily plays, likes and comments

The editing that you can get done with the help of this app include adding transitions, effects, titles, music and your own recordings. You can also use this app to record video with focus control and grid alignment and continue editing the same right away. According to the press release, this seems to be just the begining and that the company plans to bring more features such as search, AirPlay support and more. An Android version is also in the making and the iPad will soon get an iPad only version too.

You can download this app from the App Store without fiddling through your pocket and that’s a huge plus point. A free video editing app is good news for video editors on the move. You’ll require iOS 4.0.1 and above, will function best with iPhone, iPod touch (4th gen), iPad 2 Wi-Fi/ Wi-Fi + 3G.

[ Via iDB ]

Create Stunning Video Demos With BB FlashBack Pro

BB FlashBack pro is a fantastic video demo builder. It is difficult to find a demo recorder which works properly according to our needs. If any recorder works well it makes videos in large size and if it is capable in making small size videos the resolution quality is not good. Well Camtasia is the most popular screen recorder and tutorial maker but it has runtime issues with Windows XP. But BB FlashBack pro is light and works great. It has all features Camtasia have.

Here is the brief detail of Flashback pro features:

  • Support different video formats

With Flash back pro you can record screen in various formats according to your requirements such as avi,mp4,swf,quick-time,wmv etc. You can also export your recording as an executable file.


  • Full control over video size

Flashback pro is able to minimize the size of video keeping its resolution almost same. In swf format you can get high quality at minimum size.

  • Direct upload on web

You can upload your made demos directly on different media websites such as YouTube,Blip etc.

  • Able to record game-play

Its powerful graphic acceleration system enable its users to record high detail PC games play.


  • Record sound from speakers

Not only from microphone with flashback pro we can record any sound which is played in speakers.


  • Web cam recording

While creating a screen demo you can also its feature to add a small screen from the webcam video capture.

  • Custom Hot keys

We can define our own keyboard shortcuts such as “record”,”quick record”,”pause recording”,”stop recording” etc.

  • Add text anywhere

We can add text captions anywhere in recorded video. This way you can make your video more interactive.

  • Buttons for visitors control

We can add buttons with which visitors can control video such as “continue” button after a text message.

  • Much cheaper than Camtasia

Its latest price is $199 which is $100 less than Camtasia. Besides you can also try this software for free.

  • Zoom pan

It is a pro feature for every recorder such as Camtasia. In Flash back pro we can zoom any area of screen by zoom pan.

Besides these features BB FlashBack Pro has all other essential options which an ideal screen recorder should have such as custom frame-rate,pause and resume recording,auto scroll etc. Overall BB FlashBack screen recorder is an advanced and very easy to use software and it makes pure professional quality video demos. It is a very useful application for creating professional blogging tutorials, web- design and graphics design tutorials.
You can watch demo videos built with FlashBack recorder [link]
Get BB FlashBack

MyTube60: Join Multiple Youtube Videos Into One

YouTube, YouTube is an awesome site for watching music videos online. Wouldn’t it be great if you can join different YouTube videos into one. You can play those videos in the birthday parties or any other function.

MyTube60 does exactly the same. You can join various YouTube videosto make a Power Hours. The other great feature of this tool is that you can specify the start time and end time of any video or you can choose it to play for a minute.

To use this service you have to sign for the account. After signup click on the confirmation link sent in your email. You will be redirected to the mode where you could create power hours video.


After creating the power hour, you can preview it before publishing. After publishing you can watch it anytime while visiting the my videos section. Your published video is viewable to other users of the site. One thing to note that you must have to add 20 videos in the list before publishing.

You can also register using your Facebook account and add as many friends you want. There is an option to view power hours created by other users of the site and also you can rate them. You can make your watch list and favorite video collection.

Here’s a video tutorial of using this tool. Don’t forget to login before using this tool.

Check out Mytube 60 to join various YouTube videos.

Do you know any other site which combine multiple Youtube videos into one?