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2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Gmail has considered to be the most important service provided by Google. Infact this mail service is so much popular that more than 70% of the people of the world are associated with this service. Although the benefits of Gmail are infinite and still counting to be more. Google has made it really large in terms of their mailing service. Google has also made Gmail in such a way that it adds to user Functionality along with extensibility support.

There are lot of things which Google is Continuously trying to update with Gmail and its functionalist. Also Google has added many new features like Google Buzz, Google Bookmarks and various other features with Gmail for better user experience and ofcourse the new Google Plus has already done lot of things with Gmail till now. So today we are going to enlist the best 2 Apps for Gmail Desktop without which a Gmail service will always be incomplete.

1. KCheckGmail

KCheckGmail is a kind of Application for Gmail which acts as Gmail Notifier.  Everytime a new mail comes to your mail account, then KCheckGmail will notify you. It is a specially meant app for supporting notification about Gmail Message for KDE. Although the size of this app is 230KB but it perform various multi level and huge task as well.





2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

The features of KCheckGmail includes eMail snippets with or without attachments, Customizable search, Store password in a secure manner, Customizable check interval along with Security in Login access and Data retrival System. One of the best features of this App is that its available in various other languages like French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish other than english.

2. GSN SMS Notifier

GSN SMS Notifier is a special kind of app which particularly act as a Gmail Notifier but unlike others which send notification only in desktop tray, this app will send you an SMS notification everytime whenever you get a time.

2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Isn’t it amazing about Notifying through SMS whenever we get mails. This app is a  freeware which has been tested successfully on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Open Any File On your PC with OpenFreely Application

We normally have to deal with various kinds of files on our computers and this means that we have to install numerous applications as well to open these files. Installing lot of applications also hampers the performance of our system as it is overloaded, moreover managing these applications is also quite a hassle. So a unified application or a platform that can open files of any type will be of great assistance and this is what I have lined up for you in this post.

What is Open Freely?

Open Freely

Simply stated, it is a standalone desktop application that allows users to open any kind of a media, document or a compressed file on their systems. Just simply install this application and you won’t require installing additional PDF viewers, image viewers or media players even. The application can open almost 100 types of file formats including image files, popular audio and video formats.

How to Use Open Freely?

You can open files with Open Freely either by directly associating files with it, via Open With option or through Open button that is located on the applications toolbar. When you open a file like an image, certain other options associated with that file type becomes active like rotating or cropping in case of an image file. Same goes for document files, they become editable the moment you open them with Open Freely application. This means that you can get rid of resource heavy Office softwares and suites. Open Freely also acts as a full-time media player for audio and video files.

Open Freely Screenshot

Though you have to install some codecs and certain other components like .Net Framework 4 for Open Freely to work. You might be wondering that installing too many components might overload the software but amazingly it is a very light application. Open Freely works fine on all the versions of Windows (XP/Vista/7).

Do try it out and let us know in comments that whether you liked it or not.

LockLauncher: Launch Apps from your iPhone Lockscreen

There are times when you wanted to access an app on your iPhone and were delayed thanks to the lockscreen. Yeah, I love using Slide to Unlock, but sometimes it just makes me look bad. Suppose you’re having a race with an Android buddy to get to an App and see who opens it first, well, imagine how you’d feel if you lost. LockLauncher is an iPhone application, available in Cydia, that creates shortcuts to apps and places them right on your Lockscreen. Thus, you won’t have to slide to get to the app.


However, there is a problem here! You see, if there are apps on the lockscreen that anyone can access, then what’s the point of locking the screen?

This is where LockLauncher starts to get better, as it has a really cool way of accessing the apps placed on your lockscreen. Yet, when you click an app placed there, it won’t open right away. You will have to use the Slide to Unlock and the app will directly open, or rather it’ll already be open the moment you unlock. This will actually be of great help if you don’t want anyone to open the apps directly. That’s not the best part!

You can also launch the apps in a sequential order, meaning, select all the apps to open them back to back in order of selection. How cool is that? Select all the apps, unlock and you’ll be presented with the last selected app, press the home button and the next one and so on. Pretty useful if you’re a spontaneous person. Check out the video after the break by iDB to see LockLauncher in action.

This app can be downloaded from the Big Boss repo in Cydia for a very worth price of $0.99. You can place up to 5 apps and this will work best with iOS 4.2 and above. Do give it a try, and let us know what you think of it.

7 Most Useful & Powerful Apple iPad Apps

iPad is a series of tablet PC by apple, recently Apple has launched its new iPad2 in the market which is sleek and lighter in weight than its predecessor.  Apple’s AppStore has more than 65000  unique application which are available both in free version as well as paid  version. Developers are keep on developing new applications which can make the user’s task more easier.
Here I am sharing some of the most useful iPad apps

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile Learn
Blackboard Mobile Learn

This app is designed for interactive teaching and learning.  It improves the experience of millions of students to learn about  new and innovative technology. To make it easy for students as well as for institutions to get started quickly  to encourage the use of mobile devices. This app is  available for iPad, iPhone and android but is not yet available for Symbian. Read new assignments, task, views, journals, post discussions, checking grades is what this app generally do. Easy to navigate features allow users to select colors of board, chalk etc.

iTunes Store Download Link


Also Check Out:


It is another beautiful application that are previously available on iPhone but is now available on iPad also it is like a task manager which contains all your list of to dos. Syncs between OS x things version and you can also tag your tasks for easy sorting, tagging task is helpful when trying to sort your tasks. Help manage your task and projects. This app works really  fast and easy to use.

Things iPad App
Things iPad App

iTunes Store Download Link

Price: $19.99


This app will let you play instruments like drums, piano ,guitars with just one touch go.  With GarageBand  iPad is just like a musical instrument. it is like a full screen featured studio so you can make music on your own and share it  with your friends. you can use the build in microphone to record or capture any performance with your friends and also you can email them. Here you can arrange and mix  songs upto 8 tracks.

GarageBand iPad App
GarageBand iPad App

iTunes Store Download LInk

Price: $4.99


It is famous as a word processor app  that is ever designed for a mobile device. Pages offer various text formatting options, adding images, spellchecker for misspelled word, fonts, bold, italic, underline.  you can create a  a nice and styled looking document with this app. Tabs, columns, image and graphics can be added with much ease. it is also fast and load within seconds on your iPad you can easily navigate through pages.

Pages Apple iPad App
Pages Apple iPad App

iTunes Store Download Link

Price : $9.99


The new version of sketch book pro is easy to use as compare to the previous one.  Whether you want to draw something or you want to take graphical notes it will helpful for both. This tool work amazingly as you work in photoshop or in real life. It combines with high quality digital pencils, pens, brushes with a multitouch user interface and with this you can communicate digitally.it is available with a price of $7.99.

SketchbookPro Apple iPad App
SketchbookPro Apple iPad App

iTunes Store Download Link

Price: $7.99


It is an app that is basically designed for business users. With Evernote you can clip audio, video, text you can create voice notes, attach images all with just a swipe of your finger. With just an evernote you can synchronize  your notes as well as it is helpful for other apps  like read it later is also used with evernote for saving the site  and clip it right into your evernote account so you can find it fast .This app has very simple and user friendly design and layout.This app itself help any user to remember everything they wanted to keep in mind. Fastever is also works with evernote by allowing you to quickly create notes and then sync automatically with Evernote.

Evernote Apple iPad App
Evernote Apple iPad App

iTunes Store Download Link

Price: Free


This is one of the best application for bloggers. Because it support wordpress, you can upload images and can enter into landscape mode for writing easily, you can publish your post easily. Instead of wordpress it also support other blogging platforms like MSN live, joomla, Drupal and these all are well tested. It also have multitasking feature like you can publish the same post on different blogs with just one touch.

BlogPress Apple iPad App
BlogPress Apple iPad App

iTunes Store Download Link

Price: $2.99

Which all apps you are using on your iPad? Do share them with us.

5 iPhone Apps to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

Today is valentine day and if you are an iPhone user then here are few awesome apps which will help you to make your valentines’ day special. These apps are good way to share your feelings to your valentine and make him/her feel special. To show your love it is not neccessary that your loved one need to have an iPhone, you can send your personalized message on Facebook, Twitter or email too.

An App to Tell:

This app let you send an dedicated app to your valentine to share your feelings. If your valentine don’t have an iPhone then he/she can check that app on the official website. You just need to record a message. write text, add photos and send the app directly.This is a free app.

Anapptotell[ Download Link ]


This is a good app to make your mood on Valentine. This app stream music which includes smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Soul/R&B and other love songs. With songs it keep on displaying romantic animated scences and keep the screen display on for same. The can grab the app at the cost of $0.99.

Icelebrate[ Download Link ]

Also Read: 5 Music Apps for iPhone

Send eflowers:

Send eflowers

Flowers are best valentine gifts, why not to send it via your iPhone? Send eflower app allows you to send flowers to your valentine via email or MMS. You can select any bouqet, add message to it and send it across. The app costs you $0.99.

[ Download Link ]

Be Mine Hearts:

Be Mine Hearts allows you to send and save cute hearts with personalized messages. You can save it your iphone photo album, send it via email or share it on Facebook. There are more than 100 hearts to selec from and the app is free of cost.


[ Download Link ]

Valentine Postage:

Valentine Postage allows you to create a romantic postcard from your photos and send them to loved one via email, Facebook or Twitter. There are lots of postcards design avialable and its very easy to create postcard with personalized photos. The cost of app is $0.99.

Valentine Postage

[ Download Link ]


This app is quite different from other above apps, it provides you lots of pickup lines, dating tips and more. You can also add your tip to the app. There are various categories avialable like sweet, newly added, favorites etc which gives different and funny pickup lines and tips. The cost of this App is $0.99.


[ Download Link ]

If you are using any iPhone app to make your valentine better than do share with us and our readers.

CleanApp: Clean Your Mac from Unwanted Apps

Installing any application on Mac is very easy. You just need to drag and drop the app in Application folder. If you are not aware how to install any application on Mac then here is a quick guide:

  • Download the app. ( Here I am downloading CleanApp )


  • Once you will download the app, you will get a dialog box having App icon.
  • Now drag that app icon in your Application folder.


  • Done guys, your application is installed. You can see the app icon in your application folder.


Just as installing, deleting application is equally easy as you just need to drag the app icon to Trash. But while deleting many applications, few of the related files are not deleted from your Mac.
In such case, there is an application called as CleanApp which removes all unwanted app files from Mac. CleanApp is a user-friendly app with good interface to get rid of all unwanted files which are saved in different locations by just drape and drop. It is one of the best Mac uninstaller I came across.
Download Link to CleanApp

  • Download and install CleanApp ( follow above installation steps )
  • Once installed you will see a dialog box like below. Click on left icon to logging to CleanApp.


  • Once logging is done, CleanApp will keep track of all the app installed and where are files saved of the app. Thus while removing it will be aware from where to delete all related files.
  • When you want to uninstall any app, just drag n drop it to CleanApp and it will find all related and duplicate file to be removed and it will trash same.


  • It will provide you all related files to that dragged app and duplicate files too, if there are any. You can even scan again to search duplicate or relevant files.


More Mac Applications:

As a blogger, I find this app very useful because I keep on trying new applications to share with my readers and CleanApp becomes very handy when I need to uninstall unwanted apps on Mac. It is available for free trial, so that you can pay later if you like the application. CleanApp costs $15 and it’s worth giving a try.
If you are using any other Mac uninstalling app then do share with us.

5 Free Sharing Apps for iPhone Users

iPhone is very useful especially for professionals who can keep track of work on go. iPhone apps provides you ease to maintain fianance, check emails, read feeds and more. There are few apps which many of the iPhone users ignore but they are very useful when it comes to share important files, documents via your iPhone.

Here are 5 free iPhone apps which will make sharing files easy on iPhone.


This is one of my favorite app to share files via iPhone.  DropBox allows you to share and share files via email or any other app. You can also check out pictures, videos, presentations and export files to other iPhone apps. You can also save the videos and images clicked via your iPhone to DropBox.


[ Download Link ]


This is an interesting way to share your music files, messages to your friends. When you want to share messages you just need to bump two phones together. You can also message to your friends who are away by adding them as a friend and sending message.


[ Download Link]


Box.net allows you to view and share files and folders easily with anyone. It supports word, Excel, PDF, images and Box web docs. It provides you option to save files on iPhone and iPad while you are offline and you can also add/reply to comments on files and folders.


[ Download Link ]

Files Lite:

Files Lite helps you to store and share files via email and PC easily. It supports file formats like Microsoft documents, PDF, RTf, HTML, Apple iWork and text documents, images, videos, audios etc. But you would be requiring a Wi-fi connection to share files and documents.

Files Lite.jpg

[ Download Link ]

Briefcase lite:


It helps you to connect and browse to Mac and other network. You can share file with other briefcase iPhone users and upload files and transfer files to Mac and view remote files too.

[ Download Link ]

10 Most Fruitful Android Apps for Students

Android Phones are most popular among the young generation, and mostly for the students. Android apps are equally spread in all the fields whether it is music, games, or study etc.

Incase you missed other useful android apps:

Following is the list of Android Apps which will help students in studies and socialize them with their friends.

Android Apps for Students
Android Apps for Students

I know student life is tough: P It would be great if your Android phone helps you in making student life and studies easier. I have compiled the list of useful apps for helping students. Have a Look:

1. SMS BackupTo Gmail

Backup To Gmail
Backup To Gmail

Students prefer chatting among each other, rather than calling, as messages are cheaper than making calls. What if your favorite message get deleted? Huh! Don’t worry this app will take backup of all your Messages.

Price: $1.99

2. ColorDict Universal Dictionary

Color Dict Universal Dictionary
Color Dict Universal Dictionary

Dictionary is the most important tool for student of any group age. We ourselves don’t know when we need to search for meaning of any word. Keeping a thick dictionary in your bag is not easy. This app will save you from holding more weight. This dictionary do not needs Internet!! No extra money to be wasted.

Price: Free

3. Evernote


It is must app for students, because sometimes we need to some points or things, which are prior to be forgetting. It is a very handy app, which will maintain all your notes, whether they are text notes or voice notes. You just need to register a free account at Evernote official website.

Price: Free

4.  Quickpedia


Wikipedia is the biggest encyclopedia in the world with over 17 Million articles; it plays the most important source of knowledge for students. Quickpedia is a free which will helps in browsing Wikipedia, which is compatible and optimized format for your Android Phone. No need to scroll the page up and down.

Price: Free

5.  Offiviewer


No need to ask for txt files from your teachers, because now you will be able to open all the Microsoft Office format documents directly on your phone. Even this app can open pdf files too. But it need good internet connection for server-based document rendering.

Price: Free

6. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder

Why to note down the lecture contents on notebook? Record them directly to your Android Phone and listen to them at your home. This apps helps you in making long recording and will directly save your recordings to MicroSD Card. It means you need to memory full problem. You can easy search any recording among a large list.

Price: Free

7. Mathdroid


Maths is integrated in most of the subjects, which needs us to bring scientific calculator to class. Now you don’t need to remember to pick up scientific calculator before going to class. This calculator will be added to your phone with the help of this app. It maintains history and display in multi-line format too.

Price: Free

8. Twidroid


Are you a twitter addictive and keep on tweeting all the time then, Twitdroid will support in continue uninterrupted tweeting directly from your phone. It includes all the twitter features like direct messaging, photo posting, replies, retweets etc.

Price: Free/Paid Both Available

9. Fbook For Facebook

Fbook For Facebook
Fbook For Facebook

I think I should mention this app at the top 😛 The student who is not on Facebook, is not called as student 🙂 just kidding. Fbook will keep you socialized with your friends through Facebook. You can directly upload photos directly from your phone.

Price: Free

10. Palringo


Palringo is an IM Client, which allows you add all the services like Google chat, Yahoo chat, Facebook Chat etc. it features to stay connected with all the services at a time without switching between different applications.

I hope all the above apps will help you in your studies. If you are using some other useful apps for your studies, do share them with us.

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Synchronicity 2.0 Lets You Use iPhone While Syncing with iTunes

Synchronicity is one the most popular iPhone Jailbreak applications for just one reason. It Allows you to use the iPhone while syncing with iTunes. You can run just any app or make calls while syncing in the background. Synchronicity 2.0 is available in Cydia for jailbroken iPhones. Continue reading Synchronicity 2.0 Lets You Use iPhone While Syncing with iTunes

5 Useful Blogging Apps from Mac App Store

Mac App Store is out now and it is much more like iTunes App store. The First look of Mac App Store is attractive and clutter-free. You can search apps from different categories like Productivity, Social Networking, Lifestyle, Finance and many more but it takes time to search useful apps from lots of apps available in Mac Store.

Thus I selected 5 such apps which is useful for all bloggers, these are free as well as paid. To download these apps you need to create an Apple account. It is a simple and quick process like providing email ID, Payment details etc. and Once you created account, you need to login to download app.



Here are 5 useful apps which you can download:


Mindmapping is the best tool for bloggers to avoid writer’s block. MindNode helps you to create a neat mind map with colorful nodes, option to resize nodes, you can create multiple mind maps on single canvas. It is very easy to export your mind map with others in different file formats. This app is free of cost.



Evernote is the best app to note down your ideas, useful notes, creating to-do lists, creating PDF files, easy to sync file and do provide different formats of files like Word, PPT, Excel etc. You can also share your notes easily with your friends. This app is free of cost.



Image improves the presentation of articles and pixelmator provides all useful features which will help you to enhance your images for blogging purpose. It is packed with lots of features like different gradients, different styles, improving colors, adding effects and lots more. But you need to pay $29.99 to grab this app.



Translator helps you to translate any page in different languages. It is very useful for bloggers who want to read blogs having different language which they don’t know. It is very easy to use and you can translate any page with the help of small icon on Menu bar. This app is free of cost.



Shrook is a free app which is a feed reader, Shrook is a good feed reader and the app is also useful. It makes your feed reading easy and clutter-free. It allows you to sync your feeds and because of multiple columns it becomes easy to access feeds.


These are few useful apps for bloggers, if you are using any useful apps from Mac App Store then do share with us.