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Shorten URLs In a new Way with 3 Cool URL Trimming services

Most of the URL shortening services available on internet are either just limited to only certain tasks or they tend to disappear after sometime. Though the normal URL shortening services are not that cool a deal but some of them are pretty useful offering loads of innovative features.

Today I will be highlighting some of these URL shortening tools that apart from simply trimming the URLs also give you the options like scanning the URL for malware or merging multiple URLs into a single one or even making the strangest or weirdest URLs possible. Here is a brief overview of these URL shorteners:


fur.ly   shorten multiple urls into one

Using this service, you can either shorten the URL or assign multiple URLs to any one selected URL. This means that fur.ly is an amazing tool for sharing a collection of links with anyone. As you start typing a URL in any of the empty line, a correspondingly new line appears. The results of fur.ly are pretty cool because they automatically let you open the first subsequent URL and the rest can be opened via a toolbar of fur.ly. Furthermore, you can also view usage list of any of the short URLs.


Trick.ly user interface

There is nothing unique about the this service apart from its built-in capability of protecting the shortened URL with either a question, riddle or a passcode. The developers have tagged this tool as Magic url shortener.


Share links Saf.li user interface

This particular URL shortening service is having emphasis on security, for every link that is shortened the tool automatically checks it for malware with the BitDefender tool. With its social networking integration, you can share the links on Facebook or Twitter. Plus you also have an access to the statistics for the entire URL collection including the scanning results for phishing, antivirus and also a mention about the java scripting with Saf.li.

Do try out these services and let us know in comments that what do you think that whether they are useful or not?