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25 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter

Twitter is perhaps the most addictive social network. Your whole Twitter feed can change in a matter of seconds – and who knows what will happen if you’re not there to RT @KourtneyKardash’s announcement that she’s finally popped out the latest addition to the most horrendous family on Earth?
Twitter Addiction

Whereas posting a Tweet an hour used to be considered excessive, nowadays it’s merely considered healthy contribution to the Twittersphere. But how do you know if you’re Tweeting a little too much? How do you know when your “healthy contribution” is, in reality, morphing into addiction?

Believe it, you have Twitter Addiction!

If any of these 25 signs of Twitter addiction strike a chord with you, you might want to seek professional help immediately.

  1. You will one day find and kill the person that got to your rightful Twitter name before you. Damn you @JamesDuval…
  2. You are the sole reason Twitter got blocked at your workplace.
  3. You cried when you realised what your boss had done, until you remembered that you have a smartphone.
  4. You repeatedly stall amusing conversations with the sentence “I need to Tweet this!”
  5. Whenever you post an amazing Tweet and no one RTs you, you spend a full 24 hours contemplating if life is worth living anymore.
  6. You did quit Twitter for a day… only to be overcome by a migraine, shivers, sweats and heart palpitations.
  7. You pray for red lights whenever you drive. #tailgatingdouche
  8. You consider Tweeting a justifiable reason for stopping on double yellow lines.
  9. The first thing you ask any new acquaintance is “What’s your Twitter?
  10. The first few times someone answered “I don’t have an account” you tried not to pass out. Now, you just leave the room – I mean, what’s the point in people if they’re not on Twitter?
  11. Your social circle has reduced dramatically after you insisted that if your friends aren’t Tweeps, they’re no friends at all.
  12. You Tweet questions rather than Google them – you get better advice that way, right…?
  13. You will tell your grandkids about the time @MissAmyChilds Tweeted you back.
  14. With news, your rule is: If it’s not on Twitter, it’s not true.
  15. You sink into a depression every time someone unfollows you.
  16. You clean out inactive or boring people on a daily basis – who wants to follow someone who Tweets about their food, man.
  17. You’ve developed a newfound love for potato waffles due to their resemblance to hashtags. #hashtagwaffles
  18. Your signature is now preceded by an @.
  19. You suggested “Twitter blue” as the colour for the walls when your company was moving office.
  20. You synced your Twitter to Facebook and are now left with one friend – your mum. And that’s only because she doesn’t know how to unfriend.
  21. You don’t really care about your demise on Facebook as it’s not Twitter.
  22. You’ve had the @ and # keys on your phone, laptop and work computer replaced at least once.
  23. You’ve broken the law to get a TwitPic.
  24. You do a better job than most paparazzi at stalking celebrities, and can recite the hourly whereabouts of your ten favourite.
  25. You’ve already shared this on Twitter.

Well, I’m sure if you love Twitter, you will have more tips to find people who have twitter addiction. Ahh, and don’t forget to check Pt. 25 again and follow us on Twitter @Callingallgeeks.

Tweet with Symbols and Special Characters: Twitter Symbols App

Loads of Twitter services and platforms have been developed in recent times that allow users to make their tweets integrated with multimedia contents or other stuff. Those who are avid users of Twitter know that every character we enter on Twitter counts a lot because Twitter allow us to use only 140 characters.

Though there are some services that allow users to enter considerably longer tweets but they have their own drawbacks, like most of them include a link to your tweet. So keeping these restrictions in view, I guess using characters and special symbols is a very good option. So let’s have a look at it:

Twitter Symbols Web App Features

Twitter Symbols

The apps functioning is pretty simple, it enables you to enter characters and symbols in your tweets via their integrated platform. The app enables you to enter varying kind of symbols like stars, zodiac symbols, mathematics symbols and chess characters. Each of the added symbols is counted as a single character, you just need to click on the symbol and it will be automatically entered in your tweet.

Twitter symbols tweet

What I like the most about this app is that no links are incorporated in the tweets no matter how many characters you enter. Plus the app also has a considerably good symbol and characters archive and you can decorate your tweets in many ways using it. Twitter Symbols app is a must use for Twitter freaks and I can bet that you are going to like it.

Tweet with Symbols and Special Characters: Twitter Symbols App

Twitter Tweets Past 200 Million Users [Infographic]

It’s been a wonderful year for all the Social networking sites that rule planet Earth. First, Google launches Google+, Facebook launched Video chat and Twitter get’s another user who helps it go over the 200 Million mark. Good news for everyone, except MySpace, Orkut and others that are evidently dying.


Just yesterday, some new person went over to Twitter and signed up and did not even realize that he/she helped Twitter reach the 200 million milestone. That’s not the biggest news that I’m sharing with you guys, there’s something more astonishing. Since, Twitter’s launch way back in 2006, it has had a tremendously fast growth that no one expected. It’s not just the growth that amuses everybody, it’s the fact that Twitter revolutionized the way we share things. When Twitter first started out, people weren’t really sure if they could survive with that 140 letters word limit, but they have and they will continue to.

The Infographic below will show you what exactly Twitter is all about, it’s growth and the unforgettable and amazing Timeline of it’s existence.


That’s the amazing story of Twitter’s success and how it got to 350 Billion tweets being shared every single day. That’s something isn’t it? If you go through the whole thing, you’ll notice that Twitter has even played an important role in sharing news, sometimes even being the first to break news. It has also helped the public during bad times, sometimes being the only source of communication.

If  you’re not on Twitter, you should probably go and join right now.

[ Source: Visual.ly ]

6 Google Search Alternatives That Give Google A Run For Its Money

Google is the world’s best search engine and It has been reigning as the top search engine for just about any search term or types of searches irrespective of how well its competitors such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com and many others might be doing. It hasn’t been dethroned by its competitors yet and it doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon.

6 Google Search Alternatives

We have compiled a list of top six Google search alternatives which are catching up as useful resources for specific searches and will help you find exactly that you are looking for. They even provide better and more accurate search results compared to Google and will most certainly help you find what you need.


I’m sure many of you might not have considered Twitter as a search engine. Well let me tell you, its an excellent search engine and is the best way to find out what people are saying right now. Head over to Twitter and start searching for the latest tweets and the information you are looking for might be circulating in the some of the status updates of millions of Twitter users.



If you are unemployed and looking for work immediately then you need to head over to the Indeed. Indeed is an excellent search engine and unlike Google which is filled with spammy websites when you are seriously searching for work online Indeed will give you accurate results related to you query.

You will be surprised with the amount of jobs available when you are looking for it. Visit Indeed.co.in for India specific search results while US based viewers can still use Indeed.com which serves as a base for job queries from across the globe.



Blekko is the latest search engine to hit the search market and it searches the web using slashtags. Slashtags only search the sites you want and cut out the rest of the spam. Learn more on how to use slashtags to find whatever you are looking for!


Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go does a few things which Google doesn’t do. It bans all the spammy websites full of advertisements and most importantly it doesn’t track your web search history when you are using its search engine. Google on the other hand tracks every single word you type and search and every single click you make. The search results it produces are quite good and helpful.

Duck Duck Go Search Engine


Yippy is not just an alternative to Google search but a ‘meta search engine’, meaning it will get the search results for your keywords from several search services. It will not track you similar to Duck Duck Go. Your web search history will remain private.

Yippy Search Engine


Qwiki is a web Startup and brings a whole new approach to searching on the web. Qwiki differs from other search engines in that it displays the search results in a neat multimedia presentation unlike multiple links to webpages.

Qwiki Search Engine

Do you use any alternative search engine to Google search? Which in your opinion the best search engine and why? If you have come across any search engine similar to the 6 listed here give us a tip.

Write to us and let us know and we’ll feature it in a post.

Themeleon: Create Your Own Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is the most famous micro-blogging platform and I don’t think that there is any need for me to introduce you to Twitter. The backgrounds of your Twitter profile have made a great importance of itself in the passage of time. Now, everybody wants a flashy and an awesome twitter background.

Few people are too smart that they can create their own backgrounds using an image editing software like Photoshop. But for few people, who are unable to use photoshop can easily use the online sites to create twitter backgrounds. There are a lot of sites which offers such features.

In this post, I will tell you about one of them. Themeleon is a twitter profile design tool by COLOURLovers. I used some background design tools and finally selected this tool to share with you people. This site is totally free and it provides flexibility while designing the background is amazing.

Check out few more interesting Twitter tools:

So, now let me give you the little tutorial on how you can design your own twitter background using Themeleon.

1. Open Themeleon. LINK.

2. Scroll down a bit and click on “Login to Twitter”. If already logged in, you will see this box :-

3. Now, you will get a page where you can easily customize your twitter background.

4. Customize Twitter profile background as you want. Click Save Profile button to save your background.

Thats it… the best part, in my opinion is that you get the preview of your profile just under the customizer which makes it easy for you to know that how will your profile look when you will use that background.

So, what do you think about it? Would you try it? Do comment.

Easily Search Twitter History with Snapbird

For Twitter users, searching Twitter history can be a very important thing. This is because Twitter search can help users dig down into the history of their previous activities, message archives and so much more. However, for some advanced needs, Twitter’s default search is just not good enough.To search twitter history of any user, we will use a Free Twitter tool call Snapbird.

Snap Bird is an app for Twitter which lets users perform advanced searches in Twitter. The features which Snap Bird provides in addition to the ones available by default include searching back for results older than 10 days, a friend’s-tweet only search, searching direct messages and favorite’s search.

SnapBird- Search Twitter history timeline

Using Snap Bird to search any twitter user timeline is very easy. To start off, you need to authenticate your Twitter account with the app, which in most cases should not be a problem. Once you have authenticated the app to access your Twitter account, you can return to Snap Bird’s website and perform searches.

More Twitter Tools:

Search options which are given are as follows: Someone’s timeline, someone’s favorite, your friend’s tweets, tweets mentioning you, your sent direct messages, your received direct messages. You can also specify the person for which you want to perform the search and the for field allows to put the limiter on your search.


Snap Bird performs searches and then displays results which can also be permalinked. You can simply click the searches to view the actual content as well (just like in Google) and link them in your own tweets as well.


Snap Bird is a really good tool if you want to maximize your search potential, however there are some search speed issues with the app e.g. When you make the search query complex, it takes a bit longer to search and display results. Other than it, it’s a great Twitter app.

Check out Snap Bird for Twitter here.
Do let us know if you know any more such tool which will be help us to search twitter history by user?

How to Delete Twitter Account ?

Delete Twitter Account

There could be hundreds of reasons to delete a twitter account but before reading further first look at the 3  bullet points may it have answer to your problem and saves you from deleting your twitter account and losing all followers.

  • You can make your tweet private so nobody can see your tweets.
  • Twitter has built-in option to change username no followers no tweets will be deleted, if the only reason to delete your account  is that you are bored with your existing username you can easily change it.
  • Before deleting twitter account it is a good thing to back up all your tweets and also notify your followers if you have enough ;).

Delete Twitter Account in easy steps:

Finally you have decided to delete your twitter account it’s an easy task simple follow these steps and also Please note you cannot recover your data after deleting or deactivating account.

  1. Login to your twitter account whom you want to delete.
  2. Follow this link -> http://twitter.com/settings/account or From twitter Profile Dashboard Click on “Edit your Profile”
  3. Scroll all the way Down and Click on Link ” Deactivate my account” which is below big blue Save button or follow this link ->


  1. Click on the Okay fine Deactivate my account button.
  2. Good Bye You made twitter bird cry.

Though make sure you are not drunk while you delete twitter account. 🙂

This is a guest post by Sonu who blogs at TechBold. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

Schedule Your Facebook and Twitter Updates Using Free Utilities

Although there are several methods to update Twitter and Facebook accounts even if you are not sitting on your computer but many of these methods have some limitations and restrictions. Moreover, most of these updating services are limited to just update the Facebook status or a tweet but the ability to schedule update is not there. So being able to schedule your Facebook and Twitter status and page will indeed be really useful. Here are some of the methods that you can use to schedule your Facebook and Twitter updates:



It is a dedicated Twitter and Facebook client having primary role of scheduling Facebook updates. Most of the free accounts do not schedule updates in a bulk but users can schedule numerous updates individually. Using HootSuite the newly created update can be scheduled by clicking on the calendar, users have to select the exact time and date when they want the update to appear. All the Facebook updates scheduled through HootSuite also feature a link to the app itself.



This particular client can schedule both the Twitter and Facebook status updates, the interface is minimalist and focus entirely on updates scheduling for both Facebook and Twitter. The main disadvantage of LaterBro is that all the status updates is limited on the number of characters domain, for Twitter it has 140 characters limit while for Facebook the limit is 420 characters. Users cannot add images to their updates but there is a URL shortener as well. All the updates can be scheduled after every fifteen minutes interval but users can also schedule certain updates on a weekly or even a monthly basis.

Read: How to schedule updated using Laterbro

Do let us know if you use any other tool which let you schedule updates to Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

New Twitter App Update let You Utilize iPad 2 Dual Camera

You know that the iPad 2 has two cameras, and to make use of both the camera’s Twitter has come out with an update that supports both cameras. The update hasn’t made it to the older iPads or the iPhone 4, but iPad 2 users can update to the latest version and enjoy some direct picture/video uploading.

The update was released yesterday, and with this update, you can take pictures or shoot videos directly from within the Twitter app. Once you’re done taking pictures of things you like, you can then directly upload it to Twitter and share it with the world. Of course, to do this you’ll need to be a proud owner of the new iPad 2, which at the moment is the only iDevice that gets this support. Now we all know that the iPad 2 will definitely sell a lot, and the update will definitely come in handy when you have to share something very quickly with the world.

<Image Credit>

Apart from the iPad 2 being able to utilize it’s camera’s, the new Twitter update also fixes some bugs. A certain bug that caused the compass to pop-up occasionally when monitoring change in location has been disabled and some other minor crash issues are now gone.

Download the latest update from the Apple App Store. You’ll be notified of the same on your iOS device.

Share Currently playing Song to Facebook & Twitter from iPhone

I think it is very much true that the music we normally listen to says out loud that Who we are. So if you are a music lover and eager to know that what kind of music your friends and family are listening to than What’s In my Ears (WIME) for iPod Touch and iPhone is the right kind of App for you. Using it you can share this music information to others via Twitter and Facebook.What's-in-My-Ear-iPhone-app

Well thanks to all of these diverse iPhone apps, we can now share the location where we are, where we are eating and now with What’s in my Ears app we can also share that what kind of music we are listening to as well.

What’s In my Ear App Features

Developed by Arti Teknoloji, What’s in my Ear for iPhone/iPodTouch sole purpose is to share what kind of songs you are listening to at any present moment and also tell that whether you like it or not. All the posts are sent either manually or automatically to Twitter or on Facebook.

There is a built-in template that allows you to customize the message that will be posted on Facebook or Twitter. You can include information like Artist Name, Album and Song or a combination of all of these in your message. It even includes your iTunes rating of a particular song in a form of additional one liner message.

For example, if you share a 5 star song using What’s in my Ear App then a message “I Love it” will be also included and for a 1 star song “I hate it” message will be included.

What’s In my Ear App Limitations?

Although the app does exactly as advertised but there are certain drawbacks and limitations. First of all users cannot control the music from the app interface except pausing a song or jumping to another song from the playlist. Secondly you cannot change the song ratings within application interface, whatever ratings are pulled from iTunes will remain such.

You can download What’s In my Ear App from the Apple App store for $1.99.