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Avast 6 Released and Available for Free Download

After a long waiting time the strong security suite of Avast has been released and you can download it free from Avast official website. I am a big fan of Avast Antivirus as I have compared it with the most popular paid Antivirus programs such as Kaspersky,Quick Heal,AVG,Norton etc but finally I stick to Avast due to its ultimate real-time protection and comprehensive virus protection database.


Avast users will be happy to know that company has enhanced its security system in version 6 a lot. Now the installation time for Avast has been decreased and it takes a little time to install. After installation the setup will ask you to install Google Chrome on your system if not found on your computer. You can also skip this step.

Feature Highlights for Avast  6

  • Avast WEBREP


It is the great feature added in this version with which you can find out the reputation of any website decided by Avast. Avast WEBREP Feature is integrated with your browser and it tells you about website reputation. You can also disable this feature.

  • Avast Auto Sandbox


This exclusive feature allows you to control any suspicious program. Avast 6 run any malicious program in its sandbox at the moment of program execution.

  • Site Blocking Feature

Avast site blocking feature enables you to block any website and those website will not be accessed on your computer.

Other Features

  • Enhanced and comprehensive real-time protection
  • Quick scan after installation
  • Easy to navigate
  • Integrated Google Chrome installation
  • More attractive user interface
  • Improved Anti Spyware
  • Additional protection tab with Auto Sandbox and WEBREP feature controls
  • Tab based advanced navigation

If you already have Avast 5 or 4 then you can upgrade it using setup and you will be asked to restart your PC.

Download Avast 6 free

Do share your experience and views about this new release of Avast

2 Geeky Ways to Change Folder Background in Windows XP

You may be habitual to change Windows desktop background image easily via desktop properties. Have you ever thought to change background of a folder? We can change the background of a folder easily in Windows XP.

Below are two simple methods to change the background image of a folder in Win XP.

By  desktop.ini file

  • First make right click on the folder and go to its properties > Customize > change icon
  • Choose an icon for folder and a file named desktop.ini will be automatically created
  • Desktop.ini is a hidden system file which exists in  folder but we can’t see it. To view desktop.ini file go to upper option bar of explorer and select folder options. Here tick on the “show hidden files and folders”. After doing this you will be able to see the desktop.ini file.
  • If you are still unable to see this file then;
  • Copy and paste this code in a notepad file
  • [ExtShellFolderViews]
    IconArea_Image=E:DRIVE DTITANICMY IMAGES224042007(003).jpg ( example image path)
  • Change example image path with your desired image and save this notepad file as desktop.ini

You will be asked to replace existing file and you have to replace it. Now you can see the image as folder background.

Second easy and quick way

Using customize folder wizard

It is a little executable customization file with which you can easily change the background of a folder.

  • Download the Customization file here
  • Copy this file into the folder that background you want to change.
  • Execute the file and browse  images to set as background.


Thus you can change the folder background easily. You can share any other trick to change the folder background in Windows XP.

Playing High Detail PC Games Without a Graphics Card

It sounds bit odd but really a software  exists which works like a real graphics card and can emulate video memory to play high detail pc games. While surfing cyber world I found a wonderful tool which works as a virtual graphics card but I did not believe on the story and decided it to test on my PC. I  unplugged my real graphics card in my Pc which was already installed and install this virtual graphics card and I find it really working. However it does not support all games but I have tested it on Alarm for Cobra Nitro.

How it Works

3D Analyze a utility which is capable in producing video memory and it uses your PC RAM for it. Suppose you have physical memory of 1GB then it converts a part of it to video memory. Currently it can emulate Nvidia TI 4600 and NVIDIA FX 5900 ,Ati Radeon 8500 and Ati Radeon 9800 Pro .

  • After opening the program you will see many options. First you have to select the exe file of that game you want to run.
  • Then see the option vendor ID and device ID
  • Here enter the vendor ID and device ID of any of the given graphic cards i.e. if you want to emulate the Ti 4600 then enter its ID.
  • Below is the configuration of 3D Analyze virtual Graphics Card

virtual-graphics-cardDownload link

3D Analyze may be a good alternative of real graphics card for gamers it is free so why not you try this before buying an expensive graphics card.

Working Websites to Trace Mobile Numbers in India

How many times have you received calls or SMS from unknown number. Some time it’s a genuine call and many times some one is playing prank or called to disturb you. Finding the location of number, might help you to determine the identity of the caller.

Here I’m sharing list of Websites to trace mobile number in India. Obviously these websites won’t tell you the exact location of the caller but at least it will help you to find the originating state.



This is the first site which will help you to find the location of the caller. It’s one of the oldest site and very accurate with updated database of new mobile prefix.  <Link>

Trace Mobile Phone location:


This is another useful website which give useful information about any Indian mobile number like State, service provider and signaling. <Link>

India Trace:


Indiatrace is another site which represent the number you are tracing in graphical form. <Link>

Do let us know if you know more such sites which helps in tracing unknown numbers in India. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook. Click here.

Simple Drive iPhone App: Use iPhone as Hard Disk

Surely iPhone is most loved mobile of all time, this multitasking device play multiple roles in its users life, now we have one more reason to bring iPhone more closer to your life.

Simple Drive is a small iPhone application to turn your iPhone into hard drive. This easy to use application help you to keep and move your files in your iPhone, exactly like a pocket hard drive.

This 99¢ application can be downloaded from App Store. Its interface is easy , self narrating and very clear. Once installed in iPhone you can directly access your iPhone from browser and send images, videos or any other file to iPhone. Very similarly you can also download your files back to our computer directly from iPhone.

Now carry your iPhone with more ease and naturalness.

Do you know any free iPhone applications which turn your iPhone into Hard Disk?

How to Prevent Google From saving Web History

Google is one of the most used services in the world today and despite all the great advantages it provides, a sour fact remains that Google monitors a lot of its users’ web activities. However, if you’re a careful web surfer, you can avoid this by taking a few simple steps with Google History. Google has different ways to monitor your web activities depending on if you’re signed in while searching or not.

When you’re signed in to your Google Account, One such way is the Web History which is used to personalize your searches. Follow the steps below to deactivate it so your search activities are not recorded by Google anymore:

Step 1. Go to the My Account page and click on the Web History link.


Step 2. Click on the Pause link on the left to pause your Web History function. Your search history will not be recorded any more until you resume the service.


If you are not signed in to your Google Account, even then you can turn off Web History function by doing the following:

Step 1. Do a Google Search and on the results page, click the Web History link on the top right corner.


Step 2. Click on Disable customizations based on search history link which will turn the feature off.


Another way you can do that is by manually clearing your browser’s cookies so that Google doesn’t have your previous search data to customize your search results.

How to Create Free Photo Collage using Picasa Software

Google Picasa desktop software is one of my favorite desktop image management tool. I also use it to upload my images to my Picasa album instantly from desktop. Picasa also introduced the face recognition technology sometime back.

Here is a cool tip which you can use to create collage from your photos quickly.

Open Picasa, select multiple images by holding CTRL and click on create photo collage at the top of it.

Watch this screenshots for more info :

photo_collage colllage_option

You can change lots of settings here and fine tune your photo collage.  One done click on create collage.

Now go and create collage of your friends and stick it on your facebook wall.