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KeepMeOut Will Help You Control Your Internet Addiction

I’d understand if you’d say that you’re working for Facebook or Google, then you couldn’t possibly control your internet addiction. But, in case you’re not and still are on a certain website or two all the time, then you should probably visit a shrink or sign up with KeepMeOut.

KeepMeOut is an online web service that will help you get over your addiction to certain websites, adult or not, by literally keeping you away from them. While using this service, you’ll not be given access to such addictive websites, but then you’ll be the one deciding that. It’s only another web service, but without any help from you, it’s not going of to be of any help to anyone. Of course, there are some websites that you’d like to check regularly like CallingAllGeeks or ShoutMeLoud, now these aren’t addictive sites. Facebook, on the other hand, is a really very super addictive website.

KeepMeOut is only a web service, it’s not any kind of mind reader that will control your brain to not visit a certain website. It only works if you decide that you need to help yourself and get things done, rather than drool over something on Facebook or Youtube. Here’s how you get things started;

  • Tell yourself that you can get rid of that deadly Facebook addiction. If you’re addicted to CallingAllGeeks then stop reading!!
  • Visit http://keepmeout.com and type in the name of the website that you want to keep yourself out from
  • Now get the settings right, for example, if you want the website to warn you to stay away from a website for say 2 hours, then you can select the settings for that. There are few Advanced options as well.
  • Now click on submit and save the created link as a Bookmark.
  • Make sure you use the created link to visit the desired website, so as to keep yourself not addicted to it.

It’s pretty much going to work out if you decide that it should. After all, addiction is not a good thing!! So be good fellow addicts and try to get rid of that nasty website addiction of yours.

Are you addicted to any other websites other than Facebook, Youtube et cetera?

3 Best How-To Video Channels on YouTube

Whenever you will enter a query for things like ‘How To’ in Google a large number of results pop-up showing numerous things. More specifically If you type in ‘How To’ in Google some results from YouTube will also be visible, showing online videos from that category. So if you happen to be looking for some ‘How To’ online videos then today’s post is a must read for you. I am highlighting 3 really useful YouTube video channels that houses some interesting collection of ‘How To’ videos.



Apparently it’s an educational video site with a bit of twist in it, its YouTube constituent has almost 2200 videos having almost 175 million views. You can find stuff like ‘How to Recognize Geeks’ on it, plus it also has some really cool videos ranging in categories like Technology & cars and Education & Outdoors. You can visit VideoJug’s YouTube channel and surf through some really interesting stuff.



Its an excellent source of some fun goers YouTube videos with an informative and a serious ‘How To’ angle tagged to them. Out of all the categories the gaming channel is having the highest number of subscribers. I personally liked the Tech & Gadget section of Howcast because it had a large number of video collections telling users How To use certain kind of gadgets. The Howcast YouTube channel has a total of 7700 videos divided in various categories.

Khan Academy


If you are looking for a study oriented ‘How To’ based YouTube channel then Khan Academy is definitely worth looking at. It’s even endorsed by Bill Gates as a perfect stop for learning all the basics of sciences and math. You can view Khan Academy YouTube channel by visiting their official website.

What other channels you think that might be there in this list of YouTube channels. Try these out and Let us know in comments that were these YouTube channels were useful or not.

6 More Simple Ways to Save iPhone Battery

With the Apple iPhone 4 releasing in India via Airtel and Aircel, and the superb offers which it comes with, more Indian consumers are surely going to lap up this beautiful phone. So with more and more people starting to use the iPhone in general, we seriously need to look into boosting the iPhone’s battery life. Here are a few useful tips, some old a couple of new ones which are sure to boost your iPhone’s battery life.

  1. Stop Installing all those Magical Cydia Apps.
    There is no doubt that you can make your iPhone do crazy things such as run screensavers, make room for widgets on your lock screen, make all the icons bounce on your home screen and more thanks to Cydia. Doing all that will obviously effect your battery life and also in rare cases crash your iPhone. Use only those Cydia Apps that you think are really useful for you.
  2. Turn off location services.
    A lot of apps tap the iPhone’s GPS when they don’t really need to. Go to Settings>Location Services, and disable the feature for the apps that don’t really need the location check.
  3. Turn off notifications.
    Simultaneously, in the Settings >Notifications – turn off all unnecessary sounds, alerts, home screen badges. The apps that actually use these features are the same ones that monitor your phone – thus cutting your battery life.
  4. Terminate background apps manually.
    Apple says background apps aren’t technically “running” unless they’re front and center, meaning they shouldn’t be drawing any power. Though its said that manually shutting down background apps gives you extended bat-life, its pretty annoying shutting down these apps time and again, so don’t overdo it.
  5. Keep it out of your pocket.
    The hotter your iPhone gets, the faster your battery will die. And sliding your phone into your pocket does just that – body heat, you know. Clip your phone to your belt, in a nice vented pouch. It’ll work wonders for your iPhone.
  6. Turn off Ping.
    Ping is a huge drain on the battery, and not many people use it. So if you aren’t using it, why let it suck out your battery?

These few simple steps can lead to a Happy and content iPhone and user.

Have any more tips to share? Share your knowledge below!

Useful Google Search Engine Hacks

Sometimes searching on Google is a bit of technical and tricky thing because the search results returned by Google are corresponding to what we have entered in the query. If you happen to have a knack for online tricks and tips then you must be aware of some search operators or operands that can make your search on Google very much effective. So today I will be telling you about some really cool Google search hacks that you might not be aware of:

Instant Information Shortcut

It is by no doubt a fact that Google is a very smart search engine that in some instances can provide you spot-on information as per your query. For example if you are curious to know about the local time in Australia, instead of searching for a website that will provide you that information you can directly type in the words ‘time in Australia’ and Google will give you an answer instantly.

Google Word Trick

Same trick also works wonder if you try them for weather, units, currency, showtimes and sport updates. You can get more information about this particular shortcut hack on Search Feature page of Google.

Google Cache Hack

Google has a very unique feature that it collects entire websites data and store that data temporarily in its cache. This means that the next time you sit on your computer and find that the website you want to visit is either blocked or down then you can access it via Google’s cache. This particular Google cache bridges the time till you can again access that website again.

All you have to do is type cache: URL and the latest snapshot that was last saved will be available on your screen.

Faces only Hack in Google

This particular hack is about Google image search in which faces are involved. Normally when we are searching on Google for someone having an unorthodox name, search results become a bit haywire. For example you are searching for someone named Rose  then the Google image search results will be as follows:

Google search face type

Adding a filter ‘&imgtype=face’ will ultimately filter your search results so that only the images having faces will be shown. Here is when we add the operator to our previous search results:

Google Face operator

Do let us know if you know about some Google search hacks and tricks in comments.

Locate Your Stolen Camera Using StolenCameraFinder

When you read the title, some of you will go ‘Yeah right!’ and some will be like ‘Really? Wow’, but you won’t really know what it means unless you read the article. It sounds unrealistic, but it’s not, the application StolenCameraFinder will actually find your stolen or lost camera if it gets enough resources to look for it.


The StolenCameraFinder software is something out of the box as it’s not a software but rather a web based application that promises to perform a task that normal softwares won’t even try to. The web app is one very clever application that helps you find your stolen camera using previous pictures taken by it. Most cameras leave some information such as serial number, date, model of the camera etc when a picture is clicked. StolenCameraFinder uses this information, known as EXIF data, to search the internet for pictures that have been uploaded using the same camera.

Every day millions of pictures are uploaded to the internet, hence it is possible that the person who stole your camera does the same. If you’re lucky enough you might have your stolen camera in your hand soon enough.

How this web app works?

To get this working and hopefully find your stolen camera, you will have to visit the StolenCameraFinder website. Once you’re there, you’ll need to upload a photo that was previously taken using the Camera that was stolen or lost. Once uploaded, the web app searches its directory of stored serial numbers to match the ones from your picture. If a match is found, you can then report about your stolen camera and perhaps get re-united with it.

StolenCameraFinder Screenshot

Isn’t this a very interesting web app? I mean, I would surely use this to try my luck if my camera gets stolen or I somehow manage to lose it.

What do you think of this interesting little web app? Have you ever lost or had your Camera stolen? Do you know of any other such apps?

[ via LifeHacker ]

Useful iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhone is now one of the most used smart phone till the date and iOS is a feature rich smartphone. Specially, iOS brought many features which will change the way we use our phone. People who have already bought an iPhone 4S, know the power of Siri. Here we are going to talk about bestiPhone Tips and Tricks . These iPhone Tips and Tricks will help you to use your iPhone more efficiently and in better way.

Handy list of iPhone Tips and Tricks

These iPhone tips and tricks will work with almost all the model of iPhone.

How to take Screenshot on iPhone

People who are coming from symbian family of phones, they always relied upon 3rd party software to take screenshots of your mobile screen. iPhone has an inbuilt feature which will let you take the screenshot using a simple iPhone tip.
To take a screen shot on your apple iPhone, Press the home button and press the sleep/wake button on the top of the iPhone, the screen will flash within seconds and your screen shot is captured and saved to your camera roll.

iPhone screenshot tip
iPhone Screenshot tip

Domain suffix in Safari

You can easily type any domain name that is ending with “.com” by just typing the domain name like “CallingAllGeeks” instead of https://www.callingallgeeks.org it will automatically enter “www” and “.com” extension to the name. This will make your task smoother and easier. This will work only in case if you have “.com” domain if you want to enter  “.in” , “.org”, “.net” then what you can do is   press and hold down the “.com” key until the other extensions appears with options  “.edu”, “.net” , now you can swipe your finger to select the one you want to enter.

Domain Suffix
Domain Suffix

iPhone tips & tricks: Save images from Safari

This is a feature that lots of users have been waiting for, when surfing through net we came across pictures that we want to save. To save any image you have to just tap and hold on image a menu will pop up asking save image or cancel. This way you can save images easily to your camera roll.

Save Images
Save Images

Add new words to iPhone dictionary

iPhone learn new words each time you type them in, it will save those words that you used repeatedly in your text, chats or messages. Each time you enter a word in your iPhone automatically correct it to some other word, what you can do is open your safari browser, and then typed in that word in Google search bar for that particular word then that word will be added in the iPhone dictionary.

Adding word to Dictionary
Adding word to Dictionary

Maximize iPhone Battery Life

Battery life is one of most important feature of any phone. A phone without a good battery life is considered as a dummy set even that phone has hundreds of cool features. There are many ways you can save your battery life or increase it, switch off those unwanted app running in background, switch off Wi- Fi when not in use. You can also use battery doctor pro app which will help you out to check your battery life and manage all the things while you are charging your iPhone.

Maximize power of iPhone
Maximize power of iPhone

You might like to check out How to increase iPhone battery life.


To force quit an application

To forcibly quit an unresponsive app, all you have to do is press the sleep/wake button for some time, then slide to power off screen after that press and hold the home button for 5 seconds  It will help you out in getting some free memory and resources that are not in use. Usually when we play games and then shut down them accidentally the state of the game will be saved somewhere in memory. Quitting an application will help you free out memory and free some resources for other usage.

Force Applications to Quit

Hide SMS preview

You can also hide SMS on the screen each time you receive any new messages you can hide preview of any incoming SMS. To activate this feature go to setting> messages> and turn off show preview option. This time it will only show the sender name and type of message not the content. Now the privacy is in your hands.

SMS Privacy

I hope you have enjoyed these tips for iPhone and you have any other iPhone tips and tricks with you, do share it with us.

Listen to your MP3 Files on Drop Box with DropTunes

DropTunes-0 Dropbox is today’s one of the most talked about and used cloud storage service available over the internet. It’s ability to store and sync multiple file formats is just great. These include storing files in MP3 format.

However, one wonders if they can store MP3 files in Dropbox, why can’t they play those stored files. This ability would give users a chance to take their entire music collections online and then play and share it with others. Now this is possible with a free online web based service called DropTunes.

DropTunes can be used if you have a DropBox account and have some Mp3 files uploaded in it. All you need to do is tell DropTunes which folder contains MP3 files and once that is specified, DropTunes makes users to play those MP3 files.


DropTunes offers two ways to play MP3 files easily. The first of these two ways is using simple flash to play MP3 music. This method works for all Flash enabled web browsers and is good for desktop based web browsers. The second method is more suited to the mobile web browsers which don’t often have support for Adobe’s Flash (e.g. Apple Safari mobile browser for iOS) and requires HTML5 for music playback.


DropTunes also has a nifty little features which allows users to also view image files in their Dropbox shared folders.

DropTunes can be called as a service for DropBox which extends its functionality. It is a must use and recommended add-on for anyone who uses DropBox.

Checkout DropTunes

How to Block a Website In Firefox 4,Opera 11,Chrome and IE 9

Some time we need website blocking feature in our internet browsers and it may be needed due to many reasons such as to save children from accessing a bad website or an adult website. In this tutorial we have told how to use different web browsers for website blocking. We will not be using any software to block websites but using inbuilt blocking features of different web browser to block any porn or spam or any website you want to.

Website Blocking in Opera 11

Opera 11 has inbuilt feature to block a website and we can block as many websites as we want.

  • Go to Opera Menu > Settings > Preference or use CTRL+F12 to access Preference option
  • In Preference go to option advanced > Content > Blocked Content


Here you can add any website to make it inaccessible in Opera

Website Blocking in Google Chrome

Though Google Chrome does not have a direct option to block a website but we can use a free and awesome extension to block websites. We can block a website using SiteBlock extension.

  • Open Google Chrome and click here to go to extension page and install the extension
  • Now go to Google Chrome settings > Tools > Extensions > SiteBlock


And using SiteBlock panel you can block any website

Website Blocking in Firefox

Firefox is also an add-on dependent browser to block websites and this operation can be done with a free Firefox add-on named BlockSite. It is an advanced add-on with which we can block any website. We can also protect our blocklist using a password.

  • Open Firefox and click here to install the add-on
  • Restart the browser and access the add-on by going to Firefox menu > add-ons > BlockSite > Options


Website Blocking in Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 have built-in option to block any website.

  • Go to IE 9 Settings > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites
  • Here you can add any url to block



These are easy ways to block a website or to filter websites based on website or webpage URLs. In our upcoming article we will tell you how to filter websites based on keywords used in websites. So do not forget to subscribe our free email updates.

How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy tab

We just received Samsung Galaxy tab in our headquarter for the review and we have been playing with it since then. So far my experience with galaxy tab is very pleasant and will com up with my review soon. Though before that I will keep sharing some tips and tricks for Galaxy tab users and in this quick tip, I will be sharing how you can take screenshot using Samsung galaxy tab.

Like iPhone, you don’t need a software to take screenshot, simply hold the back button and press the power button once. This will take the screenshot of current screen and image will be saved under Gallery > Screen capture.

Here is one screenshot which I have taken using Samsung galaxy tab:


Oh yes, you will get a prompt saying “Screen captured, saved as image file”. This a quick tip for all who are using Galaxy tab and want to take screenshot of their tab screen to share with friends or for reviews.

If you have any tip which you would like to share for Samsung galaxy tab, drop us an Email at [email protected].

How to Display Developer Tab in Office 2010 Programs Ribbon

Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version of the excellent suite of document tools offered by Microsoft. Amongst other things these tools comprise of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In these tools you can see a ribbon at the top of the program. Here a tab titled “Developer” lets you control certain advanced features offered by Microsoft Office 2010.

By default, the Developer tab is hidden. You can perform the following 3 steps to display the tab. The following steps correspond to Excel but should be equally helpful in displaying the Developer tab for other Office 2010 programs.

Step 1:

Enter the program’s options from the File menu in the top left.


Step 2:

In the resultant window, click on the “Customize Ribbon” option in the left pane. In the right-most list, check the box next to the “Developer” option. Then, click on the OK button.


Step 3:

You will now be able to view the Developer tab in Excel (or any other Office 2010 you performed these steps in. You can verify this by exiting the program and reopening it; you will find the Developer tab will now be visible by default.


And that is all.

As mentioned earlier the same steps can be applied to other Office 2010 programs to have the Developer tab displayed by default.