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4 Apps To Increase Android Performance

Anroid is one of the most popular mobile and tablet OS. Though, those who have been using Android for long, they are aware of performance issues. Here I’m going to share some useful apps which will help you to Increase android performance on your phone or tablet.

Recently we trained you on how to root android phones using simple applications that you can download for free. Rooting gives your android phone a complete new agenda and a whole lot of customization. It also makes you want more from your android phone, thus indirectly causing the battery backup, CPU usage and the overall performance of the phone to decrease.

 Increase Android Performance<Image Credit>

At times like this, you can use some applications and tricks to boost up your CPU’s performance and also save some battery life for those emergency calls. Here are a few apps that will help you increase performance of Android phones, manage space, specify RAM usage, Overclock CPU etc.

Increase Android Performance : Useful Apps

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer

Use Advanced Task Killer to manage what apps are running in the background and kill them. Android system usually has about 5-6 minimum apps that run in the background like all the time. A normal user won’t know about this and hence the programs running in the background will slow down the android phone and cause sluggishness in some apps and games. Using Advanced Task Killer gives you the advantage to select and kill those apps. It’s available in a Free and paid version, the difference being ads in the free version.

You can download it from the Android Market.

SetCPU for Root Users

SetCPU for Root Users

This is an application specially designed for rooted android phones. As the name suggests, SetCPU is only for root users who want to play around with advanced features like CPU overclocking, GPU overclocking and create custom CPU profiles that automatically increase or decrease your CPU performance depending on the load. This is a very useful and helpful app that performs many tasks while providing easy functionality. But, remember, do not try to overclock your CPU to extraordinary speeds as might end up with a bricked android phone.

You can download SetCPU for Root users from the Android Market.

Super User


Superuser is an Android app that does the job of giving you Super User rights to your phone. It means that you can control your phone rather than your phone/carrier/company control you with limitations and stuff.  This app provides you complete access to the root of your phone wherein you can manage things like User permissions and much more about which you can read here.

You can download Superuser from the Android Market.

Memory Booster

Memory Booster

The name itself explains what it will do to your Android phone! Yes, it will boost the memory and RAM of your Android phone so as to make it perform better and save more battery when its not in use. Memory Booster manages the memory and RAM available on an Android phone by defragmenting and finding lost memory. Some applications use up a lot of memory and then it gets dumped, and this is where Memory Booster comes in and helps save the day. The application has many tricks up it’s sleeve that will help you optimize your Android phones available memory/RAM and make the whole system faster.

You can download Memory Booster from the Android Market.

Once again, all of these applications are free and don’t require any registration or whatsoever. Try these apps and you’ll be get more from your Android phone, also learn how to root your Android phone as these apps require a rooted device.

Do let us know of any other such performance boosting apps like CPU booster or any other that helps you to Increase Android Performance.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

This kind of thing happens all the time. You leave your phone unattended, specially when there are kids or friends around, and return to find some files have magically disappeared from your Android device. It’s not really magical, but you’re going to be shocked when you find some important data missing from your phone. If you’re on your computer, there are many ways to deal with such situations. You can use different software to recover your deleted files, even if they’re deleted from the recycle bin.

Recover Deleted Files on Android

However, if you’re on your Android mobile or tablet device, then here’s a nice little app that will help you recover deleted files on Android. It’s a really simple to use app that works almost as well as all those desktop counterparts. It’s easy, quick and most importantly, works! To install this app on your Android phone, you’ll need to root it first, as this app requires user access to do its magic. You can follow our simple tutorial on how to root Android phones.

Undelete app can recover deleted files on Android devices, both from the external and internal storage. It’s a very useful app for Android users, but since this is a beta, it may not work on all devices. However, many devices running Android 2.1 and above have shown good signs, but don’t blame us if it doesn’t work on your device. Also, don’t expect the app to recover corrupted data, because it can’t, also don’t expect 100 percent positive results all the time.

Listed below are the official specifications of this app:

  • Fast scanning logic
  • Restore any file that has not been written over
  • Securely wipe/shred files
  • Works with images, video, music, archives and binaries
You can download Undelete from the Android Market for free and try recovering some lost data from your Android device. This is the first time a data recovery app has been made available for mobile devices. Mobile data recovery is going to be a reality soon, because data store on mobile devices these days are very important. As mobile devices become more and more personal, apps like these will make them even more better and safer.
Have you tried using Undelete to recover deleted files on Android?

How to Enable Hidden Panorama Mode in iOS 5 [Jailbroken]

Looks like at least two new hidden features have been unearthed in the latest iOS 5, and they’re pretty useful. I’m sure all of you must’ve heard of Panorama, a mode that lets you take wider pictures in a single shot. There are many apps out there that you could use to take Panoramic pictures from your iOS devices camera, but imagine a built in feature. Yes, there’s a hidden Panorama mode in the iOS 5 camera app.

How to Enable hidden Panorama Mode in iOS 5

The hidden Panorama mode in iOS 5 lets you take wider pictures and uses the Gyroscope in iPhone 4 and iPad 2 to tell you if your sweeping motion is balanced. It works pretty good for a stock and hidden camera feature and although it doesn’t go all the way to 360 degrees, it covers most of the view. It’s a useful feature then, and here’s how you can get it enabled on your jailbroken iOS 5 device. For now, this only applies to the iPhone 4 and the the iPad 2, because only those come with a gyroscope. There are two ways to enable panorama mode in iOS 5, and below are both of them:

Using iFile to Edit plist Files on iPhone

  • Launch Cydia and install iFile.
  • Open iFile and navigate to var/mobile/Libraries/Preferences and look for the string com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist.
  • Open com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist using the Property List Viewer.
  • Now click on the + button located at the bottom to Add Item.
  • Use the name as EnableFirebreak and the Type as Boolean. Create the new item.
  • Go back and you should now see a toggle to switch on/off EnableFirebreak.
  • Turn it on, exit iFile and respring your device.
  • Open the camera app and you should see Panorama Mode in the Options menu.
That is one way of doing it. Now let me tell you about the second method, which is much simpler and easier for people who don’t like to play with plist files. It involves installing a Cydia tweak called Firebreak.  This tweak is available in the Big Boss repo for free, alternatively, you could also search for it on Cydia and try the Panorama mode out.
Have you unearthed the hidden panorama mode in iOS 5? Do check it out and let us know if it’s going to help you out on your adventures. 

How to Use USB Internet on PlayStation 3

Recently, I bought PlayStation 3 and as I played more and more, I got to know about to PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store. They interested me. Then I tried connecting my USB internet with the PlayStation 3 because my modem internet was not anywhere near the PlayStation 3.

But, I wasn’t able to connect the USB internet on my PS 3. After days of searching about it, I finally got the solution. There was a need of configuring my netbook’s network settings. I just felt that many people required such a tutorial and that’s why I have come up with this post.

Materials Required: LAN Wire, USB Internet, Netbook or Laptop, PlayStation 3

Note: This tutorial has been practiced on Windows 7.


1. Open Control Panel and search for Network and Sharing Center. Open it.
2. Click on the name of the connection.
3. Click on Properties.
4. Click on “Sharing” tab.
5. Tick the first box and select “Wired Ethernet Connection” in the drop-down box.
6. Click on OK. Close the Properties box.


1. Switch on your system.
2. Go to “Settings”.
3. Find “Network Settings”.
4. Click on “Internet Connection Test”.

It will then search for the required information and your internet would be connected.

You may need to update your PlayStation 3 to 3.72 version to sign up on PlayStation Network and use the online features of the games. That’s all what you require to do. Adding internet to PlayStation 3 makes your whole PS experience a lot more better and awesome. You can create hundreds of friends using PlayStation Network and if you have the PlayStation Eye(Motion Sensor for PlayStation Move), you can also video chat with your friends adding a lot of fun.

If you have any problem, you may use the comments to tell me about the problem. I will try my best to solve them and bring the best experience to you.

Share your views and opinions in the comments.

2 Free Registry Cleaners Software for Windows

A Computer System contains Registry files stored into the database of whatever software that has been installed on the system. It is through the help of registry that all softwares work with the system. But, when ever we uninstall any particular software some or the other unwanted files or registries left over remains in the registry, which causes your other files to not function properly.

So its always better to run up a cleaner and clean all the system remains in terms of unwanted files or registries left over. While there are many number of Cleaner Software available, which could be used, not many of them are available for free.  Here are two free registry cleaning software, which are presented below as follows:

1. Comodo System cleaner

This is a cleaner which also is highly suitable for systems, specially cleaning all types of registries which are unwanted are present within a list somewhere how in the windows folder. Users don’t get time to arrange the registries in proper order, or many don’t even know where they do exist, where in which folder. This cleaner will describe each and everything to you. From private secured files to non private secured files details will all be presented once you start using this cleaner software.

2 free Registry Cleaners Software for Windows

Even there are certain malware detectable files which don’t get properly removed or through users fault, it doesn’t get deleted. So, for such a detectable file which can lead to some error can be a problem and can be notified and removed through the way of this software respectively.

2. Wise registry cleaner

This is one of the cleaners, which can reduce surplus problems through its features. The registries have some batch files, which are not easy to be deleted. Some are to be kept and some, which are dangerous need to put some restrictions, this cleaner does all its purposes to check every registry one by one. Then this registry can clear all the problems related to virus and system tools. All the registry errors can also be rectified in ease with the tools it represents.

Wise Registry Cleaner

And also it terminates many registries which are filled with problems as they somehow mingle up with other files and destroy our files for other software thus creating a lot of problems. So we need to be precise and proper in what we do within system. This cleaner really manages all and makes your system free from problems and junk related issues.

Try out these two free registry cleaners for your PC and let us know what you make of them.

Zip2Fix : Recover Corrupt ZIP Files

Zip2FixModern Generation has changed a lot for all people. Nowadays Gadgets like Computers and Laptops have become useful part of our life. Computers are used mainly to store data as well our personal and professional stuffs so that it can always be with us whenever we needs it. While the situation of downloading a software or a tool form the internet and getting stuck with the the extraction of ZIP files due to corrupt ZIP or damaged ZIP.

Almost all kinds of tools today are made available in ZIP files only as it takes less space compared to other setup. while at the time of extraction of these ZIP files, we get errors as

The zip file has corrupted or some file is missing

Now, you might get stuck with the problem, many times this happens when we want to get some important and as a result we get frustrated with it. Now if you want to fix this issue of missing or corrupt ZIP files then we have one of the best tool to perform all these actions using Zip2Fix, a tool used to perform all activities related to recovering corrupted files and also fix up damaged zip files.

Recover Corrupt file with Zip2Fix:

Zip2Fix is a freeware tool that is used to recover files from the ZIP format that are corrupted as well as damage from its original sources itself. It provide an effective solutions to solve all problems for ZIP files in getting corrupted data back.

Zip2Fix comes with totally free open source format, which is one of the portable tool which has the ability to extract safely all files that are currently into a ZIP folder. The final result will provide you with the correct files that will be later on extracted on to another new ZIP folder. Currently this tool only supports ZIP and SFX file formats.

Download this tool – Zip2Fix

Do let us know if you are using any other utility to fix Corrupt ZIP Files?

3 Important Things To Do Before Selling Your Old PC

Computer and their models keep changing, so as humans keep changing their desktops to the latest version along with latest configuration. Many of us might be having a 5 to 10 years old Configuration Computer which might have been kept in Store Room or might be wondering somewhere else without any use. If it’s not in use for you, then probably its time to sell so that it can make some worth of money. You can sell your old PC and laptop to many places like eBay, your local computer store and other online stores.


Along with that, the selling cost can also give you some additional cash for purchasing new computer. Now most of the people just resell it or sell as crap to someone else without being checking some of the few most important things. As the PC looks like a crap, but still it poses some of your important data which has to be clear before it is sold. While you can also make your old PC as new one with respect to removing all sorts of unwanted data so that you might get some more rewards as well.

3 Important Things To Do Before Selling Your Old PC

Now if you are sure that you want to sell up your PC, make sure that your clear all your information related to personal and professional work.

1. Backup your old data

This is one of the most important step, before selling out one should always copy the old backup data of hard disk into an external harddisk to avoid loss of data. As well as you can also scan for data which has been left out to take, thus preventing you to be on safer side on protecting and getting safe all your information.

2. Format the hard disk (full format)

Once you are done the backup of your old data, you can also format your complete hard drive(All Hard Drive) in order to be always sure that your information has been completely removed from that particular system. This is very much required since some of your files and folders might not get deleted when you try to delete them and at that particular moment you would forget to have a recheck on them.

3. Time to Scan again

Its time now to scan again for some small virus and malware in the new installed Operating System. You might go for installing some of the best anti-virus tools like Kaspersky Internet Security or K9 Protection along with some Anti-spy software available from a list of free antivirus available programs. You can download any one of them and get your system fully scanned with the free or paid tools as per your requirements.

Once these process are done, you can go ahead with selling up the Computer at your nominal cost.

Get Windows 7 Ultimate Aero Effects on Home Basic and Starter Edition

If you’re stuck on Windows 7 Home Basic or Starter Edition and can’t enjoy the personalization features on Ultimate, then here’s something you ought to do to get all those extra features. Windows 7 Ultimate personalization features include all those Aero effects and extra Desktop features that isn’t packaged with Home Basic and Starter Edition.

There are other ways to get all those features on your Windows 7 edition, but all those include installation of certain third-party applications. However, the Aero Glass, Aero Peek, Aero Shake and other Aero features are difficult to come by. To skip all those installations and programs, you can now get all the features by downloading and running a certain Patch. The Patch comes from Mr. Dusha and was made public Microsoft MVP ‘Vishal Gupta’. It gives you all those personalization features on your Home Basic or Starter Edition Windows 7 operating System and makes it as customizable as Ultimate by patching all the system files automatically.


The installation procedure is really very simple. Before you try this, make sure all your work is saved and all running programs are closed and only then proceed. Why? Because as soon as you run the Patch.exe file, the system restarts.

  • Download the Patch, which is in a zip format, from over here.
  • Unzip the folder and then run the Patch.EXE file inside it.
  • As soon as you run it, your computer will automatically restart and patch all the necessary files.

That’s it!! After the reboot, you’ll have all the personalization features of Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you want to remove it, which I really doubt, you can re-run the patch.exe file again.

Let us know if you succeeded in getting this done on your Laptop or Desktop. Remember, this is only for Windows 7 Home Basic and Starter Edition, which lack the Aero effects and Personalization features.

How to Test Read & Write Speed of your USB Flash on a Graph

To gauge the optimal read & write speed of your USB Flash drive sometimes become a hassle because there is a lack of requisite tools and softwares on the internet. Normally the data transfer rate varies drastically during our operations on the PC, sometimes you will observer a data rate of almost 25 MB and in some instances it might drop down to almost 2 MB.

I guess that checking the optimum potential of the read & write speed of your flash drive is quite worth doing because this process can determine that what other PC processes running at back end are hampering your flash drive read & write process. So recently I tried a very useful application that will very much solve this issue, have a brief look at it:

USBFlashSpeed App Features


To be precise, USBFlashSpeed is a minuscule portable application that provides you with an interface to directly test the read and write speed of USB with different data sizes. It has various tests that calculates the write & read with levels ranging from 1KB to 15MB. The data for both the read & write speed is plotted in real-time on a graph.

How to Use USBFlashSpeed?


UsbFlashSpeed.com  Benchmark result

You have to select the USB drive from the applications drop-down menu and just click on the Benchmark button to start testing the read and write speed of your flash drive. A graph will also be generated automatically that will show you detailed graphical and numerical data about the read & write speed. On the graph, the read rate is displayed as a Green line whereas the write rate is displayed as a red line. The result generation can take almost upto 20 minutes and you can’t cancel the test during its running.

Once the application is done with the testing, an automatic URL is generated that will give details of the entire test on the application’s developer website. A summarized version of the entire benchmarking results that is displayed on the website shows the information like USB’s manufacturer’s name, USB model, serial number along with the main constituent i.e. read and write speed of the USB. For the comparison, read and write speeds of different USB’s are displayed for comparison.

The application USBFlashSpeed works well on all the version of Windows. Try it out and Let us know in comments about this applications usability.

Popular Android and Java J2ME Mobile Apps

In my last article I discussed with you some of the Popular Symbian And Blackberry Mobile Apps. In this article I am going to tell you about some of the popular Android and J2ME Mobile apps.

Apps For Android

popular android apps

  1. Swype: It offers touchscreen keyboard to android users. What’s bit different about Swype is instead of pressing letters, you have to swipe your finger in a continuous motion over the letter you want to type. As per the app developers, this new method of typing allows you to type text 30 percent faster than the normal way. Interestingly, this apps was developed by Cliff Kushler the co-inventor of  T9 and Randy Marsden the developer of the onscreen keyboard included in Windows.
  2. Pulse: A very easy to use newsreader app. It offers you to select up to 60 sources to pull in news feed from different websites. Simply tap on the article to have clean and elegant view of news story. It offers many features like saving stories for later reading or sync them with Instapaper. You can also share stories on Facebook, Twitter or via Email in few easy taps.
  3. Vplayer: Like on PC everyone knows VLC player for playing most of all video formats same way on android its Vplayer. It plays almost all video formats that android don’t support by default. It supports DivX/Xvid, Flv, Rmvb, Avi, Mkv, Wmv, Mp4 and many more formats. It is a free app and requires minimum space of 5Mb and Android 2.0 or higher.
  4. Google Voice: With this app you are provided with a Google number, which you can use to make cheap international calls, receive incoming calls & voice mails and send text messages showing your Google number, helps in keeping your real number a secret. It also allows users to read transcripts. It is a free app which requires minimum free space of 1.5Mb and android 1.6 or higher.
  5. imo.im: You can chat with all your friends from this one single app. Like all other apps you don’t need to create any imo account. You can simply login to your IM accounts. It supports chat for Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Myspace. It also allows you to send voice IMs, send multimedia attachments and save chat history to imo.im.

Apps For J2ME

popular java apps

  1. Snaptu: This tiny app let you access Facebook, Picasa, Live score, Pub reviews, Movie  reviews, RSS reader, Journey planner and lot more services. You can add more functionality by adding applets.
  2. eBuddy: This app let you have chat with all your buddies from Facebook, MSN, Yahoo!, Orkut, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ and myspace. The best of feature of this app is it supports multiple protocols.
  3. Wattpad: Wattapad is the most popular ebook community. This app let you read ebooks, connect with other readers and contributors. You can access more than 17.000 ebooks from Project Guternberg. You can also request stories that are not available from community to upload it.
  4. Litefeeds: It is a fully featured RSS feed reader. It allows you to scan feeds, view full images and clip items. You can also email interesting stuff to your friends with this app. To reduce the data usage the feeds are compressed and offers most of the options only when you need it.

With this apps you can make most out of your Android and J2me phone.