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Amazing Time-Management App for Android – Total Agenda

Android is enjoying its hike in the market, and giving a tough competition to iOS. It’s gaining popularity  just because of its supporting features and quality apps.  Android app store is an open market for downloading millions of apps. Today I am sharing one of the most useful and helpful app for Android Phone users. The name of the app is, Total Agenda

Total Agenda

Recently a new app is added to its list known as Total Agenda, as the name says that it is for managing time and task. If you spend much of your time arranging tasks, works and planning then this it is worth downloading app for you. It will keep you organized by managing your list of to-do tasks. You can check your agenda for a day or following days, reminder, alarms. It is available for free to download and its paid version with widgets is yet to be launched.  It is really simple to use, you  just need to open a tap and edit your task and you can also edit them anytime you want.

Total Agenda Android App
Total Agenda Android App

It will help you in time-management like daily dose and alerts any time when you want. It is useful and fruitful in managing your everyday activities. You can easily integrate this app with Google task, calendar, and it offers easy to use interface.

Features of Total Agenda App

Easily view and edit your Google tasks and calendar events on one touch list.

  • Add Google tasks and events with just 2 taps!
  • Check your agenda for today and coming days at a glance!!
  • Plan your day with minimum effort

You can download this app from Android Market.

Chrome Time Track: Monitor the Time Spent on Each Activity

Often we get absorbed in our activities and do not know how much time has passed. To improve your productivity it is important to monitor the time spent on each activity. To help you with this, a tool called “Chrome Time Track” was created.


Chrome Time Track is a browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension lets you record the time spent on each activity.

After the extension is installed you will notice a new icon in the address bar, next to the wrench icon. Clicking on this icon will dropdown a window where the time of your activities will be recorded. You can add activities using the “New Task” button. With the activity added you press a play button to initiate its timer. With the timer active, the play button turns into a pause button.


Activities already in the list can be edited anytime. In you editing you can rename the activity and set a custom time for it.


Although the extension provides quite a simple function, it has great utility. By knowing how much time you spent on your activities you can find out if you are being as productive as you want to be.

Get the “Chrome Time Track” extension from here.