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Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never Theme for Windows 7

Any Justin Bieber fans over here? You know, the little girly voiced boy who got from rags to riches thanks to YouTube’s mass mind control powers!! Microsoft has just released a Windows 7 theme of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never World Tour for that features 4 Justin Bieber wallpapers from the tour and some others from his journey to stardom. Specially girls will be going insane now, if you’re reading this, jumping in your room and screaming out loud.

Justin Beiber Theme Windows 7

To make Justin Bieber fans feel even more happier and make them go more crazier, Microsoft has released the Justin Bieber Never Say Never Theme pack for Windows 7 operating system. If you’re a hardcore Just Bieber fan and have the symptoms for Bieber Fever then you should probably download this theme and make your life less miserable or exciting.

Follow Justin Bieber on his inspirational journey from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, to Internet phenomenon and global superstar with images from his 3-D concert film in this free Windows 7 theme.

The Justin Bieber Windows 7 theme is available for download from Microsoft Download Center and will transform your desktop to give you the much needed Bieber experience. There are some however who hate Justin Bieber, although I can’t figure out why. They’re probably jealous of all the fame and money he’s got or probably because he unlike other struggling musicians made it to the top. And by the way, I don’t like his music either, I have nothing against him though!

Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never Windows 7 Theme from here. You don’t have to do much to install the theme, just double click, follow the instructions and you should soon be able to see him all over your desktop. If you don’t, then you probably did not waste your time and downloaded something worthwhile.

Create Google Chrome Themes with CRX Theme Creator

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers because it makes browsing fun and easy with lots of useful and entertaining extension. Apart from useful extensions and plugins there are various themes available for Google chrome but if you don’t those theme then you can create your own Google Chrome theme with CRX theme creator.  You can personalize your theme, or if you are a brand owner, you can use it for your branding purpose. If you are a geek, you might not want a miss to learn something new.

CRX Theme Creator is free software and it provides you various features to create a customized Google Chrome theme of your choice that to very easily. Here are few simple steps to create your own Google Chrome Theme:

How to create Chrome Theme using CRX Theme creator:

  • Download CRX Theme Creator from Official Website.
  • Once Downloaded you will require a PNG format image which can be used as Google Chrome theme image.
  • Now run the program CRX, you will see the preview of the image selected.

Google Chrome Theme Creator

  • You can now customize the image, color, tab, toolbar etc.


  • Once customized, you can click on “View Theme” to check out the preview of created theme.
  • Now click on “Pack Theme” and you are done.

Google Chrome utilities:

  • Game Button: Play Tons of Free Games on Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome Browser Gets Voice Search

Now you can enjoy your customized theme on Google Chrome. So, even if you are not creative, CRX theme creator will help you to create amazing and attractive Google Chrome themes for free and it’s true fun to create themes in CRX Theme Creator. Give it a try and don’t forget to share your creative feedback with us.