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5 Websites to Create Disposable Email IDs

As a blogger we need to register on many forums, websites or web applications to try different tools. As soon as we register, our Inbox starts getting mail from that web app, forums etc. Because of lots of spam mails sometimes we miss many important mails and clearing up those spam mails is again time consuming.

Thus to avoid such mess in our inbox and to save time, its better to use temporary emails which gets destroyed themselves and we can use them whenever we want to try any new online tool or register on any forum. Here are 5 such useful email disposable services which you can use for creating temporary email IDs.

10 Minutes Mail

As the name suggests 10 Minute mail provides you a email address for 10 minutes and after that it gets destroyed. The process is very easy and quick. The only thing which you might not like is that the email Id is auto generated thus you don’t get any choice to select the email ID. This is for people who want to create and destroy the email id quickly.

10 mins mail

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My Trash Mail

MyTrash Mail gives you option to select your email ID which you were not getting in 10 Minute mail. The format of Email id in My Trash mail is [email protected] and you can also create a phantasy email with one of the active domain names like [email protected] The email stays up to 30 days.

trash mail

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Temp Email is another temporary email service. It allows you to create email Id after entering the CAPTCHA. The format of this email ID will be something like [email protected] TempEmail.net and it will get expired after 14 days. It also provides you the time when it will get expired on 14th day.


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Mailinator requires no signup or CAPTCHA thus creating an account is very simple and quick. You can access the email through the website, RSS feeds as well as customized widget. It removes all the email having images or doc attached. Mailinator destroys the email ID automatically after one hour.


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SpamBox supports 12 multi-languages and also provide different expiry time for the email ID you create. You can select any time according to your requirement like 30 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 month etc.

Spam Box

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There are few more services available but I prefer above ones because they are user-friendly and free to use. If you are aware of any of such useful and free service do share with us.