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Tata Docomo Launched Route Founder for 2G & 3G Phones

We all know that now a days with Smartphone, maps are very useful to get direction to your destination. One of India’s leading telecom provider, Tata docomo launched a new service for Tata docomo users, (Route Finder) which will let you get direction to any destination via SMS.

Since it’s SMS based service, it’s not limited to only 3G phones or smart phones. You can use this new Route finder service on your normal phone.

This service is charged at INR 5 per direction. More over Tata docomo is offering free complementary direction. That means when you request for one direction, the next direction request will be absolutely free.

This Route finder service seems to be very useful for 2G users, but for 3G users we have so many map application and using GPRS or 3G, you can get complete street view in any localized map application.

Here is the official PR from Tata docomo team:

Tata DOCOMO has come up with a unique & one of its kind service called ‘Route Finder’. It fulfils your requirements for accurate directions to locations & also offers a robust database with millions of points of interest, including restaurants, places of worship, shops and hotels. What makes this service one of its kind is that it isn’t partial! You don’t need a Smartphone or a 3G connection to use this service; it is open for all the 2G as well as 3G users. What makes it unique is that you get turn by turn directions right on your phone anywhere anytime via sms’s. If you do own a Smartphone you can also get assistance on a map!

If you have used Tata docomo’s route finder service, do let us know your initial review.

Name Tunes Service From Tata Docomo Launched in India

After a lot of 3G surprises and offers from TATA Docomo, now TATA Docomo is back with their new Value Added Service (VAS) which will offer TATA Docomo subscribers to greet their caller with his/her name or personalized message.

Tata Docomo
Tata Docomo

TATA Docomo has partnered with mCarbon, which is a leader in Telecom Application Provider in VAS Domain. With the combination of two different and innovative domains a new VAS is introduced which is known as “Name Tunes”.

Words from TATA Docomo

Name Tunes is in line with our way of doing things “Refreshingly Different”,  that adds an element of fun and newness to the already existing set of VAS offerings. Greeting a caller with his or her name while the phone rings, will make the call and the conversation even more pleasant and special. This would be a refreshing change for subscribers not wanting to set songs as call me tunes & will cater to a new untapped market of personalized call me tunes.

What is Name Tunes?

Name Tunes is Value Added Service which allows subscribers to record their own personalized message or Greet Callers Name to set as a caller tone instead of Tring-Tring or Old Trend Music Caller Tone.

How to Activate Name Tunes Service?

You can enjoy this amazing service in a very simple and quick way. What you have to do is to :

  • SMS your “First Name” and send it to 52100(Toll Free) for Example: my name is Rajan, so type “Rajan” (Without Quotes) and send it to 52100.
  • Charges for this service
    • Subscription Changes: Rs. 30/- Per Month
    • Name Tune Charge: Rs. 15/- Per 90 Days

So are you going to give a try to Name Tunes Service? Do share your experience with us.

Uninor GPRS Settings and Plans

Uninor is providing good speed in GPRS together with DOCOMO. Both companies are serving better GPRS packet data services now a days. Using Uninor GPRS is easy and it sends automatic GPRS settings to most of mobile handsets.


Automatic settings message for Uninor GPRS

Send a toll free SMS “ALL” to “58355” and you will receive settings for your phone.

UNINOR Manual settings

If automatic settings are not available for your mobile phone then don’t be upset and you can set up GPRS packet data manually.

Create a custom packet data profile with any name and enter the following detail

  • Homepage: Set any webpage URL
  • APN/Access point: Uninor
  • Data bearer: GSM/Packet data
  • User name and password: leave blank
  • Ip address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Proxy: Enabled

Uninor GPRS Plans Detail

  • My Connect 9 at Rs.9

Free usage: 60MB with 3 days validity

  • My Connect 90 at Rs.90

Free usage:3GB with 30 days validity

  • Single day plan

Free usage:30MB with 1 day validity

Also check out Airtel GPRS settings for mobile.

Tata Docomo 3G Postpaid and Prepaid Tariff Plans

Yesterday, Tata Teleservices announced the Tata Docomo 3G tariff plans. The charges for both voice calls and video calls have been released for 9 telecom circles in India.

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Earlier we informed you that Tata Docomo is offering free 3G service for 7 days. In addition to that everyone who purchases 3G services before 31 December, 2010 will be getting an additional 100 MB data usage per month for first two months as an introductory offer.


The nine circles where Tata Docomo 3G services will be available are as follows:

  1. Karnataka
  2. Kerala
  3. Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh
  4. Rajasthan
  5. Gujarat
  6. UP(west)
  7. Punjab
  8. Haryana
  9. Maharashtra-Goa

TTSL has announced several prepaid and postpaid plans ranging from Rs. 350 to Rs. 2000 which include monthly voice minutes as well as bundled data usage. According to them, the aim is to create transparent and simple plans for both small screen users (mobile phones) as well as Large Screen users(Desktop and Laptop computers). In order to do this they have clarified that the pulse rate will be based on per second usage so subscribers will pay only for number of seconds used. This is a welcome announcement.

The 3G tariff announced will be effective from November 10, 2010 in the nine circles mentioned above. The video calls will cast 0.66 paise per second which is 39.6 paise per minute effectively.

The cheapest prepaid plan for 3G services starts at Rs. 350 per month including 500 minutes talktime and 150MB 3G data usage. Other than that following Small Screen Voice and Data Plans are available as both postpaid and prepaid service:


The minutes can be used for local, STD or roaming calls on a per second pulse. The validity of each plan is 30 days.

Those who want just the 3G data usage can opt for just the 3G data Top-ups. Here are the Data Packs with 21.1 Mbps speeds:

  • Rs. 90 Topup with 100MB usage for 7 days
  • Rs. 200 Topup with 200MB usage for 30 days
  • Rs. 500 Topup with 650MB usage for 30 days

Similarly, TTSL has announced 3G data package of Rs. 2000 for large screen users. The package includes 15GB of free data usage at the speed of 21.1 Mbps. Beyond 15GB the user can download unlimited data at the reduced speed of 256kbps.

Following Unlimited 3G life plans are also available for internet users who want unlimited usage through their data cards:


With the announcement of 3G tariff by Tata Docomo, a lot of pressure will land on Bharti Airtel and Vodafone in order to compete, when they launch 3G services in the forthcoming months. Specially, the per second pulse introduced by Tata Docomo will have to be matched by other providers too.

Let us know how you like the plans and tariff introduced by Tata Docomo and also which plan will you be opting for?