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Swype for iPhone and iPad Now Available in Cydia

You’d all be familiar with Swype if you’ve ever used an Android phone, or a Symbian v3 phone for that matter. It’s the easy alternative to text input on a mobile device that involves tracing a path on the on-screen keyboard to create a word. Like you’re drawing something and then it turns in to a word. Now, Swype is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, courtesy of Cydia and works exactly as how it works on Android.

Swype is definitely much easier than traditional text input method and faster too, but to get used to it will take some time. If you’re a new user, then you’ll probably need a day or two to get used to Swype and start swyping. A developer was successful in porting Swype to iOS and although it’s still in beta version, it works great. Of course you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad to install this and you’ll need to add a new repo too.

This Swype jailbreak app will not work with other SMS apps such as BiteSMS or others and will only function with the stock apps like Messages, Notes, Spotlight et cetera. It’s pretty easy to install and use and if you’ve not jailbroken your iOS device yet, why don’t you follow this JailbreakMe 3.0 tutorial.

Alright, so let’s get started.

  • Open Cydia on your iOS device.
  • Go to Manage>Sources and then select Edit and Add till a dialog box opens asking for input.
  • The Swype repo is http://wynd.x10.mx/repo. Once it’s loaded, go back to the list of all your repos and select the one that you just added.
  • There are only three apps, the last one is Swype. The current version available is 0.2.0, select it and install. Once installed it’ll ask to Restart Springboard.
  • After the restart, you should be able to use the Swype text input method on your iOS device and treated to those blue tracing lines.

Remember this is still in beta stage, and may not work sometimes, but you can always use the normal text input method. I really enjoyed using Swype, now it’s your turn to try it out and not be the one who’s left out while among Android users.

Do let us know if you prefer Swype to the regular text input method.

Sliding Keyboard for Windows Phone 7, Swype Alternative

If you’re a Windows Phone 7 user, you must be quite disappointed that you’re not able to enjoy any Swyping on your keyboard. By Swyping I mean, the Swype Keyboard that lets you input words by joining the letters in a swiping action, rather than just typing each letter. It’s supposed to faster than normal typing, and Windows Phone 7 hasn’t been getting any Swype love till now. Sliding Keyboard is a Swype alternative for Windows Phone 7 and works pretty much like the latter, but isn’t as awesome as it.

Sliding Keyboard

Sliding Keyboard has the looks of the stock Windows Phone 7 keyboard, but adds to it the functionality to connect words in a swiping or sliding gesture. This is a proven method for faster text input, hence I’m sure all those WP7 users out there would want to try it out. Recently Swype V3 was released that came with better word recognition and dictionary, which made it even better and faster than before. Do not expect the same from Sliding Keyboard, because it’s just the beginning to a whole new world of sliding through WP7 keyboard.

With Sliding Keyboard installed, you can also use e-mail addresses and texts to start an e-mail or even search Bing directly via your keyboard. If you just changed your religion from Android to Windows Phone 7, then this is certainly going to help you overcome your loss.

The Sliding Keyboard for Windows Phone 7 is not a free app and will cost you $1.29. There is however a free trial that you can download to see for yourself it’s worth the $1.29 price tag. Sharpen your sliding skills and get ready to slide some words across your Windows Phone 7 keyboard.

Download Sliding Keyboard for Windows Phone 7. You’ll also need Zune software to download and install it.

Are you or have you ever used Swype Keyboard? If so, did you find it better and faster than the conventional keyboard and would you give this a try?(WP7 users)

Swype v3 Beta Released with Android Honeycomb Support

Swype, the famous third party keyboard application for Android operating system, has now launched a new Beta version, the SWYPE V3, which comes with Honeycomb support for tablet users and predictive type.

The Swype V3 Beta version comes with a new feature called predictive tap, which allows users to type as well as swype, while still predicting the word with auto-correct function. Here is the list of all the new features with the latest version of Swype.



Swype V3 Beta Features

  • Supports Honeycomb OS for Android tablet devices.
  • Tap correction which lets you type or swype accurately.
  • Comes with Horizontal Word Choice List showing a list of words in a pop-up window, which makes dictionary control and word selection better.
  • Supports devices with HVGA, WVGA, FWVGA, QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA, qHD screen sizes
  • Keyboard can now be made smaller or larger, according to users comfort and hence not occupying more than half the screen size.
  • The Keyboard can also be moved to left or the right side of the screen.



The Beta version is currently not available for download from the Android Market, but if you want give it a try, you need to register at the Swype website to receive the download link for the Swype v3.0 Beta.

So what to do you think about the new features of Swype v3.0 Beta? Do you find them interesting?

Swype : Text Input Technology for Touch Phone

I find typing on QWERTY phones easier and faster than on touch phones that lack the classic tactile feel. But recently, I have been feeling strongly inclined towards the touch phones primarily because of the revolutionary technology called Swype.
Some of you might have been already using it without even knowing that it’s Swype at work. Just like iPhone has been declared a revolution, I would say Swype has every bit of chance to be declared a revolution soon. Okay, but what is it? You want to know, right?

What is Swype?

Swype is a new patented text input mechanism, introduced by Swype Inc., that allows you to input text in a easier and faster way while using the standard QWERTY keyboard layout of your touchscreen phone. In fact, it is so fast that you could possibly achieve typing speed of 40 words or more per minute which is simply phenomenal.

But why Swype?

  • Innovative, faster and easier way to type text using standard QWERTY layout
  • Offers word suggestions for corrections
  • Learns new words automatically
  • Easy switching to regular keyboard
  • Supports foreign languages
  • Inserts spaces automatically
  • 65,000 words database

How Swype Text input works?

In contrast the way we use the QWERTY keyboard in touch phones, Swype allows you to type words without typing or pressing a single key. When using Swype, you simply need to trace a path across the screen keyboard and Swype does the rest. Is it that simple? Yes, it actually is. And you can use your finger or your phone’s stylus whatever your preference maybe.

The moment you trace a path across the keyboard, Swype’s patented algorithm analyzes the path pattern and immediately recognizes the word you intended to type. For example — if you were to type the word “quick”, you simply need to connect its letters by moving your finger over letter ‘q’ through ‘u’ then ‘i’ followed by ‘c’ and finally stopping at the letter ‘k’ on the keyboard; see a graphical representation of the same below.


At first, this may sound too time consuming but once you get used to it, it would take merely a second or less in fact. Check out a video demonstration below —

Best of all, you don’t need to be accurate, Swype is quite forgiving and understands completely that to err is human 🙂

So next time when you go shopping for a new touch phone, look for Swype support for sure. Till then, happy typing.