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Search and Download Subtitles From Multiple Websites Using TinySubs

Watching movies with subtitles is commonplace these days. It helps non native people better understand the plot of the movie which they’re watching. There are a lot of free subtitle downloading websites present on the internet which allow users to search and download subtitles for movies and TV shows in their preferred languages.

Tinysubs is an online subtitle search and download website which is different from other websites since it allows users to perform real time searches for the subtitles which they want to download. The great thing about Tinysubs is that it performs real time subtitle searches from other subtitle hosting websites as well which include allsubs.com, anysubs.org, movieplace.tv etc. Support for most of the world languages is given in search options.


Another great feature of Tinysubs is that it features all the latest releases; movies and TV shows and then categroizes search results according to match patterns. The most matches search results are arranged on top whereas the other results are written downwards.


TinySubs also has a Mozilla Firefox browser add-on which can be downloaded and installed to enable real time subtitle searches from the browser window itself without having to visit the TinySubs website itself.

TinySubs is a great resource for all your subtitle needs and is highly recommended for use. The website can be accessed here and the Firefox add-on for TinySubs can be downloaded via this link.

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Jubler: Create and Edit Subtitle Files

clip_image002Subtitles to videos help the viewers in a variety of ways. The most obvious help is in understanding a foreign language movie. Another way subtitles are helpful is to help communicate with people whose hearing is impaired.

Often subtitle files come in SRT format or other formats that are viewable via Notepad or some other text editor. While viewing them in these editors is easy, editing them is not. To create or modify a subtitles file you need a software dedicated to this very function. Jubler is such a software and it will let you do the job perfectly.

Jubler is a freeware application with versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It also comes as a JAR file so you can simply run it as a Java application.

Useful Subtitles Resources:

Editing your subtitles through Jubler is quite easy. You start by dragging the files into the program’s window. All the subtitles are loaded up individually and displayed with their timings. Clicking on a subtitle highlights it presents its text in the bottom toolbar. This is where you can edit what the subtitle says.


Also displayed in the bottom toolbar are the exact start and finish times for the subtitle entry you click. You can edit and correct the timings of an out of sync subtitle from here.


Using the ‘pen’ button in the bottom right you can edit how the subtitle will look while being played. You can edit the font styles and size of the subtitles along with all its colors.


The Tools menu in the top will help you perform other neat functions such as giving all subtitles a uniform time shift, checking them for spelling errors, rounding off times, and splitting the subtitles file.


Overall, Jubler is an excellent subtitles editor that will be greatly helpful to all computer users. You can start creating new subtitles or modifying present ones by downloading the program from the link given below.

Download Jubler

Universal Subtitles: Add Subtitles to Videos Online

We’re all accustomed to watching videos with subtitles and making our video watching experience easier. However, making subtitles for videos isn’t as easy as it is to view them. Now, with the Universal Subtitles app, you can easily add subtitles, captions and tags in a video.

universal subtitles

Getting started with Universal subtitles is easy. All you have to do is log on to the Universal Subtitles website and enter the URL of the video for which you want to create subtitles of. This can be done by pasting it into the URL box on the website.

universal subtitles1

If you have a video which is in another language, or a video which is in English but you want localized subtitles for it, Universal Subtitles give this option as well and you can simply select the language in which you want to add subtitles to the video by clicking the Language button once the video is loaded from the URL.

universal subtitles2

Moreover, you can also improve the quality of already existing subtitles of the video in the language or add new translation to it. This can also be done by clicking the language button below the video and the clicking on the Add new Translation link.

universal subtitles3

Universal Subtitles is built using the latest JavaScript and HTML 5 technologies and supports a wide range of video sharing services such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Blip, WebM etc. Universal Subtitles is a great way to add subtitles to your videos on these video sharing services and help others understand the message more clearly.

Do you know any other online tool or desktop software to add subtitles to your videos?