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How to Install Already Owned Counter strike on New Machine [Steam account]

I’m a big fan of counter strike and I have been playing it for 3 years. I seriously can’t count how much time I have given to counter strike and it’s one of the best game I ever played. I know it sounds little obsessed, but that’s what happen when you play a game all the time.

If you happened to land into a situation like me who own a genuine version of steam account and have purchase counter strike and installed your operating system now or may be just installed a new system. This tutorial is for you on how you can install counter strike on your system again.

Login to your steam account and download and install steam first. Once you have done it, go to counter strike page on steam.com < Link>. You will see play now option , if you already purchased counter strike earlier.

counter-strike Click on Play now and it will open a pop up to open it with steam. Now select next and counter strike will be installed on your computer.



It will take some time to download counter strike and install it on your system (depending upon your Internet speed). Once it’s installed, click on counter strike icon on your desktop or start menu and start playing counter strike.

Do let us know if you play counter strike or not? Also do you own a genuine steam account or do you download cracked counter strike version and using it to play on your system?