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How to Cut MP3 Files Online

There are many reasons why you want to cut the mp3 files. Some people cut them in order to remove the unnecessary parts while some do this to reduce the size of the file so that it can be used on mobile phones or any other reason. If you are looking for a way to cut mp3 files, we came across few online tools which can perform the task in few simple clicks.


CutMp3 is a free, simple to use online utility which helps you cut specific portions of mp3 without installing any software. In order to cut the mp3 file, you have to first upload the file you want to edit.


It will upload the file and calculate the length of the song. The calculation process will take few seconds.


There will be a timer at below the graph which can be used to specify the time of the new file. Or you can use the buttons below the timeline to cut the mp3 file as shown below. Once you are satisfied with the selection, click on Cut button and you are done.


Once you click on the Cut button, it will start downloading the file to your desktop.

Check Out CutMp3.


If you Cutmp3 does not work for you or you find it difficult to use then there is another tool, Mp3Cut which you can use for trimming your mp3 file. Mp3Cut is anther free utility which can cut mp3 files online. You can complete the task in few simple steps.

In order to use the service, upload the mp3 file.


Once the file is uploaded, select the desire interval level you want to split and click on “Split and Download”.


Check Out Mp3Cut.

If you know about any other free online mp3 cutting tool or tool which help you to split mp3 files, do let us know.