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3 Best WebSites for Downloading Free Softwares

There are much such software’s which user demands but they are unable to get them. Either the link asks for money which is very costly for getting that software or other things they desire to make their works to be done in an easier time respectively. software’s even on searching or accessing through Google even doesn’t lead them to proper destination of downloading various files respectively.

There are many sites within the market which have arrived and provide lots of software which you would keen to have. You can get software’s for music, applications, system supports and all through the variety of sites and even in free. Those websites and the providing are mentioned below as such.


3 Best WebSites for Downloading free softwares

This site provides all the manual software’s which the user would intend to either in free or paid. There are all types of software available within this site. Just need to type of the software you want to in the search bar, and obtain it either in free or paid terms. It will have music, games, applications, malware and anti-spyware software which you would rely upon. So just browse over the link and choose your desired software for your system.

Visit Brothersoft


3 Best WebSites for Downloading free softwares

This is a really nice site for businessman and other users who really want free software’s. All links are providing inside the site, so just click on the link of the mentioned software by you and start downloading. You just need to think of what work you intend to, and collect that software which can make your work easier and it also makes you access according to your system specification. All software types are available, from tally to music and other software to keenly
make you obtain software in free.

Visit Bestsoftware4download


3 Best WebSites for Downloading free softwares

This software site was developed long time back and it was developed to remove the problems faced to users because of the links provided used to make only demo software’s to be downloaded and not proper sites even to obtain free and secure software. Even that time secure software’s were absent and so we needed to face problem. This site makes you access all perfect software of malware, spyware, freeware and other resources respectively. so you just need to go into the site if you have problems in searching software of proper estimated file.

Visit Completelyfreesoftware

2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Gmail has considered to be the most important service provided by Google. Infact this mail service is so much popular that more than 70% of the people of the world are associated with this service. Although the benefits of Gmail are infinite and still counting to be more. Google has made it really large in terms of their mailing service. Google has also made Gmail in such a way that it adds to user Functionality along with extensibility support.

There are lot of things which Google is Continuously trying to update with Gmail and its functionalist. Also Google has added many new features like Google Buzz, Google Bookmarks and various other features with Gmail for better user experience and ofcourse the new Google Plus has already done lot of things with Gmail till now. So today we are going to enlist the best 2 Apps for Gmail Desktop without which a Gmail service will always be incomplete.

1. KCheckGmail

KCheckGmail is a kind of Application for Gmail which acts as Gmail Notifier.  Everytime a new mail comes to your mail account, then KCheckGmail will notify you. It is a specially meant app for supporting notification about Gmail Message for KDE. Although the size of this app is 230KB but it perform various multi level and huge task as well.





2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

The features of KCheckGmail includes eMail snippets with or without attachments, Customizable search, Store password in a secure manner, Customizable check interval along with Security in Login access and Data retrival System. One of the best features of this App is that its available in various other languages like French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish other than english.

2. GSN SMS Notifier

GSN SMS Notifier is a special kind of app which particularly act as a Gmail Notifier but unlike others which send notification only in desktop tray, this app will send you an SMS notification everytime whenever you get a time.

2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Isn’t it amazing about Notifying through SMS whenever we get mails. This app is a  freeware which has been tested successfully on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Top 2 Free Mac Backup Software

Backup refers to collecting all the extensions and plugging installed for any files to be recollected and store at one point which is said as to be the restore point. Backup is said to be done to collect and comprise of all files of any extension or setup files of any software respectively. Backup is necessary in any system.

The backup is made so that if we lost data due to some errors or technical problems, the data’s can be collected from the restore point and once again all the setups can be installed in ease without once again to be downloaded from the internet. Let us see 2 free application to backup data and files in Mac.

Free Mac Backup Software:

You can also use Time-machine, which is a default option in Mac Os for backup. If you wish to use Time-machine, (For backup and restore)  you can refer to this guide from Techradar.

1: Psyncx 2.2.2

Psyncx 2.2.2Sometimes the system recommends user to backup all the drives pertained within it. But the user thinks only the important files installed by him should have backup respectively within a folder. So this application is really useful in understanding user’s thinking and their demands. So this application can do folder or subfolder backup as recommended by the user. It first asks which folders are to be on process for backup.

Then it asks for such folder which has space to create this backup respectively in ease and maintain the profile within that drive respectively. This application is keen with users accomplishments  and works done within the system and it has scheduler to maintain backups if they are interrupted by the user at a certain point.

Download PsyncX.

2: Bonkey


A backup with security are less provided in many of the systems in the world. The bonkey application makes the user backup files and even enhances cryptography or other keys to protect your data have and files within the   system. The application even allows synchronization and coherent data’s to be backuped in ease. The backup even generate some keys which enact as a password to protect the backup of important files being installed within the system. The most important work this application does in backup of SQL databases.

The SQL databases of huge contents or small databases created for homely purposes can e set to a restore point through backup and initiate the security of the files. You can select any drives and backup the data’s within them at a period of time. It doesn’t interrupt if the system gets shut down due to some issues. The backup can be restarted in a new way when the system is started once again. This application is free of cost and is available in various sites.

Download Bonkey.

Do you know more free Mac backup software? Are you using any paid solution for taking backup of your machine?

Antirun: Protect your PC from Virus Infected Removable Media Devices

Most of the times it is the USB and flash drives that are the main carriers of viruses in PCs, we normally plug them in our PCs without first scanning them for malicious programs and viruses. But today I will be reviewing an application that will very much solve this problem of virus influx via USB Devices. Here is a brief run down of the application.

What is Antirun?


Antirun is a minuscule application that features multitude of protection options so that the users can safeguard their systems from malicious programs and viruses that might occur because of plugging-in of removable media devices such as phones, external hard-disk or USBs. It simply starts scanning automatically the devices that are being plugged into your PC and it immediately prompts whenever a threat is found.

Antirun detection

Antirun simply identifies the threats by directly linking the attributes of files on external media. Whenever a virus or any threat is detected the application provides users with an option to remove it immediately. Users can mange multiple external devices that are connected because Antirun shows each connected device as a separate tab.

The thing that I liked the most about Antirun is that it doesn’t fiddles with the antivirus software already installed on your PC. Just Launch it when you are about to plug-in an external media device.

How to Use it?

Antirun Use

Application will sit in your tray once installed, just open it before connecting an external device to ensure that no harm is done by any Spyware or malicious program. You can either open the external device, eject it or check the disk information within Antirun UI. It also provides a drag-drop file copying functionality without ever having the need of opening the external drive.

Antirun can be downloaded for free from the developers official page. The application works perfectly on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Shairport4w: Apple AirPlay For Windows PC

I’m hoping all of you know what Apple AirPlay is, for those who have no idea, it is a Wi-Fi implementation device that streams music to such devices without the need of transferring any files. Wireless music streaming, AirPlay, anywhere in your house, comes built in with iTunes and many famous Stereo systems such as JBL, B&W, Denon and more. You can stream music from your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad too using Apple’s AirPlay technology. But unfortunately it only works on Macs, you know how Apple always restricts some things.

Shairport4w is AirPlay for Windows. It brings Apple’s AirPlay feature, which is missing on the Windows version of iTunes and lets you enjoy wireless music from your iOS device to your PC/Laptop anywhere in your house. Play a song using iTunes or iPod on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and it will play on your PC or laptop. Time to put those 5.1 systems to some use now.

I found this software very entertaining and amusing, so did my friend. Anybody would, as playing songs from your iPod on your Dad’s laptop is going to be fun. No I did not do that! Anyways here’s how you set up Shairport4w so you can blast those speakers wirelessly through your iOS device;

  • Download Shairport4w from over here. It’s not a setup.exe file, rather it’s just an application file that opens up when you click on it.
  • Once it’s open, you’ll need to input an AP(Access Point) name and if required a Password. AP name can be anything, as its the name that you’ll give for the PC or Laptop.

Shairport4w Interface

  • Once you set the AP name and give a Password if required, you’ll need to open up iTunes and you can see the AirPlay switch on the right hand side bottom with your PC’s name on it that you used in the last step.

Shairport4w Screenshot

  • Now open iTunes or iPod on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, remember you’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for this to work. When you start playing a song, you’ll see the AirPlay option with your PC’s name listed on it along with that of the device you’re using.


  • Select your PC/Laptop speakers, here I’ve selected Droid1 as you can see, and then start playing the song. It’ll start playing on your PC/Laptop speaker. That’s it.
  • If you set a password, it’ll ask for it when you try to play a song using your iOS device. So it’s all safe too, as you can bar your friends from playing on your system. Shairport4 is AirPlay for Windows!!

Shairport4w works on all versions of Windows, including 64bit ones. So go ahead, download it now and try it out.

Tell us if you like it? It’s an amazing software for wirelessly streaming songs from your iOS device to your PC or Laptop.

[ via Addictive Tips ]

AllMyApps Download and Install Multiple Software’s

Allmyapps is one of those software for geeks who reinstall their OS after every couple of days. Reasons, could be many but installing multiple software one by one is a headache. Allmyapps download and install multiple software’s on your windows OS without any interruption.
I always dread reinstalling Windows on my machine. I dread it because after the OS installs, I have to spend a lot of time individually downloading and installing my favorite software back to my computer. I wish there was a tool that would automatically download and install my applications for me.

With “AllMyApps” it seems that my wish has finally been granted.

AllMyApps Download

AllMyApps is an installable program for Windows that helps out when you have to download and install multiple programs. You start by signing up for the “AllMyApps” service online and then downloading the program’s 6MB setup file. When you run the program, you start by logging in to your created “AllMyApps” account.


How to use AllMyApps?

When signed in, you can search for numerous programs right there from AllMyApps. All you have to do is type in a program’s name and “AllMyApps” finds it. Your program shows up as a small thumbnail image with the “Install” button next to it.


You can either find your applications using the above mentioned keywords search method or by browsing the categories that are displayed on the left pane.


Click on the “Install” button for the programs you want installed. This action will get “AllMyApps” to automatically download and install your selected programs with their default settings and without any user-prompts.


To keep a track of your favorite programs you can store a list of them in your “AllMyApps” accounts. The next time you want the programs installed you can do so simply through the list instead of searching for the programs individually.

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AllMyApps has saved me countless minutes while reinstalling my programs. I am sure it will be as helpful to you as it was to me.

Get AllMyApps from http://allmyapps.com/

5 Awesome Video Converter Tools for Windows

Many times we need to change the format of videos as different hardware support different formats of videos. Suppose we want to play a video in PSP then we will have to convert it to PSP format first. Same thing is applied in case of iPhone,PS3,iPod etc. So there must be a good software which is able to convert a video into various desired formats. Here are given five best Windows applications able to convert videos in many available formats.

  • Format Factory ( Free )


It is the free and best tool to convert videos in my opinion. Actually Format Factory is more than a video converter. It not only converts video size and format but also works as a video cutter. It can be used as audio cutter and converter.

Download Page

  • Xilisoft Video Converter (Trial)

Xilisoft is a well known company makes powerful Windows media related applications. Xilisoft Video Converter is fast and effective video converter and gives a lot of options for conversion and combining videos. It can convert videos to almost all formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, and FLV etc. It can also convert videos to audio formats e.g. MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, MP2, and OGG etc.

Download Page

  • AVS Video Converter ( Trial)


It is another good tool to change video format and size. But is not free and you can use its trial version for one month. It can convert video between a wide range of formats such as DVD, VOB, AVI, MOV, TS, XVID, MP4, WMV, M4V, 3GP, MPEG, H.264, MOD, MTS, M2TS, AVCHD, QT, Blu-Ray, DVR-MS, MKV, TOD, DPG, FLIC, RM, SWF, FLV, etc.

Download Page

  • Ultra Video Converter (Trial)


Ultra Video Converter is known for its conversion speed and it is the fastest video converter. It supports most of video formats to convert and can covert them to AVI, MPEG, VCD, DVD, WMV, ASF, MP4 , 3GP etc. Ultra Video Converter is available to download but you can use its limited functions in trial version.

Download Page

  • Total Video Converter (Trial)


Total Video Converter  can convert videos to many formats such as mp4, 3gp, xvid, divx mpeg4 avi etc. This application is specially built to make videos for mobile devices and it converts video optimized for mobile phones. It can also read gaming video formats such as PlayStation videos.

Download Page

Do let us know about your favorite video converter utility.

5 Free To-Do-Lists Apps for Mac

Geeks are said to be always productive because they are tend to use productivity apps and tools to stay organized but then also few of them mess up with work a lot because they don’t have habit to note down their to-do-lists.If you don’t like to use pen-papper to make your work list then do try out to-do-lists apps for Mac. These all are free and user-friendly apps, worth bookmarking:

Simple Task:

SimpleTask is one of my favorite may be because of its interface. I liked the colorful interface of SimpleTask. SimpleTask also keep on remembering your task by notification on your dock, it also helps you to filter your tasks that too with different colors.


[ Downlaod Link ]

Also Check Out:


Backboard is not only a to-do list but it also helps you to remember your tasks. It’s even very easy to search and manage your tasks and reminders on Backboard. You can arrange your task according to priorities and by their types.

[ Download Link ]


Taskmate is a simple tool which helps you to create your to-do-list. One feature which I liked about Taskmate is that it helps me to export my to-do list with simple click. It also provides you customization options like deleting all task together, arranging the task up or down.

Taskmate.jpg[ Download Link ]


Again a cool To-do-list which allows you to synchronize your tasks in iCal and Mac.It is an easy to customize and a light weight software.

[ Download Link ]


EtreTask provides you basic features of to-do-list software but one thing which I found useful is that it allows you to add URL and files in your to-do-list. If you want a basic to-do-list manager then go for EtreTask.

[ Download Link ]
Do you prefer to use to-do-list softwares? If yes then do share your favorite one.

8 Websites to Download Software for Free and Legally

There are a lot of free and trial software available on many websites. Here are top 8 websites to download software for free and it’s legal to download software from these websites. This websites are very useful because they make your search and software download task easy.

  • Sourceforge.net


It is the official website of Open Source developers and ultimate treasure of powerful but yet free software such as Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, FileZilla, Gimp, VLC media player etc. We can’t compare this amazing and respectable project.


  • Freewarefiles.com


Freewarefile.com is a website with which you can browse thousands of free software to download. These are fully free software i.e. freeware and no shareware. It is an amazing resource for anyone who is seeking for free softwares. Homepage

  • Freewarehome.com


It is another great website to download freeware software. This website is easy to navigate and you can easily search desired free software with its advanced search. You can download from different categories such as programming, system utilities, education, games, graphics etc.


  • Bestfreewaredownload.com


Bestfreewaredownload.com is a huge collection of free software available. Besides providing direct download this website gives proper detail and rating info of available freeware.


  • Filehippo.com


Filehippo is a nice project of freeware software collection and we can find a lot of free and valuable software.


  • Download.com


Download.com is of the largest download website and when we search keyword “DOWNLOAD” in Google then we can see it as a top result. On download.com you can find most of free software available on internet.


  • Softpedia.com


Softpedia.com is equally useful as Download.com and it also have a lots of  collection of free and trial downloads. Besides windows you can download software for MAC, Linux and mobile OS.


  • Snapfiles.com


Snapfile offers both free and shareware downloads. It is a good resource to search free ware software.


Do let us know more such sites which will help you to download softwares for free and legally?

5 Excellent Softwares to Take Screenshots in Windows

Taking screenshots in Microsoft Windows has traditionally been done by hitting the Print Screen key present on the keyboard and then pasting the screenshot in any picture editor (usually Microsoft Paint) from the clipboard. This simple way of taking features lacks the functionality and the details often required by screenshots e.g. when it is needed to capture a specific part of the screen area in the screenshot or show a particular dialog box etc. Fortunately softwares now exist which provide advanced features for taking and managing screenshots. Today we’ll be listing five great free softwares which you can use to take and manage screenshots easily.

1. Snagit

Probably the best screenshot taking and management software since it combines a fully featured photo editor along with its screen capture tool. Snagit captures parts of screens, dialog boxes, zooms in to different areas of the screen and automatically saves the screenshots captured. Its picture editor can be used to modify and enhance any type of screenshot easily.


2. Screen Capture

Another great yet simple to use screen capture tool, Screen Capture has a simple User Interface (UI) which can be used to take, manage and save screenshots of all sorts using just a single window app. It also has some advanced features such as selecting custom area of the screen for capturing and some great screenshot editing options as well.


3. Screen hunter

One of the simplest software to use to take scree captures. Screen captures can be done by simply pressing F6 key and several advanced options such as making the mouse pointer disappear from the screenshot, specific area of screen capture etc. can be setup.


4. MW Snap

Another great screen capture tool which has the option to zoom in certain part of the screen and then take a screenshot.


5. Gadwin

Very similar in User Interface (UI) to Microsoft Office products, Gadwin can be easily used by anyone to take and manage screenshots easily. It also supports adding comment boxes to captured screens and add arrows etc. as well.


Do let us know if you know more free or paid softwares to take screenshot.