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ShoutFlow: A Location-based Social Networking App for your iPhone

Social networking services have undoubtedly change the way we use internet these days, social networking hubs like Facebook or Twitter have become sort of addictions. Almost every person no matter which age group he/she belongs to prefer staying in touch with their family or friends or professional accomplices via Facebook or Twitter.

Though Facebook offers features using which users can look around to make new friends with people they don’t know but this feature is quite limited and not so versatile. Well today I will be introducing an app for iPhone users that will very much solve this problem by letting users discover like-minded people around them with just a click. Here is a brief review of this app.

ShoutFlow App for iOS

shoutflow app

Well ShoutFlow is a perfect app for social networking lovers who are always eager to make new friends. The app simply enable users to discover people that are near their present location, it not helps in discovering people rather it also enable users to connect with those people after getting a confirmation from both the parties.

The app has a built-in integration for Facebook, meaning that users don’t require a new account to login to ShoutFlow. I think this is a huge plus because services of this kind normally ask users to create a separate account. The app even before logging in shows the people who match your liking with respect to geographical location. You can view profile of any person by just logging in via your Facebook account within the app’s interface.

ShoutFlow User Interface & Features


Just like Facebook, ShoutFlow on its homescreen asks users “Would You Hangout with this Person?” . Give a reply of YES and the app will wait for the consent of other party. There is a Near Me button too, click on that and the app will return names of people that are near you, having interests similar to you.

Another cool feature is Shoutout, it enable users to tell their friends and family about discoveries made on ShoutFlow app. Users can also invite their Facebook friends to use this app and discover people having similar tastes and activities.

So guys if you are not at all satisfied with your current social networking activity, then ShoutFlow is the right kind of app for you. It is available as a free download from iTunes app store.

LinkedIn App for Nokia: Ovi Store

LinkedIn is one among those social networking sites that we have a profile or page on, the only difference being that this is completely professional. The Professional social network LinkedIn is also available in the form of an application just like Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn app for Nokia brings all the same features available on the website on to your mobile device and helps you stay in touch with all your connections, also it’s available for free on the Ovi Store.

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn has over 100 million members, everyone from Apple to Micromax has a LinkedIn profile. This is important, and the LinkedIn App for Nokia makes things even better for all those professionals on the network. Using this application on your Nokia device will enable you to send/receive messages, add new members, accept/decline invitations, browse profiles, search connections, share status updates and so on. You see how this helps a professional to be in touch with another professional, talk about the meeting or share ideas and stuff.

linkedin app Nokia

There is a minor complication however, the LinkedIn app is currently only available for certain Nokia phones, well, only 3 of them to be precise. The Nokia N8, Nokia E7 and Nokia C6 are considered to be professional phones I suppose, because if you have one, then you can use the LinkedIn App by downloading it from the Ovi Store. I know, that’s a major complication, not a minor one, but it will be available on other Nokia phones soon enough.

Hari V. Krishnan, Country Manager, LinkedIn India said;

The growing number of professionals in India is a major factor in driving the adoption of mobile phones here to over 600 million users.  Today’s professionals seek connectivity on the go and the availability of LinkedIn for Nokia’s wide range of smartphones provides an apt solution to this demand. Through this application, we will continue to connect talent to opportunity, making professionals productive and successful.

It’d be weird to ask your Boss “Are you on Facebook?”, hence asking connecting with your Boss on LinkedIn makes it simpler by keeping it strictly professional. Download LinkedIn app for your Nokia N8, E7 or C6 from the Ovi Store using this link.

Are you a LinkedIn user? If so, do you use it while on the move?