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Protect your Private Data with My Secret Folder App [iOS]

Like we’ve always told, security and privacy and two major aspects of life that no human being would compromise with. Even if it’s only your mobile device that we’re talking about. People like to have their personal/important/classified/military grade top-secret data protected. Here is another app for iOS devices that does that job very well and looks good while doing it. The My Secret Folder app is thus, not a free app, as it promises to protect your data at all times from nosey guys and intruders.

So, how does this app protect your data? Well, My Secret Folder creates a new folder in iOS and names it My Folder, it looks like a folder that contains some apps, but it isn’t. It doesn’t have any apps in it, but instead stores all your important photos, videos and other data that you don’t want everyone else to look at. When you click the folder icon, you’ll have to provide a set password to gain access and you can also set a decoy password, you know just to fool those who’re looking.

If someone tries to break in by trying out codes, the app will automatically take a photo using the front camera and also tag them on a map. So, next time you forget your iPhone at home, you can find out who tried to access the My Folder app. It also shows the number of times someone has tried to break in, as notifications. Lots of settings to fine tune the app and make all your photos and videos very secure. You can move all your private photos and videos to this app and then delete them from the photo album.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the folder looks like any other iOS folder, but inside is some highly confidential data of yours. It works really well and we do recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good Password protection app. If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device, then you can also try AppLocker.

You can download My Secret Folder from the App Store for only $0.99. Try it out and let us know how it helped keep your photos and videos secure.

Top 2 Free Mac Backup Software

Backup refers to collecting all the extensions and plugging installed for any files to be recollected and store at one point which is said as to be the restore point. Backup is said to be done to collect and comprise of all files of any extension or setup files of any software respectively. Backup is necessary in any system.

The backup is made so that if we lost data due to some errors or technical problems, the data’s can be collected from the restore point and once again all the setups can be installed in ease without once again to be downloaded from the internet. Let us see 2 free application to backup data and files in Mac.

Free Mac Backup Software:

You can also use Time-machine, which is a default option in Mac Os for backup. If you wish to use Time-machine, (For backup and restore)  you can refer to this guide from Techradar.

1: Psyncx 2.2.2

Psyncx 2.2.2Sometimes the system recommends user to backup all the drives pertained within it. But the user thinks only the important files installed by him should have backup respectively within a folder. So this application is really useful in understanding user’s thinking and their demands. So this application can do folder or subfolder backup as recommended by the user. It first asks which folders are to be on process for backup.

Then it asks for such folder which has space to create this backup respectively in ease and maintain the profile within that drive respectively. This application is keen with users accomplishments  and works done within the system and it has scheduler to maintain backups if they are interrupted by the user at a certain point.

Download PsyncX.

2: Bonkey


A backup with security are less provided in many of the systems in the world. The bonkey application makes the user backup files and even enhances cryptography or other keys to protect your data have and files within the   system. The application even allows synchronization and coherent data’s to be backuped in ease. The backup even generate some keys which enact as a password to protect the backup of important files being installed within the system. The most important work this application does in backup of SQL databases.

The SQL databases of huge contents or small databases created for homely purposes can e set to a restore point through backup and initiate the security of the files. You can select any drives and backup the data’s within them at a period of time. It doesn’t interrupt if the system gets shut down due to some issues. The backup can be restarted in a new way when the system is started once again. This application is free of cost and is available in various sites.

Download Bonkey.

Do you know more free Mac backup software? Are you using any paid solution for taking backup of your machine?

Antirun: Protect your PC from Virus Infected Removable Media Devices

Most of the times it is the USB and flash drives that are the main carriers of viruses in PCs, we normally plug them in our PCs without first scanning them for malicious programs and viruses. But today I will be reviewing an application that will very much solve this problem of virus influx via USB Devices. Here is a brief run down of the application.

What is Antirun?


Antirun is a minuscule application that features multitude of protection options so that the users can safeguard their systems from malicious programs and viruses that might occur because of plugging-in of removable media devices such as phones, external hard-disk or USBs. It simply starts scanning automatically the devices that are being plugged into your PC and it immediately prompts whenever a threat is found.

Antirun detection

Antirun simply identifies the threats by directly linking the attributes of files on external media. Whenever a virus or any threat is detected the application provides users with an option to remove it immediately. Users can mange multiple external devices that are connected because Antirun shows each connected device as a separate tab.

The thing that I liked the most about Antirun is that it doesn’t fiddles with the antivirus software already installed on your PC. Just Launch it when you are about to plug-in an external media device.

How to Use it?

Antirun Use

Application will sit in your tray once installed, just open it before connecting an external device to ensure that no harm is done by any Spyware or malicious program. You can either open the external device, eject it or check the disk information within Antirun UI. It also provides a drag-drop file copying functionality without ever having the need of opening the external drive.

Antirun can be downloaded for free from the developers official page. The application works perfectly on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

3 Best Password Managers for Ubuntu

Every one in this world would want to keep things secured. Securing and protecting files, documents, data, etc are becoming mandatory in day today’s life. Being genuine with anything related to machines or software’s would be keeping passwords secured. There are so many passwords which user puts into.

But alas, sometimes they don’t remember such of them because of alternatives and white spaces such being added or even managing the files, and those systems being connected to others being accessed. So there are many ways which can put password secure and are mentioned as follows:

1. Keepassx


This is a tool for handling passwords. Many a time people desire numerous passwords, but those aren’t easy to remember. So this software creates a database to handle all passwords and keep it secure even if the systems are connected to other servers. This can be installed by moving into plugins of ubuntu and make it install as we configurly do with other software installation. After installation run the program, create new entries within the required fields of username and password and make a database and secure passwords.

2. Lastpass


It is another tool formed base which can be run on any platforms like windows Linux an others. Even it arrives in mobile platform. For securing passwords it also recommended. When I was trying to install it on windows 7 platform, I found out that after installation it serves as an extension based. So we install it and then on clank at the extension, it makes us create new username and password and also encrypts us to secure password in a perfect format.icons are served to import for which passwords are to be kept secured.

3. Roboform


This client is a classic styled which can be used in any formats in any platform which can be windows or Linux. When I started using, I did the following factors which were first installing through Google browsers directories and then installing it. Then extension links were opened of it and username server and password are applied within it to start securing such passwords which can make user free and friendly.

Visidon AppLock: Face Recognition for Android

Security on a mobile phone is pretty much limited to lock codes and weird designs that a human brain can forget. Sometimes the lock code on your mobile phone becomes your greatest enemy when you forget it. This is where Face recognition comes in, a more advanced and secure way of keeping your mobile phone contents to yourself. Visidon Applock is an Android application that, finally, brings the much wanted facial recognition technology to Android devices.

Visidon Applock Logo

A while back, even the iPhone got this treatment with the RecognizeMe App that brought Facial recognition which actually worked. The same thing applies to this Android app as well, but unlike the iOS app, this is not a complete security option. As the name says, Visidon Applock can only be use to protect applications such as your E-mail, Messages, Facebook, Gallery, Notes etc and not the complete device.

I think that is protecting individual applications is actually better than locking the entire phone using facial recognition. Once Visidon Applock is installed on your Android phone, you can add what apps to protect to it’s protection list and adjust settings like security level and change camera orientations. You will want to meddle with those camera orientation settings only if the app doesn’t recognize your face in the initial set-up process.

Visidon Applock

After this you should be ready to lock-n-load to any of your friends place and not be afraid of leaking out confidential information about their girlfriends. But before all this happens, make sure you have a front facing camera on your Android phone, because if you don’t it’ll just leave you with normal password protection. Check out the video below for a demonstration of Visidon Applock;

Visidon Applock is available for free on the Android Market and will work well with phones running Android Gingerbread 2.3 and above with front cameras. There have been reports from users that it doesn’t seem to work with Custom ROM’s, but do try it out and let us know if it actually helps you protect your apps and doesn’t give way to someone else’s face.

2 Free Password Strength Tools to Design and Gauge Passwords

Breaching or in more technical terms, cracking a password is sort of a sport in the computing world. So in the present digital age where we rely heavily on online existence, setting up a secure and a strong password is quite necessary. These days normally all the reputable and well designed websites have a password indicator that basically tell users that whether their password is strong enough to withstand attacks from Hackers, crackers or even black hats. Here are some of the password strength tools that I find really useful and trustworthy:

The Password Meter


It is by far the most popular password strength checking tool available on the internet, this particular tool breakdowns the password into various parts and then put your password into a measuring scale that is customized and pre-set. Each and every element of the password is assigned points and later on they are summed up to give a total value corresponding to the password strength. Users can employ The Password Meter to design and construct a very strong and an un-crackable password.

Strength Test


This particular web tool checks the probability of letters in a password that whether they are landing similarity to each other or not and based on that probability check, the tool rates the password weak or strong. As per the rules, passwords should be as random as possible. Strength Test tool uses a term called as ‘entropy’ which is an estimate that is entirely based on letter combos in the English language dictionary.

Two Best Folder Lock Applications for Windows

Many time we need a folder lock and hide application. We want to keep others away from our personal data but we are unable to stop their access to our PC. In this condition folder protection applications are really effective and using these type of applications we can make a folder or drive read only (delete protected),Inaccessible or completely invisible. These applications works with a master password to control it all. There are many software to lock a folder but here we are telling about best 2 such applications.

Two Best Folder and Drive Protection Applications for Windows

1.Folder Security Personal

Folder Security Personal is a complete solution to protect or lock a folder. It is a small but powerful software and you can use its 15 days free full working trial. Using this software you can lock folder or hide folders. You can also lock hard drive as well as optical drives with it.


Features of Folder Security Personal

  • You can lock folders
  • You can make folders delete protected
  • You can lock hard drives
  • You can lock optical drives
  • Very light application
  • 15 days fully functional trial


2.Folder Guard

Folder Guard is the second most powerful folder protection software with which you can lock folders or hide folders and make them password protected. You can use Folder Guard to lock your personal files,folders and many other type of Windows options such as control panel,start menu etc.


Features of Folder Guard

  • You can lock any file or folder with a password
  • You can hide any file or folder and it will be completely invisible
  • You can hide control panel,start menu and desktop
  • You can protect hard drives and optical drives
  • Use hot keys to operate the application

Download Free Trial

Do let us know which software are you using to hide your folder and to lock your folder?

Fresh Attacks of ZeuS Trojan Horse on Blackberry Devices

There are reports of fresh attacks of well known Trojan horse ZeuS on Blackberry devices. Blackberry has a special reputation of being a secure platform but recent news are defamatory. Problem becomes deepening when we come across the infecting mechanism of this malware. The Trojan once installed becomes completely invisible leaving no trail to track. ZeuS also known as Zbot is a Trojan horse that steals banking information by keystroke logging.

As South Asia director of Kaspersky Lab puts the present situation as :

“There has been a new wave of malware attack that has started affecting BlackBerry and it has originated from Poland. The aim is to extract banking passwords.”

Trend Micro,a security research firm reported a Zeus Trojan specifically targeting Blackberry devices. Virus notes the keystroke while user using Mobile banking and thus steals the personal information like passwords etc. Amit Nath, Trend Micro’s security manager in India and SAARC elucidated the virus mechanism. Zeus trojan “does not display any graphical user interface that can prompt users about the infection. Instead, it removes itself from the list of applications. The virus can view, delete and forward text messages, block calls, change the administrator on the device and block phone numbers. It allows the hacker to change the telephone number the device sends all the data to in the event that it gets shut down.”

Zeus trojan blackberry

This time Trojan specifically known as BBOS_ZITMO.B waits for to be installed,once installed it disappears,sends “App Installed OK” message to a botnet administrator then takes control over SMS function of Blackberry device. Now the device is infected and malware is ready to perform operations. These operations are commanded by  botnet administrator. The actual phone user remains completely ignorant of these commands. In case the virus is apprehended and kicked out the administrator can hand over command privileges to a new administrator number, with the Set Administrator command.

  1. Malware can carry out following commands:
  2. Hiding SMS and sending it to Administrator without any knowledge tp user.
  3. Blocking calls.
  4. switch the phone on or off remotely.

How a secure platform like Blackberry was cracked is not easy to say,although Research in Motion has nothing uttered about the present scenario but the strong chances about the potential cause of breaching the security may be installing out-of-the-box applications.

So be warned and precautious while executing transactions and other banking options through the mobile phones and do not forget to update the virus database of your antivirus.

How secure is your password? Find out using Pass-O-Meter

In this modern era where a user has to manage so many online credentials, keeping passwords safe and secure is a major task for everyone. These days, hacking applications are particularly strong in sniffing out insecure passwords which makes it even more necessary for users to secure their passwords. We have so many password managers which can help us to remember a strong and complicated password.

Although many browser based extensions and plug-ins are available for download, these apps are particularly not useful when one needs desktop password security like for LAN, virtual machine passwords and so on. Pass-O-Meter is a desktop utility designed for checking the strength of saved passwords. Very simple to use, Pass-O-Meter consists of a tachometer style gauge which shows the strength of the password when any password is input to it. Any password e.g. routers, virtual machines, e-banking accounts etc. can be input for a security strength check. Pass-O-Meter works on standard secure password rules such as keeping special characters, numbers and caps locked alphabets etc. in your password and other rules of thumb to gauge the strength of the passwords.


Pass-O-Meter has different gauge colors which demonstrate the strength of the passwords. This scale consists of six different colors each representing the level of strength for a password:

  • Gray – Password not for actual use
  • Red – Weak password
  • Orange – Medium password
  • Yellow – Strong password
  • Green – Very strong password
  • Blue – Strongest password; almost immune to being cracked using current hacking/cracking technologies

Pass-O-Meter is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 is a highly recommended tool for everyone who wants to test the strength of their passwords.

Download Pass-O-Meter

What method do you use to create a strong password? Also let us know what method do you use to remember a complicated password?