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Discover Android Games of Your Taste with Hooked App

Gaming on smartphones is a very essential thing these days, if you don’t have some cool games on your high-end smartphone then it means that you are not maxing out of it. Android marketplace in the recent times have flooded with some really cool and awesome games but finding out a worth while gaming gem out of so many is a bit hectic. So today I will be telling you about an App on marketplace that will let you discover games for your Android phone that will be matching your taste.

What is Hooked?

Hooked is basically a new and an innovative way of discovering Android games and eventually sharing it with your friends. On Hooked you can do loads of stuff like finding amazing games, discovering games as per your personal interests, inviting friends to join, sharing your discoveries with your friends. Simply stated, Hooked is a social networking based community solely designed for Android gamers.

Hooked App’s Intelligent Working

hooked app

The application has been designed intelligently in such a way that it automatically returns appropriate gaming recommendations for users. It also keeps users updated with the popular gaming titles that users world-over are trying. There is a built-in quiz on the app, this quiz learns about the gaming habits of the user and gives a specific gamer’s title. The app also suggests 3 gaming-titles based on your quiz answers.


You will have to go through the quiz when you will launch the app for the first time, Hooked will learn about your gaming taste from this quiz and will recommend you 3 games daily. Recommended games are displayed in the center of App’s homepage, you can also install games directly via Hooked. Live Feed enables users to view games that are being played by other Hooked users.

Well I think Hooked app will very much end your search for Android games, you can not only share your discoveries with your friends but can also invite them to use this app. Hooked is available as a free download from Android marketplace.

Useful Google Search Engine Hacks

Sometimes searching on Google is a bit of technical and tricky thing because the search results returned by Google are corresponding to what we have entered in the query. If you happen to have a knack for online tricks and tips then you must be aware of some search operators or operands that can make your search on Google very much effective. So today I will be telling you about some really cool Google search hacks that you might not be aware of:

Instant Information Shortcut

It is by no doubt a fact that Google is a very smart search engine that in some instances can provide you spot-on information as per your query. For example if you are curious to know about the local time in Australia, instead of searching for a website that will provide you that information you can directly type in the words ‘time in Australia’ and Google will give you an answer instantly.

Google Word Trick

Same trick also works wonder if you try them for weather, units, currency, showtimes and sport updates. You can get more information about this particular shortcut hack on Search Feature page of Google.

Google Cache Hack

Google has a very unique feature that it collects entire websites data and store that data temporarily in its cache. This means that the next time you sit on your computer and find that the website you want to visit is either blocked or down then you can access it via Google’s cache. This particular Google cache bridges the time till you can again access that website again.

All you have to do is type cache: URL and the latest snapshot that was last saved will be available on your screen.

Faces only Hack in Google

This particular hack is about Google image search in which faces are involved. Normally when we are searching on Google for someone having an unorthodox name, search results become a bit haywire. For example you are searching for someone named Rose  then the Google image search results will be as follows:

Google search face type

Adding a filter ‘&imgtype=face’ will ultimately filter your search results so that only the images having faces will be shown. Here is when we add the operator to our previous search results:

Google Face operator

Do let us know if you know about some Google search hacks and tricks in comments.

Easily Search Twitter History with Snapbird

For Twitter users, searching Twitter history can be a very important thing. This is because Twitter search can help users dig down into the history of their previous activities, message archives and so much more. However, for some advanced needs, Twitter’s default search is just not good enough.To search twitter history of any user, we will use a Free Twitter tool call Snapbird.

Snap Bird is an app for Twitter which lets users perform advanced searches in Twitter. The features which Snap Bird provides in addition to the ones available by default include searching back for results older than 10 days, a friend’s-tweet only search, searching direct messages and favorite’s search.

SnapBird- Search Twitter history timeline

Using Snap Bird to search any twitter user timeline is very easy. To start off, you need to authenticate your Twitter account with the app, which in most cases should not be a problem. Once you have authenticated the app to access your Twitter account, you can return to Snap Bird’s website and perform searches.

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Search options which are given are as follows: Someone’s timeline, someone’s favorite, your friend’s tweets, tweets mentioning you, your sent direct messages, your received direct messages. You can also specify the person for which you want to perform the search and the for field allows to put the limiter on your search.


Snap Bird performs searches and then displays results which can also be permalinked. You can simply click the searches to view the actual content as well (just like in Google) and link them in your own tweets as well.


Snap Bird is a really good tool if you want to maximize your search potential, however there are some search speed issues with the app e.g. When you make the search query complex, it takes a bit longer to search and display results. Other than it, it’s a great Twitter app.

Check out Snap Bird for Twitter here.
Do let us know if you know any more such tool which will be help us to search twitter history by user?

How to Block Specific Websites from Google Search Results

Anybody who has used a search engine knows that often results from unwanted websites show up. It takes quite some time before you get past these sites and reach the result you were looking for.

Google recognized this issue and just recently offered its Search users an excellent solution: “Personal Blocklist.”

Personal Blocklist is a browser extension for Google Chrome that lets you hide Google Search results from particular websites. You can install and get started with the extension in the following very easy steps:

Step 1:

When you click on the extension’s URL available at the bottom of this guide, you will be taken to its official page. The blue area visible in the image below will be in the top right of the page. Click on the “Install” button to obtain the extension and have it installed. Note: you must be doing all of this in the Google Chrome web browser. To get Google Chrome in case you do not have it, click here.


Step 2:

With the extension installed, head on over to Google Search and type in your query. When the results are displayed, locate results from any unwanted website. You will notice a new link at the end of each result. This link will say “Block.” Simply click the Block links in front of the unwanted results. The results will disappear once you click on the link. Do this for as many websites as you want.


Step 3:

From now on, all of your search results will exclude the sites you blocked. To view the results, head to the bottom of the results page and click on the “Show” link.


Step 4 (Extra tip):

You would now have blocked results from all the undesirable pages but it would be unwise to not remember the sites you have blocked. For this, the extension places a new icon in the address bar. Clicking on the icon displays a list of sites you have blocked the results from. These sites are displayed in a drop down window from where they can be managed.


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As you can see, operating this new extension by Google is very easy and greatly useful.

Download Personal Blocklist for Google Chrome

Watch Music Videos On YouTube Easily Using YouTube Music

How many of you visit YouTube only for watching videos? Probably all. It is easy to use search box to find videos of your choice but what about other top videos and latest released videos. There is a good news for music fans. YouTube recently renovate its music page and added some superb flavors.

On the page you can find the top videos without any fuzz. You can find top music videos on this page. Below it there is a category for “Today’s hits”. Similarly you can find categories for Pop, electronic, country and folk, rap and hip hop, world music, classical, rock and many more.


To play the videos just click on the “play category name” link next to the category name. A random playlist will be created. You can also queue videos by hovering your mouse over video thumbnail and click the play button appeared by the action.

The most appreciating part of this section is it is clutter free, without any ads. You can easily find videos according to your interest. According to YouTube, they will soon release a new feature which will called “Events Near You”. It will help you to find live music happening in your area.

Checkout more about YouTube:

Check out YouTube Music [via The Official YouTube Blog].

Face to Find: Search Videos On Facebook Easily

All of you know that Facebook is one of the largest social networking site having millions of users. Facebook touched such a height that a movie is coming on Facebook titled “The social media” which is based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook.

It is an amazing place to find and share good videos and photographs among friends and family members but searching video is not that easy. Facebook default video search only search from the video shared by your friends or recent videos.

If you want to search for videos on Facebook then there is a nice search engine known as “Face to Find”. It is a nice tool to search videos quickly by only entering the keyword. You can watch the videos in full screen. It also allows you to like the video and post comments.


On the top menu, you can find links today’s most viewed videos and most recently uploaded videos. It displays time of video and it also displays how many friends like the video previously. Apart from watching videos, you can also download it in your computer. This tool supports multiple languages. Also it is very simple to use and one of the best tool to find old videos uploaded by any user.

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Check out Face to Find to search for Facebook videos quickly. Do share with us which Facebook tool you use to search videos?