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3 Software to Find Missing Drivers in Windows

Drives of computer go missing many times and downloading or searching drivers again can be a headache and time consuming when you are not sure which one is suits your requirement and where search? But there are few software available which can help you to search your missing driver for Windows PC efficiently and quickly.

There are so many Windows OS variation: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows 8 and many old one, now the problem is most of new laptop comes bundled with a stock OS like Windows 7 or Windows vista, and on their official driver download page, you will not find the compatible windows driver. This is sometime, become a headache as many system parts like audio, graphics doesn’t work properly. Specially, when I tried installing Windows XP on my Dell inspiron laptop, I had a tough time finding all the drivers. So, to help you out, here I’m listing some of the programs and softwares, which you can use to download drivers in Windows.

How to find missing Windows Drivers?

The best way is to search in Google and find the links from Tech forum. My suggestion is, always read the follow up comments and download any driver, when some body confirmed the same. As, I had not so good experience with this. Another way is using Driver finder software’s, which scans your hardware and find the compatible drivers. Also, it checks for updates and let you directly update your windows OS drivers.

It’s always recommended to keep your driver up to date, as it helps in smooth and improve the performance of your computer or laptop.

Driver Easy:

Driver Easy software is useful for you when you want that your drivers get update automatically or when you want to search for missing driver. It is very easy to use and search for drivers with just 3 steps. It also provides you features like driver restore, backup and uninstalling features.

Missing Drivers in Windows

[ Download Link ]

Driver Magician Lite:

Driver Magician Lite helps you to locate missing Windows drivers of your PC and you can also keep a backup of all the drivers easily and copy them to any location you want so that if you miss any of your drivers in future also, you just need to open the saved drivers and re-install it.

Driver magician lite

[ Download Link ]

Driver detective:

Driver detective is another software which solves your widows driver problem that means it do installs the perfect updates of your PC drivers, backup drivers, take care of registry and re-install corrupted or missing drivers.

Driver detective

[ Download Link ]

So don’t waste your time in updating and searching for drivers, let the above software do that. You just need to download the one which suits your requirement. If you are aware of any such software which can search, backup or install Windows drivers then do share with us.

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