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Create Stunning Video Demos With BB FlashBack Pro

BB FlashBack pro is a fantastic video demo builder. It is difficult to find a demo recorder which works properly according to our needs. If any recorder works well it makes videos in large size and if it is capable in making small size videos the resolution quality is not good. Well Camtasia is the most popular screen recorder and tutorial maker but it has runtime issues with Windows XP. But BB FlashBack pro is light and works great. It has all features Camtasia have.

Here is the brief detail of Flashback pro features:

  • Support different video formats

With Flash back pro you can record screen in various formats according to your requirements such as avi,mp4,swf,quick-time,wmv etc. You can also export your recording as an executable file.


  • Full control over video size

Flashback pro is able to minimize the size of video keeping its resolution almost same. In swf format you can get high quality at minimum size.

  • Direct upload on web

You can upload your made demos directly on different media websites such as YouTube,Blip etc.

  • Able to record game-play

Its powerful graphic acceleration system enable its users to record high detail PC games play.


  • Record sound from speakers

Not only from microphone with flashback pro we can record any sound which is played in speakers.


  • Web cam recording

While creating a screen demo you can also its feature to add a small screen from the webcam video capture.

  • Custom Hot keys

We can define our own keyboard shortcuts such as “record”,”quick record”,”pause recording”,”stop recording” etc.

  • Add text anywhere

We can add text captions anywhere in recorded video. This way you can make your video more interactive.

  • Buttons for visitors control

We can add buttons with which visitors can control video such as “continue” button after a text message.

  • Much cheaper than Camtasia

Its latest price is $199 which is $100 less than Camtasia. Besides you can also try this software for free.

  • Zoom pan

It is a pro feature for every recorder such as Camtasia. In Flash back pro we can zoom any area of screen by zoom pan.

Besides these features BB FlashBack Pro has all other essential options which an ideal screen recorder should have such as custom frame-rate,pause and resume recording,auto scroll etc. Overall BB FlashBack screen recorder is an advanced and very easy to use software and it makes pure professional quality video demos. It is a very useful application for creating professional blogging tutorials, web- design and graphics design tutorials.
You can watch demo videos built with FlashBack recorder [link]
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