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FeedsAnywhere : Optimize Any Blog Feeds for Mobile

FeedsAnywhere-1 Web 2.0 is in its full swing right now and the world is going through a period of social networking, RSS feeds, content sharing, mobile internet and connectivity and always connected phenomenon. One of the important components of Web 2.0 sphere is the RSS feeds. RSS feeds allow users to get automatic updates on when their favorite content across the internet is updated.

Initially available for PC users, RSS feeds are rapidly making their way into the mobile internet arena. FeedsAnywhere is a similar application for smartphones which enables users to follow their RSS feeds directly from their smartphone or other mobile devices.


What makes FeedsAnywhere better than other regular RSS readers is that FeedsAnywhere is custom designed to be efficiently used for small screeens like those of mobile devices. FeedsAnywhere is a HTML based service which makes it really easy to use. One feature offered by FeedsAnywhere which isn’t available normally otherwise is that it tracks your activity and displays your most followed feeds on top. If, however, you are worried about privacy too much, this feature can be turned off as well.

FeedsAnywhere also feature an integrated Search option which allows users to go through and Search enables users to search their material of interest. Currently FeedsAnywhere is in a public Beta and an invitation code is needed to join the service. However, FeedsAnywhere will be free to use when it is publically released.

FeedsAnywhere can be reached via this web link.

Anyways if you are an iPhone user, I would suggest downlaod and try reeder application for iPhone. So far I have found it as one of the best RSS feed reader for iPhone.

Feedly: Make Your Web Browser a Fully Featured RSS Reader

RSS feeds are a great way to keep updated on the content changes happening on a website. A good RSS reader can help you stay updated on the latest updates without bothering to look for it.

Feedly is a great add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser which serves as a fully featured RSS reader.

Installing Feedly is very easy, following the standard procedure for installing Firefox add-ons.


Feedly has a fast and interactive magazine like interface which can import your RSS feeds from sources from Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes or your bookmarks. Once you install feedly, you can customize your RSS reader on what type of content you want to see after which you create your own Feedly.


Feeds can also be arranged in tabs and categories and has multiple views which enable feeds to be shown as title only, title and summary, image grid, video grid, entire content. The feeds read through Feedly can also be shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.


One of the great features of Feedly is that it overlays search results from various search sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing and supports a wide variety of RSS and ATOM feed formats.


Feedly is a great way to organize your RSS feeds coming from various sources online on a single magazine like clean to view interface. With its ease of use and utility by being a browser add-on, Feedly is highly recommended RSS reader for everyone.

Download Feedly for Mozilla Firefox

You can also download Feedly for chrome from here. Do let us know if you are using feedly or any other addon which can transform your web browser into feed reader?

5 Best RSS Feed Reader Applications for Android

Few days back we shared with you about RSS reader apps for iPhone. Now here are few best RSS reader apps for Android. There are so many Android Smartphones available on which you can download these RSS feed reader applications and keep yourself updated anywhere.

Here is the list of 5 best RSS feed reader applications for Android:


NewsRob is a popular RSS/Atom reader. The best part of Newsrob is that it allows you two way sync with Google Reader. It has capacity to sync around 1000 recent articles and also read them offline. The layout of NewsRob is very good and easy to navigate.



GReader keep on providing you notification about unread feeds at specified interval while synching with Google reader. It is a good RSS feed application for Android users who prefer to read less feeds because organizing large feeds in folder is not that user-friendly. You can easily share RSS feed with your friends on email, Facebook, Twitter Etc.



Like other RSS app, FeedR also sync with Google Reader and you can read the feeds by categories. But many of you might not like the navigation part from one feed to another. You can create a shortcut to FeedR on your homescreen to get fast access to feeds or set the app on homescreen as a widget.


Fast Reader

The good part about Fast Reader is that it allows you to view all the feed at once which is not possible with Greader or FeedR. It allows you to Zoom IN and Zoom OUT easily and you can easily navigate to another article. You can share your feeds on Social Networking websites or email.


Pulse News Reader

Pulse News Reader is suitable for the readers who like visual presentation. It displays all the items in Thumbnails which you may find attractive. You can check out only 20 feeds at a time. It also allows you to open links in the browser and the navigation is good.


Check out few more interesting Android applications.

You can get all these applications in Android market and if you are aware of more Android app useful for RSS feed do share with us. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to CallingAllGeeks RSS feed to get updates about more useful Android apps.

5 Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for iPhone

RSS feeds are best way to keep track of things and updates about your favorite blog and topics. You can easily select which feeds you want to subscribe for and this way you will only get the updates about the topics which interest you. And if you have iPhone then you can easily check these RSS feeds from anywhere easily.


Here are 5 Best RSS feed readers for iPhone:

RSS Reader

This is a simple RSS reader which helps you to add feeds and manage them so that you can read them easily. You also cache the feeds to read RSS offline also. It supports multi-language like Danish, Deutsh, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian etc. It is free of cost.

RSS Feed

[ Link ]


NetNewsWire is a free app for iPhone to read RSS feeds. You can sync it with Google Reader, easy to switch from one feed to another just by tap and you can also read RSS offline. The only thing you might not like is Ads if you don’t like Ads then you can switch to premium version of App which costs $4.99.


[ Link ]


To use this RSS feed app you need to pay $2.99. The features includes easy syncing with Google Reader, you can browse and manage feeds and folders, facility to read RSS offline. The app is having good interface to make reading easy.


[ Link ]


Feeds allows you to sync in two ways with Google Reader. You can mark start to feeds and share the feed with your friends. It is very easy to manage, categorize and tag the feeds and save them for offline read. You can grab this app in $3.99.


[ Link ]


The way you use Doppler for Mac you can use it for iPhone also. It is easy to sync with Google Reader and have good layout and navigation to read the feeds easily. You can download the application in $0.99.


[ Link ]

This are few of the best RSS feed apps for iPhone and also compatible with iPad.

Also check out:

If you are aware of more iPhone app useful for RSS feed do share with us. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to CallingAllGeeks RSS feed to get updates about more useful iPhone apps.