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2 Free Registry Cleaners Software for Windows

A Computer System contains Registry files stored into the database of whatever software that has been installed on the system. It is through the help of registry that all softwares work with the system. But, when ever we uninstall any particular software some or the other unwanted files or registries left over remains in the registry, which causes your other files to not function properly.

So its always better to run up a cleaner and clean all the system remains in terms of unwanted files or registries left over. While there are many number of Cleaner Software available, which could be used, not many of them are available for free.  Here are two free registry cleaning software, which are presented below as follows:

1. Comodo System cleaner

This is a cleaner which also is highly suitable for systems, specially cleaning all types of registries which are unwanted are present within a list somewhere how in the windows folder. Users don’t get time to arrange the registries in proper order, or many don’t even know where they do exist, where in which folder. This cleaner will describe each and everything to you. From private secured files to non private secured files details will all be presented once you start using this cleaner software.

2 free Registry Cleaners Software for Windows

Even there are certain malware detectable files which don’t get properly removed or through users fault, it doesn’t get deleted. So, for such a detectable file which can lead to some error can be a problem and can be notified and removed through the way of this software respectively.

2. Wise registry cleaner

This is one of the cleaners, which can reduce surplus problems through its features. The registries have some batch files, which are not easy to be deleted. Some are to be kept and some, which are dangerous need to put some restrictions, this cleaner does all its purposes to check every registry one by one. Then this registry can clear all the problems related to virus and system tools. All the registry errors can also be rectified in ease with the tools it represents.

Wise Registry Cleaner

And also it terminates many registries which are filled with problems as they somehow mingle up with other files and destroy our files for other software thus creating a lot of problems. So we need to be precise and proper in what we do within system. This cleaner really manages all and makes your system free from problems and junk related issues.

Try out these two free registry cleaners for your PC and let us know what you make of them.

Optimize and Repair Windows with System Mechanic Professional

Due to continuous use of windows and due to installing and uninstalling applications it becomes slow and gets a lot of registry errors resulting in poor PC performance. However your hardware machine is powerful but it requires optimization after a period of usage. There are many software available to optimize windows but we should select best tool for our PC.

What happen during constant usage of Windows:-

  • Registry fragmentation and errors
  • Hard Drive fragmentation
  • Backup and temporary files deposition
  • Junk file deposition

Due to these problems Windows is become slow and corrupt. Here are one of the best Windows maintenance and optimizations software.

Iolo System Mechanic Professional

System Mechanic is a fantastic windows optimizer and repairer. It has a lot of individual and compound tools to make PC faster and cleaner.


  • It tells the system status i.e. if any problem persists then it shows it on system status
  • It has many automated tasks i.e. if you enable an automated tasks then it will works automatically
  • You can defragment registry, any hard drive and recover memory.
  • It can check Windows and hard drives for possible errors and able to fix all errors
  • It can clean unnecessary files such as browser’s cache,windows temp files etc.
  • It can backup your registry files.
  • It can optimize internet settings and can accelerate internet.

system-mechanic4 system-mechanic2


This application has different tools for different needs such as PC accelerator,PC repair,PC cleanup,PC security,total registry revitalizer,energy booster,memory booster etc and no need to run full scan if you do not want.

Download free 30 Days Trial of System Mechanic Professional

Do let us know more such softwares which helps in fixing windows errors.