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BlogBard: Convert Blog Text into Speech and Listen

blogbard-1 Reading blogs is common these days. However, with the app which we’re discussing right now, you can literally listen to  blogs instead of reading.

BlogBard is a free service which allows users to get the blogs which they love read back to them. BlogBard converts the text blog into speech which can then be listened on any device e.g. PC, smartphone or tablet. BlogBard, however, requires a web connection to provide this service.

BlogBard allows two ways of adding the blogs which you want to listen. Firstly, you can manually type the URL links of the blogs which you want to listen. Secondly you can log in to your Google Reader subscription and BlogBard will automatically pick up your blog subscriptions and convert them to speech and enable listening to them.


BlogBard can convert any RSS enabled blog to speech. Mobile users with iPhone can access and listen to their feeds via their iPhones. Feeds can also be downloaded via iTunes store. If you’re a blogger yourself and want to give your readers this service that they can listen to your blogs, you can embed the BlogBard player in your blog’s website and your readers can listen to your blog as well.

BlogBard is a useful utility for anyone who relates himself to reading blogs on the web. Visit BlogBard.

Speed reader Enhanced:How To Improve The Reading Speed

Reading is not always an easy job for readers. Especially when there are lots of distractions present like Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Why don’t you try out some tool for effectively reading and improve your reading speed instead of trying the basic method.

Speed reader enhanced provides you the option to read the text in an interactive manner. It doesn’t let you distract because it display each word of the sentence one by one in a clear interface. It can also help you to improve your reading speed because you can set the time of display of the every word.


Download the free application. Extract the zip file on your computer. This application doesn’t require any installation. Just double click on the Speed Reader Enhanced.exe file to run it.

You are required to play with the settings first. Set the Word interval between 200 to 300 ms initially. Later you could decrease the interval. Set the background and foreground color of your choice. I preferred white and black colors for cleaner interface and clear visibility. Set font of your choice.

That’s it. Paste the text from any webpage to the large box given on the tool. Click on the “Show reader” button to launch the reader. You’ll be redirected to the full screen mode reader where it flashes each words of the sentence one by one so that you can read it properly.

The tool is smart enough to detect symbols (full stop, exclamation marks, commas) and reduce the speed at that place automatically. You can pause the text display anytime by clicking any key of your keyboard. You can exit the reader mode by clicking the “esc” key.

Download Speed Reader Enhanced to quickly read any text document.