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3 Websites to Show Photoshop Editing Skills and Win Prizes

Contests and challenges normally extract out the best of us in every regard, we often hear about photography contests or challenges but I guess most of us either overlook them or don’t pay attention. Photoshop is no doubt an amazing and a powerful photo editing tool that offers loads of features. Here I’m sharing couple of websites which let you show off your Photoshop editing skills and you can earn various prizes and cash.

A Photoshop professional knows inside out of this tool and usually know that how to interact with a photo. So if you happen to be a Photography enthusiast who loves to work on Photoshop then I have lined up some pretty sought out online challenges and Contests for you that will not only help you to learn but also give you a chance to compete with some of the best Photoshoppers out there:

Photoshop Editing Skills Websites:

Photoshop Contest

Photoshop Editing Skills

First up is Photoshop Contest, the website hosts number of contests offering prize money of $50 and more for each contest. If you have good Photoshop Editing Skills and want to rack up some money in your PayPal account then this is a perfect website to do so. You can choose from scores of online contests offered by the website and participate in anyone of it. Enter your Photoshoped images and see that whether it gets popular or not by other users.



The website has almost 5000+ members and a total of 2000+ contests are being hosted by the site till-date. Website basically runs sort of Graffiti contests that are held three days in a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You have to make your entry by uploading an image and thereafter the members will vote. Weekly contests called as Slags are also being hosted by MechaPixel, they are quite competitive with members posting their masterpiece entries.

Photoshop Faceoff

Photoshop Faceoff

The working of Photoshop Faceoff is quite simple, all you need to do is launch the website and download the contest image on your computer. Photoshop that image to your liking and imagination and post it back on the website so that general public and members can view it. A Faceoff winner is decided daily solely by general public voting and the entire month’s leader get the top spot and prize money or gifts.

If you have participated in some kind of an online Photoshop Editing Skills contest recently then do share your experience with us.

5 Useful Applications for Android Powered Phones

Android is a great mobile operating system and it is very famous for its great applications too. Android consists of a lot of awesome apps. In this post I will share 5 of the useful Android apps which you should definitely try if you have an Android mobile phone. So, lets begin.

Barcode Scanner

This application turns the camera of your android phone into a barcode scanner. Using this applications you can scan any UPC code to search about it on the web. You can even scan the UPC code(which is printed on the product) of a product and you will get a lot of info about that too, like whats the price of that item on the web, etc. This is a great and a very useful application. This app works amazingly fast. See the video below to see how it is used.

This application is free which makes it more better than ever. Click the link below to download it.

Google Goggles

This app is from the biggest search engine and the creator of Android, Google. Using this app, you will be able to use images to search the web. You can take a picture of a text in some other language and Google Goggles will let you translate that text easily. You can take a picture of a landmark and Google Goggles will tell you all info about it. You can take a picture of a book and Google Goggles will let you find the price of the book or more info about it. There is a lot more to do with this app. See the video below for more.

This application is free of cost and is not only available for Android but also for iPhone(OS 4.0 required). Click the link below to download it.

Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the best photo editors in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the best photo editor on your mobile? This applications fulfills that wish of yours. Even though it doesn’t has a lot of features like its desktop version, it can be said as the best photo editor for Android. To say a little features of this app, we have – simple crops, brightness adjustments and sharpens. See the video below for more.


This application is free of cost and is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. Click the link below to download it.


Astrid is a short form for Android’s Simple Task Recording Dashboard. It is an application for creating to-do lists. It helps you to remember your important tasks. One great thing is that you can also set reminders so that it will ring some tune to make you remember that you have to do some work at that time. It also offers some cool lines(Lets get this one done) which can motivate you to do the work. See the video below for more.

This application is free of cost. Click the link below to download it.

Droid Analytics

This app would be a must for the bloggers who use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most famous and best site for statistics of your website. For some reasons, Google has not released an official app for Google Analytics but this app completes the need of it. It is designed with Google Analytics API. It firstly asks for your login details for Google Analytics and simply starts working and shows the analytics of your website. See the video below for more.

This application has a free trial version and a full version of $1.38 (the site shows €0.99 which is equivalent to $1.38 or Rs. 62). Click the link below to download it.

Also check out: 5 useful Android applications for Bloggers.

Those were the 5 android applications which you should definitely download. Which one of the above did you like the most and which one will you download? Do comment.

Photoshop Express for iOS Device Improved: Multi-Tasking

Adobe has recently updated their ever useful Photoshop Express app for iOS devices adding iOS 4 multi-tasking support alongwith a full fledge Retina Display support. Alongwith these marked improvements, Adobe is also focusing its attention on a latest Camera pack that will be an in-app purchase thing.

Adobe Photoshop Express v2.0 Camera Pack Features

This latest Camera pack priced at $3.99 add multitude of new features including Auto review, Reduce noise and Self timer. The Self timer feature works exactly as the name suggests, users can set it to either a 3 second or a 10 second delay.

Auto Review is the other useful feature that offer users to bypass “Rapid fire capturing” feature that was introduced in version 1.5 of this app. Rapid fire feature in the previous versions was incorporated so that the photos that users capture get saved immediately to Camera Roll app on their iDevice. Auto Review feature enable users to sift through the photos before they get saved on Camera roll.Adobe-Photoshop-Express-user-interface

But I think the feature that surely justifies this Photoshop Express camera pack price of $3.99 is Reduce Noise. This feature works to remove a substantial amount of speckles and graininess on all the lower quality camera photos. Although iPhone 4 camera is pretty good but Reduce noise feature is ideal for photos that you have taken in certain conditions that have increased their graininess.

On the whole, Photoshop Express v2.0 is a pretty decent photo editing app to carry out some basic level manipulations on your photos but fairly speaking the camera pack price with the inclusion of the above mentioned features is not justified. I think users will hesitate in jumping to get Camera Pack and will stick on using the basic Photoshop app.

You can download Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free from the Apple App store. The additional Camera Pack with Self Timer, Reduce noise and Auto Review feature is available as an in-app purchase for $3.99.