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Facebook Camera App : Bulk Upload & Add Image Effects

Facebook bulk Image UploaderSome time back when Facebook acquired Instagram, we expected something awesome from Facebook. Today, Facebook launched a new app in App store which is a camera app for iPhone Facebook users.

Facebook launched Facebook camera app for iOS. As name suggests, this is an image uploader app for Facebook but not only that, it has much more option then simple image uploading. Probably, this is the reason why Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion.

Let’s look into some of the features of this new app from Facebook.

Facebook Camera app : Review

This new Facebook app integrated the features of Instagram app and made image uploading on iPhone/iPad and other iOS device so easily. If you are one of those who wants to upload bulk images from your camera gallery on Facebook, or take and upload picture to Facebook, this free Facebook Cam app is for you.

You can also browse images uploaded by your friends and you can like and comment on it. With this launch, here are list of Instagram filters, this official Facebook cam app has got:

Contrast, Cool, Light, Emerald, Bright, Golden Copper, Rouge, Cream, Coffee, highlight, Boost, Neon, B+W

Though, I’m hoping to see more awesome Instagram filters in coming days. In recent time, Twitpic launched their Twitter image sharing app, and it has also some awesome image effects. Anyhow, getting back to this app, if you are one of those who love to upload images on Facebook, this dedicated app will make your work easy. Specially, earlier uploading multiple images on Facebook was a headache and this new app, you can quickly select all/multi images from your image gallery and upload them.

When I installed this app, it didn’t even asked for my login (I believe because of official Facebook iOS app I’m using), and here is a screenshot of an Image which I’m taking from my iPhone and adding effects using Facebook camera app.

Facebook Camera App iOS

Once you have added the effect, all you need to do is click on compose or put the tick mark and click on upload to share photos on Facebook. You can crop photo, if you like which is another great feature for photo editing. You can also tag people directly using this Fb camera app.

You can download this app from official app store here. Facebook has launched another app call Facebook app manager few days back, which will let page admins manage their pages easily.

I’m not sure why Facebook is coming up with separate app for everything and why not integrate all the features in official app. Specially, this image effect features from Instagram, will be very handy for Facebook app for iOS. Lets see, what all new features we get to see in this Instagram Facebook Camera app, but for now do try and let us know your review on the same.

3 Websites to Show Photoshop Editing Skills and Win Prizes

Contests and challenges normally extract out the best of us in every regard, we often hear about photography contests or challenges but I guess most of us either overlook them or don’t pay attention. Photoshop is no doubt an amazing and a powerful photo editing tool that offers loads of features. Here I’m sharing couple of websites which let you show off your Photoshop editing skills and you can earn various prizes and cash.

A Photoshop professional knows inside out of this tool and usually know that how to interact with a photo. So if you happen to be a Photography enthusiast who loves to work on Photoshop then I have lined up some pretty sought out online challenges and Contests for you that will not only help you to learn but also give you a chance to compete with some of the best Photoshoppers out there:

Photoshop Editing Skills Websites:

Photoshop Contest

Photoshop Editing Skills

First up is Photoshop Contest, the website hosts number of contests offering prize money of $50 and more for each contest. If you have good Photoshop Editing Skills and want to rack up some money in your PayPal account then this is a perfect website to do so. You can choose from scores of online contests offered by the website and participate in anyone of it. Enter your Photoshoped images and see that whether it gets popular or not by other users.



The website has almost 5000+ members and a total of 2000+ contests are being hosted by the site till-date. Website basically runs sort of Graffiti contests that are held three days in a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You have to make your entry by uploading an image and thereafter the members will vote. Weekly contests called as Slags are also being hosted by MechaPixel, they are quite competitive with members posting their masterpiece entries.

Photoshop Faceoff

Photoshop Faceoff

The working of Photoshop Faceoff is quite simple, all you need to do is launch the website and download the contest image on your computer. Photoshop that image to your liking and imagination and post it back on the website so that general public and members can view it. A Faceoff winner is decided daily solely by general public voting and the entire month’s leader get the top spot and prize money or gifts.

If you have participated in some kind of an online Photoshop Editing Skills contest recently then do share your experience with us.

Official Flickr App for Android Released, Offers Real-time Picture Sharing

Flickr applications for mobile platforms is not a new thing, developers in the past have been releasing loads of Flickr based apps for both the Apple and Google’s mobile operating system. But this time Yahoo Inc has jumped the Flickr mobile bandwagon by releasing its first official Flickr app for Android platform. This official app boasts some pretty cool features including the provision for users to quickly share the pictures in real-time with their family and friends.

The app was released during a press conference organized by Yahoo to chalk-out the salient’s of its mobile market strategy.

What’s new in Flickr for Android?

Well first of all users will be able to instantly access their entire photos, contacts and album collections via this app. Users can view activity streams and can also see photos uploaded by friends and family.

flickr app android

Flickr have also integrated a camera experience within the app, there is a built-in viewfinder that ultimately allows users to select photo ratios and also allow them to add metadata.

flickr app android2

Photograph taken via this new app can be instantly uploaded to social networking hubs like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

Photo Session Feature


Apart from this Android app, another notable feature that Flickr has released is Photo Sessions. Name it as a feature that somewhat replicates the way we show photos to our friends or family for real while sitting together. Photo Session means that users can show their photos in real-time to their relatives or pals regardless of their location. Working is simple, Photo Session generates a unique URL that is sharable with 10 faimly members or friends. Clicking on that URL will let you join group viewing of that photo or album.

URL generated by Photo Session will last for 24 hours and it works perfectly on iPads, computers and iPhone. This feature also enables group viewing participants to modify the photos they are viewing like drawing or writing on them, any modification done is seen in real-time by other session viewers.

So Android users, go on and hit the Marketplace and grab Flickr for your Android powered phone. Try it out and let us know about your experience.

3 Amazing Online Tools for Creating Stunning Photo Collages

Creating Photo collages is always an interesting thing to do, but if you use tools like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop then you might be low on the time factor. The whole idea behind creating photo collages is not just lining up photos, but the real fun is adding effects and giving a twist to it. So today I am lining up online tools that will help you to produce some real creative photo meshes with just few simple clicks.


Fotonea.com   Collage made simple

It is an easy-to-use web app that will help you to create stunning photo collages. You can upload a total of 6 pictures having a size of 2MB or less, after adding pictures you can also add stuff like a frame or a background. Moreover, you can also rearrange the size of added pictures or you can also change the layout of each picture. Fotonea also allows you to add things like sticky notes or text on your collages.


Shape Collage   Automatic Photo Collage Maker

ShapeCollage helps you create stunning photo meshes and collages with just few clicks and the best thing about this web app is that it is cross platform. You just have to paste the URLs of images that you want to paste-in (you can add images from Flickr-Google images and YouTube). Now once images are added, you just need to choose the shape of your collage and add some text. Clicking on Create button will create a stunning collage of your added photos.


Hockneyizer  Create a unique photo collage ala David Hockney.

Developed by Big Huge Labs, Hockneyizer is a very interesting photo collage maker. It creates a very beautiful Polaroid effect on a single image you upload. You can also get images directly from your Flickr or Facebook account. Resultantly the effects that are added give a very unique kind of twist to the images. You can also select that how many Polaroid’s should appear in your collage (1-20 can be selected). You can use Hockneyizer app by visiting their official website.

Well i hope these tools will help you to create some real cool Photo collages, Do let us know in comments that was your experience.

2 Free Photo Editing Apps Designed for iPad

iPad is not a camera-centric device but if you happen to own kits that support camera connection then you will have access to applications like Photoshop on your tablet that will provide almost the same experience that you can have on a desktop version of a photo editing software.

Today I am highlighting 2 free apps that are a good source for editing photos on your Apple iPad, you can edit your photos as per your desire and upload them to your favorite social networking platforms. Using these apps you can do a substantial amount of photo editing without spending a penny. Get to know about these apps after a break:



FotoEditor is an amazing photo editing app for your iPad that allows you to instantly edit your photos by applying loads of effects and filters. First of all you have to select a photo from your photo album, once this is done then you can apply loads of effects such as negative, grayscale and sepia. Apart from these you can also adjust things like contrast, brightness, gamma correction and mirroring of the image.

FotoEditor Main page

You can share your edited photos with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. The app also facilitates you in looking up the properties of your image including dimensions and size. FotoEditor can be downloaded from App store.

Effects HD

EffectsHD Picture add

This app is more specifically designed for Apple iPad2 users, the app allows you to take image directly from your iPad and takes you straight away to the editing interface. Effects HD is an easy and a swift way for editing photos directly on your tablet device. You can either take an image directly from iPad by hitting the Camera button or you can open an image from your photo library by tapping on the photo icon.

Effects HD

By default, Effects HD comes with 12 pre-loaded filters including cross-processing and black and white filters. You can also purchase additional effects and filter packages with numerous in-app purchases options. If you want to revert to original state after editing a particular photo then you can tap on refresh button and your photo will return to its original state. After doing all the editing you can save it or email it or you can also share it on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

What apps you use to edit photos on your iPad? Do let us know in comments.

Photobucket’s Snapbucket App for iOS and Android Launched

Photobucket, a place which offers its users to store, create and share photos and videos on their website, has launched today a new mobile app called the Snapbucket. The Snapbucket app for iOS and Android allows you take a picture, edit them with some cool effects available, and share it with everyone on your social network almost instantly.

Snapbucket App for iOS and Android

CEO Tom Munro of Photobucket says;

We are seeing explosive growth in mobile and at the same time we are adding a million new users a month on our web site. With our integrated platform, Photobucket is uniquely positioned to bring together the simplicity and spontaneity of mobile and the creativity and permanence of the Web

Snapbucket App

Snapbucket Features

  • Choose from individual filters, effects, vignettes, and frames
  • Create your own unique filter sets
  • Over 9500 combinations of sets available
  • Unlock new effects the more you use Snapbucket
  • Share pictures instantly with friends to Photobucket, Facebook or Twitter

Watch the video after the break to find out more about this little application made for both iOS and Android photographers. It has got some really nice effects, plus you can also create your own effects.

The Snapbucket photo editing app is available for free in both iOS and Android versions

What do you think of this amazing image editing app? Tell us about the apps that you use to edit photos on your device.

Add Amazing Frames and Textures to Photos using Picfx for iOS Devices

Developed by ActiveDevelopment, Picfx is an amazing photo editing app that helps users in creating some cool photos by adding some very unique and creative frames and textures. It is by no doubt a fact that iDevices especially iPhone has made photography accessible to anyone and with the App store’s massive archive of photo editing apps, photography has become pretty easy.

Picfx interface and features

Picfx application for iPhone/ iPod Touch is pretty simple as far as the usage is considered, user-interface of Picfx is smooth and nice having a bit of professional touch to it. The application is user-friendly with buttons and tabs laid out neatly.


Just like other photo editing apps, in-order to get started on Picfx you have to either import a photo from the iDevice photo album or snap a new photo. If you own an iPhone4 and opt for the snapping a photo option, then you will be delighted to know that all camera features of iPhone 4 are accessible from within the apps interface like switching between cameras (rear and front), flash controls and auto-focus.

Once a photo is selected, then the power of this app comes into play, along the bottom of the main interface there are 27 separate textures that can be applied to photos. Cool thing is that all of these textures have their own uniqueness that gives an added advantage to the edited photos. For each texture there is an adjustable slider as well that can control how strong the texture will be. Some of the good textures that are worth trying:


  • Grunge
  • Paint dabble
  • Basic borders
  • Vingette
  • Light Streaks

Apart from textures there are options to add layers of effects and styles, the layer of effects can be undone if you don’t feel like keeping it and the images will revert back to the original state. In Styles category, there are a total of 13 options and each of these options change the color of entire image. Styles include Sepia, Vintage, B&W and Warm.

Overall, Picfx is a very good app for an enthusiastic photographer and for a price tag of $2 it is definitely worth buying. Although it is a bit unlimited in areas like Styles but from texture point of view it is the best app that is available on the app store. Picfx can be downloaded from Apple App store for $2.

Retouch & Edit Your Photos With an Ease Using Amazifier

There are loads of Photo editing tools available on the internet that offer users multitude of features to edit and retouch the photos easily. But recently I came across an amazing photo editing utility that I thought I must share with the readers.

Amazifier Lite is the name of this photo editing tool and developers of this software claim it to be an easy to use image editor with various features to re-touch or edit photos of any format.Using Amazifier Lite, users can directly import their pictures from Flickr, Facebook and Picassa, edit them using simple tools and upload them again to any of the supported online services from within the software. The interface of Amazifier is kept simple and self explanatory, you will be able to explore various kind of basic photo editing and re-touching tools that you might need while tweaking your photos.

Amazifier Lite User Interface



On the main interface of Amazifier users can find their images either by initiating a web search, import pictures from Picassa or Flickr or login to Facebook to get pictures from image gallery. Once all the photos are selected from any of the above mentioned sources a separate window will open that will display the current image that you can edit.

All the various kind of image effects and editing tools are grouped into various categories like Frames, Effects, Stickers, Text & Seals and Drawing on the left side of user interface. Furthermore, each of the categories contains its own inherent set of features that enables you to edit selected picture as per your requirement.Below the Photo that is opened for editing, basic publishing and image manipulation tools are shown, these tools include categories like upload image to Picassa-Flickr-Facebook, Zoom In/Out, Crop Resize, Print, Rotate and Exposure.

Amazifier also provides some cool printing options, you can use your edited images to print calendars and event cards.

Amazifier Image TouchUp tools

Image Touchup

Also Read:

The TouchUp category offers numerous face touching effects like remove red eye, face Whitening and changing of hair color etc. Well do keep in mind that some of the editing tools require an upgrade to Premium version of the software. But I think that tools and features available in Lite version are pretty sufficient to do basic editing. Amazifier Lite supports all the versions of Windows including XP/Vista/7.

5 User-Friendly Tools for Creating Photo Collage

Love to be creative with your photos then you would surely want to try photo collage tools. There are many collage tools and software available which helps to make a beautiful photo collage but few of them gets hang while using or not user friendly. I have selected few easy and user-friendly tools which will help you to create your collage quickly. Few of them are online tools and few are software, so that you can choose according to your requirements.

Here are 5 user-friendly photo collage making tools:


Photomix helps you to create collage, scrapbook layouts and even calendars quickly. It provides you different templates and graphics to make collage or scrapbook quickly and easily. The Trial version doesn’t have print option but if you will go for paid PhotoMix software you will get print and many more features.


[ Link ]

Shape collage:

This tool is interesting, fun, quick and easy. The best part about Shape Collage is that you can create collage online as well as download the software. You can select any shape in which you want to create collage like Square, circle, heart etc. Shape collage has lots of advanced feature to make your collage attractive.

shape collage

[ Link ]


Photovisi is another online tool which helps you to create collage from your Flickr account or computer. Beautiful frames, templates and ecards are available to make your collage attractive. It gives you options like cropping, changing background, edit size etc and you can also share with your friends via emails. It is a user-friendly online collage tool.


[ Link ]

EM free photo collage:

As the name says, it is free software which is one of the easiest ways to create collage. It have different template you just need to drag and drop your pictures and then quickly create your own attractive collage. Apart from this you can edit your pictures and also share them with friends on Flickr, MySpace, Facebook etc.


[ Link ]


If you want a neat and clean collage without borders then go for AutoCollage. It beautifully merges the pictures and make it easy to collage by just selecting the folder of your pictures and AutoCollage will create an awesome collage for you. You can print and share the collage with your friends.


[ Link ]

Beautiful picture collage is always good to share and make an awesome gift. So, try it out these tools and make your friends happy.