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3 Photo Styling and Editing Apps for Your Android Phone

Android marketplace is booming with apps ranging in multitude of categories, so today I will be highlighting several photography centric apps that will enable you to stylize and edit your photos with a style. So if you happen to have joined the Android club recently and you love photography and editing then you must download and play around with the apps that I will be highlighting in this post. Here is a brief review of 3 cool Android applications from photography section:


Camera 360

This is one of the most popular stock camera replacement apps that you can find on Android marketplace. The app has a built-in Image Stabilization Mode that helps users in taking photos, it also has a built-in archive of scenery frames, stickers and photo filters. The app also has a tilt-shift mode that will allow you to create a selective focus point, you can also soft focus with a selective area. You can download Camera360 for free from Android Marketplace.



If you want to have fun with your photos then PhotoFunia is the right kind of app for you. The application uses simple facial recognition tools and transformed faces. The app also embeds the whole photo into either an animated or still scene of your choice. All users have to do is select a particular scene from the vast online database of app (almost 150 effects and scenes), choose the photo of their choice and leave the rest on PhotoFunia. You can download PhotoFunia for free from Android marketplace.

Little Photo

Little Photo App

Little Photo is an easy to use Photo styling app that houses loads of filters and effects, the app’s filters collection is probably the largest for all the apps available in the Android Marketplace. You must be wondering that quantity might overshadows the quality but this aint the case for Little Photo App. It is available as a free download from Android Marketplace.

Do try out these photography apps on your Android device and do let us know in comments that whether you liked them or not?

Add Amazing Frames and Textures to Photos using Picfx for iOS Devices

Developed by ActiveDevelopment, Picfx is an amazing photo editing app that helps users in creating some cool photos by adding some very unique and creative frames and textures. It is by no doubt a fact that iDevices especially iPhone has made photography accessible to anyone and with the App store’s massive archive of photo editing apps, photography has become pretty easy.

Picfx interface and features

Picfx application for iPhone/ iPod Touch is pretty simple as far as the usage is considered, user-interface of Picfx is smooth and nice having a bit of professional touch to it. The application is user-friendly with buttons and tabs laid out neatly.


Just like other photo editing apps, in-order to get started on Picfx you have to either import a photo from the iDevice photo album or snap a new photo. If you own an iPhone4 and opt for the snapping a photo option, then you will be delighted to know that all camera features of iPhone 4 are accessible from within the apps interface like switching between cameras (rear and front), flash controls and auto-focus.

Once a photo is selected, then the power of this app comes into play, along the bottom of the main interface there are 27 separate textures that can be applied to photos. Cool thing is that all of these textures have their own uniqueness that gives an added advantage to the edited photos. For each texture there is an adjustable slider as well that can control how strong the texture will be. Some of the good textures that are worth trying:


  • Grunge
  • Paint dabble
  • Basic borders
  • Vingette
  • Light Streaks

Apart from textures there are options to add layers of effects and styles, the layer of effects can be undone if you don’t feel like keeping it and the images will revert back to the original state. In Styles category, there are a total of 13 options and each of these options change the color of entire image. Styles include Sepia, Vintage, B&W and Warm.

Overall, Picfx is a very good app for an enthusiastic photographer and for a price tag of $2 it is definitely worth buying. Although it is a bit unlimited in areas like Styles but from texture point of view it is the best app that is available on the app store. Picfx can be downloaded from Apple App store for $2.

Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone and iPad Updated

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great tool, which carries the prestige and editing powers of the original Adobe Photoshop and selectively embeds them into the iOS app. It lets you use simple hand gestures to edit and upload photos online using your iPhone and iPad.

It uses the storage facilities of Photoshop.com to save all your photos and use and edit them whenever you want. Now there’s a new version, the Photoshop Express App has been updated to version 1.5 and now requires iOS 4.2 and higher to run and utilize the operating systems multi-tasking and Retina display on the iPhone 4.

Adobe Photoshop Express provides a variety of editing tools such as one-touch effects, crop, rotate, flip, adjusting colors, contrast, adding filters like soft focus and sketch and let’s you undo, redo and also keep the original as it is and save a copy.

Must Check Out:

Also with the new update you can keep your photos for uploading to Photoshop.com, Facebook or other sites and then do other things on your device. It also has it’s own photo capturing tool and takes photos using your iPhone camera.

You can download this easy to use and reliable photo editing App from the App Store and it’s free.

Let us know what other photo editing tools do you use on your iOS device?

5 Free iPhone Photo Editing Applications

If you have iPhone I am sure you would love to click pictures and do share that with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking websites. But again just clicking the pictures and sending across is not happening, it’s always cool to try few photo editing tricks and make pictures more attractive and funny before sharing.

There are many paid as well as free applications available for iPhone which makes editing your pictures easy and fun too. Here are 5 free photo editing application for iPhone.

SP photo fix lite:

SP photo fix lite is a simple and easy app which will help you to fix brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation etc to make your picture perfect. After editing the picture you can easily share it across Facebook or via email. It is overall a useful photo retouching tool.


[ Link ]


iRetouch is again a retouching and editing app. The navigation is very good and using different editing features is also easy. There are many tools available such as Smudge, Brighten, Hue, Eraser, Pencil, Color etc. and you can also save image with resolution up to 1024×786.


[ Link ]

Photonasis 4.0

If you want to lots of tools apart from just retouch to the images then this one is for you. This application provide you around 33 different tools to edit your images such as emboss, oil paint, gray scale, negative, swirl, edge detection and many more. The good part about this app is that it allows you to save unlimited images.


[ Link ]

iFunto Lite

As the name says ifunto lite is an application for iPhone which adds fun to your images. You can choose the background and then add your image in that background to give it a different look. There are different backgrounds available and if you choose the paid version you can get more backgrounds for adding images.


[ Link ]

You might be interested in:

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite

This app is useful for creating beautiful postcards with your images as well as you can use images from the app. There are cute stickers are also available to enhance your images and make postcards. You can edit the images as well as write the text and share them with your friends.

Bill Aktinson

[ Link ]

Be creative and enhance your images on your iPhone with above apps. If you are using any such free photo editing app do share with us.