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Best PowerPoint to PDF Converter

PowerPoint to PDF ConverterThere are many software’s and online web tool in the market which convert Powerpoint files to PDF file. Here I have compiled a list of Powerpoint to pdf converter, which are professional and used by majority. Every tool mentioned here offers various different features and I have highlighted some of the best one.

PowerPoint files are slides that are used in presentations. Some PowerPoint files are never reused after one presentation but some of these pack so much important data that these cannot be deleted. It is not ideal to store data in the form of PPT files. The best choice to store data that is in PPT files is to convert the PPT files to PDF files. The 3 of the best PDF converter that can convert PPT files to PDF are:

3 Best Powerpoint to PDF Converter:

1. Nitro PDF

nitro PDF

It is a very famous application for working with PDF files. Upon installation, it adds a toolbar to your MS PowerPoint. Any currently active PPT file in MS PowerPoint would be converted to a PDF file when you click on convert button in the newly added toolbar. You can also drag the PPT file that needs conversion to the shortcut icon of Nitro PDF and it would be converted to PDF instantly. Nitro PDF converter is available at the price of $119.



2. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF is another very popular brand for working with PDF files. It also adds a toolbar to your MS PowerPoint that helps you to convert PPT files directly to PDF with a single click. It is able to create brilliant PDF documents with a very good quality. Foxit PDF is available at the price of $99.



3. Classic PDF Editor

Classic PDF Editor

It is an application for creation, viewing, conversion and editing of PDF files. Its conversion method is different from that of Nitro and Foxit PDF but it is as quick and direct as the two. It installs as a virtual printer and allows you to print the currently active PPT file in MS PowerPoint directly to PDF by using the print option. This method has an advantage and it is that you can select the number of slides that are to be printed on a single page. The Classic PDF Editor is available at the price of just $24.95 which is much lower than both Nitro PDF and Foxit PDF and allows you to select the number of slides to be printed on a single page. This makes it the best PPT to PDF converter. To read more visit Classic PDF editor home page.


After reviewing all of the above PowerPoint to PDF Converter, according to my views classic PDF is one of the top converter in the list, because it gives all important features of Nitro and Foxit at very low and affordable price. You may try yourself and find best solution. Don’t forget to share your choice of .ppt to  .pdf converter.

DocRaptor: Convert HTML Web Pages into PDF and XLS Files

One often needs to save web pages as PDFs or other formats to serve some requirement. DocRaptor is a web based HTML conversion service which lets users convert normal HTML web pages into PDFs and XLS (MS Excel spread sheets).


DocRaptor doesn’t require to script/code anything; all you need to do is simply identify the HTML text which you want to convert and DocRaptor will do the rest. The three step conversion process consists of the following steps: firstly, choose a format to convert, followed by writing of simple HTML and last, but not the least, posting it to the REST interface.


DocRaptor is entirely web abased application hence does not require any downloads to be made or packages to be installed. Moreover, because of its simple interface, no additional APIs are required to perform coversion tasks. Unfortunately, DocRaptor is not a free web app, however its pricing plan and offers are very attractive. Currently DocRaptor offers a one month free trial to anyone who signs up for using DoCRaptor. Several price plans exist for using DocRaptor. The simplest pay plan is the basic pay plan which costs $15 per month for upto 125 docs. The highest plan is the Max plan which costs $149 per month and upto 5000 docs are supported. DocRaptor-3

DocRaptor is a great to use utility for converting HTML content to PDFs and EXCEL sheets. It is a highly recommended plugin for anyone who has to deal with conversion of documents frequently.

Check out DocRaptor

Convert WebPages to PDF in Google Chrome [Extension]

For any web surfer, the option to save visited websites in such a manner that they could be viewed later easily, with no internet is something which everyone wants. One way of achieving this is by converting websites into PDF files which can be saved and then used later. Web2PDFConverter is an extension for Google Chrome web browser which can be used to do this.

Web2PDFConverter and be downloaded and installed via this link. Upon installation, an icon to launch the extension is added to the address bar of Google Chrome web browser.


Using Web2PDFConverter is extremely easy. All you need to do is visit the webpage which you want to save by converting it into a PDF file and click the Web2PDFConverter icon on the address bar of Google Chrome. A popup message will then show where you can click the button saying Convert to PDF.

Web2PDFConverter -2

The extension will then automatically process your request and within a short time the converted PDF will be available for download. From there, you can download the PDF and view the website with the help of any PDF viewer.

Web2PDFConverter -3

Additionally, you can also view the created PDF in Google Docs. You must have a Google Docs account to do so which is free to sign up for.

Web2PDFConverter is a great extension which can help users save their favorite website for offline viewing in a simple and effective manner, and that too, fastly.

Download Web2PDF Converter for Google Chrome

3 Ways to Convert Webpages to PDF

Saving web pages for later access is commonplace. However, sometimes one might require to view web pages offline in this case converting your HTML page into PDFs is a great help for portability later read it later feature. Today we have a list of tools using which you can pages your online web pages as PDFs which can be printed offline and/or taken while you’re on the move. The services listed below are all online and require no installation whatsoever.

PDF Download

PDF Download offers a range of services including saving pages as PDFs. There are multiple ways to do so, but a simple approach is to submit the URL of the page which you wish to convert into PDF along with your e-mail and PDF Download will e-mail you the converted URL as an attachment. It also features a bookmarklet which will convert URLs to PDFs from the browser and also has add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers allowing viewing PDF as HTML. <Link>



A simple to use URL converter to PDF which offers both a free service and a paid service with advanced features. The free version doesn’t allow any change in options for rendering HTML content conversion to PDF, whereas the paid version does. The paid service costs $9.95 per year and the conversion quality is far superior when compared to the free version which is often cluttered with un-needed material. <Link>



Along with the standard feature of converting URLs to PDFs, HTML2PDF also features converting raw HTML content and rendering it as PDF files. This feature can be of additional help as web-mail pages can also be easily converted to PDF using this feature. Once you supply the URL and hit the convert button, the URL is converted and the PDF is made available through a download link. The output PDF is very clean, free from most of the unwanted stuff and can handle PNG based transparencies pretty easily. <link>


If you know about any other online tool or software, please share with us.