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How to control your PC using your Android Smartphone

Whenever watching movies or listening to loud music on the computer we often tend to keep meddling with the volume, changing tracks, etc. But it is really annoying to walk up to the computer from your comfortable couch or the bean bag just for doing these small adjustments. You really wish you could have a remote control for doing such tasks.

Well, PcRemote is one such application that lets you use your android smartphone to easily control your PC. PcRemote enables you to use your phone as a keyboard, a sophisticated touch pad, media remote control, presentation control and also system power control. It lets you control your PC using WiFi, Bluetooth or even 3G.

Audio & Video Remote Control

This feature lets you easily control the media player on your computer. It enables you take full control of your media player such as play, pause, next track, previous track, volume adjustment and much more.

Presentation Control

Using this feature, you can control your PowerPoint presentation such as start, stop, next slide, previous slide.


You can use the on-screen keyboard on your android phone as a virtual keyboard for your computer.


Using PcRemote you can use your cell phone as a touchpad for your computer. The screen basically acts as the touch pad and the volume keys act like the mouse wheel. Left click can be done using the camera key.

System Power Control

PcRemote also lets you perform certain system operations such as shutdown, hibernate, sleep, restart as well as log off your computer.

In order to use the application you must also install the server software on your PC. You can download PcRemote application as well as the server software from the link given below (provided by the developer) :


You can also download the app directly from the Android Market by using the QR Code below. Use your preferred QR Code Scanner to scan the below QR Code and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.

This application is pretty simple to install and use. If you are experiencing any problems in installing or using the app, let us know. We’ll try our best to help you.