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2 Free Password Strength Tools to Design and Gauge Passwords

Breaching or in more technical terms, cracking a password is sort of a sport in the computing world. So in the present digital age where we rely heavily on online existence, setting up a secure and a strong password is quite necessary. These days normally all the reputable and well designed websites have a password indicator that basically tell users that whether their password is strong enough to withstand attacks from Hackers, crackers or even black hats. Here are some of the password strength tools that I find really useful and trustworthy:

The Password Meter


It is by far the most popular password strength checking tool available on the internet, this particular tool breakdowns the password into various parts and then put your password into a measuring scale that is customized and pre-set. Each and every element of the password is assigned points and later on they are summed up to give a total value corresponding to the password strength. Users can employ The Password Meter to design and construct a very strong and an un-crackable password.

Strength Test


This particular web tool checks the probability of letters in a password that whether they are landing similarity to each other or not and based on that probability check, the tool rates the password weak or strong. As per the rules, passwords should be as random as possible. Strength Test tool uses a term called as ‘entropy’ which is an estimate that is entirely based on letter combos in the English language dictionary.

3 Ways to Recover Lost iPhone Passcode

When ever we talk about safety, we always suggest that you should have a strong password. Even for mobile phone, it’s good to have a passcode so that no one but you, can access your phone data.  Though It’s very much possible that someday you can’t seem to remember the password of your iPhone and you are locked out. With our usual email, social network logins you simply click “Forgot my Password” and follow through the steps to restoring access to your account. But what do you do when you have set a “Restrictions Passcode” on your phone a few months ago when you bought your phone and now no matter what you do, you can’t seem to remember what is the passcode you had set earlier..

restrictions passcode

For many of us smart phones are a very integral part of our daily lives. Losing your passcode of your iPhone might seem like the end of the world. Don’t break your head against the wall now because the steps to restoring access to your account are quite simple. You have a couple of solutions to consider and we have compiled these ‘solutions’ for you.


Solution 1

You can restore your iPhone as a new device through iTunes. But you won’t be able to restore it from a previous backup because the lost password would be saved in the backup.

Solution 2

The second option is to restore your phone using the Mac OS X Tool – iPhone/iPod Touch Backup Extractor located here!

Step 1: Download iPhone Backup Extractor, open it and let it extract itself. You will then want to click ‘Read Backups’. A list of your previous backups should now populate. Just select the backup that you want to extract the passcode from.

Step 2: You should now be looking at a list of apps that have been backed up. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click ‘iOS Files’, and then ‘Extract’. I recommend extracting it to your desktop so you can find it easily.

Step 3: Extraction will take a minute. Once completed, open the folder it created called ‘iOS Files’. Look for the file named ‘com.apple.springboard.plist’, and open it up.

Step 4: As you scroll down this list of properties, you should see a key titled ‘SBParentalControlsPin’ and to the right of it a value. This is what your Passcode is, enter it in your iDevice, and thank Simon Blog for sharing this little tidbit with us.

Jailbroken Users Note

You can also locate your lost iPhone passcode via SSH. All you have to do is navigate to ‘var/mobile/Library/Preferences’.



Have you ever got into such situation where you have lost your iPhone passcode? If not, you are lucky but you should bookmark this post for saving yourself in such situation.

How secure is your password? Find out using Pass-O-Meter

In this modern era where a user has to manage so many online credentials, keeping passwords safe and secure is a major task for everyone. These days, hacking applications are particularly strong in sniffing out insecure passwords which makes it even more necessary for users to secure their passwords. We have so many password managers which can help us to remember a strong and complicated password.

Although many browser based extensions and plug-ins are available for download, these apps are particularly not useful when one needs desktop password security like for LAN, virtual machine passwords and so on. Pass-O-Meter is a desktop utility designed for checking the strength of saved passwords. Very simple to use, Pass-O-Meter consists of a tachometer style gauge which shows the strength of the password when any password is input to it. Any password e.g. routers, virtual machines, e-banking accounts etc. can be input for a security strength check. Pass-O-Meter works on standard secure password rules such as keeping special characters, numbers and caps locked alphabets etc. in your password and other rules of thumb to gauge the strength of the passwords.


Pass-O-Meter has different gauge colors which demonstrate the strength of the passwords. This scale consists of six different colors each representing the level of strength for a password:

  • Gray – Password not for actual use
  • Red – Weak password
  • Orange – Medium password
  • Yellow – Strong password
  • Green – Very strong password
  • Blue – Strongest password; almost immune to being cracked using current hacking/cracking technologies

Pass-O-Meter is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 is a highly recommended tool for everyone who wants to test the strength of their passwords.

Download Pass-O-Meter

What method do you use to create a strong password? Also let us know what method do you use to remember a complicated password?

5 Software to Reveal Asterisk Hidden Password

If you are the one who prefer to have different accounts online for different needs then I am sure you would be having lots of accounts for personal emails, official emails, messengers etc. And if you are a person who spent your maximum time online then you would be using lots of useful online tools.

Remembering password of so many accounts is difficult but if you have saved your password in your browser then you can reveal any password which is seen in asterisk (*****). Here are such software which can reveal the password behind the asterisk.

Asterisk Key:

This is one of the most popular software to reveal asterisk passwords. Asterisk is so easy and user-friendly that there is no surprise that people prefer to use it. You just need to open the program for which you need the password and click on “Recover” and you are done. It also provides you multilingual option for recovering passwords.


[ Download Link ]

Worth Reading:


MessenPass can recover all popular messengers including Gtalk, Digsby, Yahoo messenger, Windows live messenger, MSN messenger, AOL, Trillian, MySpace IM and more. The best part as soon as you will start MessenPass, it will automatically detect the messenger and displays the password by decrypting it.


[ Download Link ]

Show Password:

It is a simple and quick way to find hidden password in aksterisks. Just open the tab or window having the password to be recovered, move the mouse cursor to it and you will get the password in characters. You can also set the password and set it in hidden asterisk for security.


[ Download Link ]

Password Viewer:

Password Viewer is portable executable thus don’t require any installation. To reveal the hidden password, you need to just need to click on “Hand” icon and drag that to the password input field in browser. As soon as you will drag, it will provide you the character in the password box.


[ Download Link ]

Password Spectator:

Password Spectator is quick to install. To reveal hidden asterisk password with Password Spectator you just need to open the browser/tab having the password you want to reveal and then press and hold the ctrl Key. Now move the mouse to mouse to password box and press the left mouse button.


[ Download Link ]

If you are the one who often forget your password then don’t forget to try above software and if you are using any other software do share with us.

How to Secure Your Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is probably the most loved browser right now by internet users all around the globe. It has such a great success because of its awesome security features which helps keeping users safe from online threats. Firefox has a great feature to save your login and passwords for websites which you access often e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo etc. so that you don’t have to enter username/passwords every time you access these websites. These passwords are saved in Firefox’s memory. However, one must make sure to keep the stored passwords safe as well. Here’s a guide on how to secure your website logins and passwords in Firefox:

Step 1: In Mozilla Firefox window, click on Tools in the menu bar and then Options from the drop down menu.

Step 2: In the Options window, navigate to the Security tab and and then check the option “Use a master password”.

Step 3: A new window will open and you can specify a master password and confirm it. Press OK and exit.

Step 4: Your passwords will now be secure and no one can access them. Next time when you press Show saved password, you will be required to enter the master password.

Are you using master password feature in Firefox to keep your password safe and secure?

XMarks: Password Bookmark Synchronization Software

Xmarks offers bookmark synchronization; that is you can access your favorite bookmarks from anywhere, for simplifying the process there is an Add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac), Internet Explorer, which helps you to synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers and even multiple browsers. I would suggest you for using this Add-on with Firefox .


Credit: Flickr

This is very useful Add-on for all the people who work on multiple computers at home and office; they can easily sync their bookmarks and passwords from their home computer to office computer. Xmarks Firefox is quite easy to install and just with not much configuration you will be able to synchronize all your bookmarks.

Here are quick steps to sync your bookmarks and passwords through Xmarks:

  • Register yourself on Xmarks website.
  • Download Xmarks for Firefox from here.
  • Once you installed Xmarks in Firefox, you just need to Run Setup Wizard as shown below.


  • Click on the Next Button shown below.


  • If you have not created an account earlier you can create now, or skip through if you have already created an account. You will skip this step ,if you are setting it up from another computer.


  • Enter you’re your username, password in the screen shown below.


  • Once you enter username and password, it will ask you whether you would like to synchronize passwords, select no and click on next.


  • A Dialogue box will appear and you need to click ” Next”.


  • Following windows will appear.


  • After that your bookmarks are uploaded to the server. Now whenever you want to sync your bookmarks or passwords and just click on “Synchronize now” as shown below.


Xmarks also gives you options like synchronizing as soon as you open your browser or close browser, saving passwords and automatic synchronization. You can choose your preferences according to your requirement.

Hope you found this Add-on useful. Which add-on you use to synchronize your bookmarks from one computer to another?