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Protect your Private Data with My Secret Folder App [iOS]

Like we’ve always told, security and privacy and two major aspects of life that no human being would compromise with. Even if it’s only your mobile device that we’re talking about. People like to have their personal/important/classified/military grade top-secret data protected. Here is another app for iOS devices that does that job very well and looks good while doing it. The My Secret Folder app is thus, not a free app, as it promises to protect your data at all times from nosey guys and intruders.

So, how does this app protect your data? Well, My Secret Folder creates a new folder in iOS and names it My Folder, it looks like a folder that contains some apps, but it isn’t. It doesn’t have any apps in it, but instead stores all your important photos, videos and other data that you don’t want everyone else to look at. When you click the folder icon, you’ll have to provide a set password to gain access and you can also set a decoy password, you know just to fool those who’re looking.

If someone tries to break in by trying out codes, the app will automatically take a photo using the front camera and also tag them on a map. So, next time you forget your iPhone at home, you can find out who tried to access the My Folder app. It also shows the number of times someone has tried to break in, as notifications. Lots of settings to fine tune the app and make all your photos and videos very secure. You can move all your private photos and videos to this app and then delete them from the photo album.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the folder looks like any other iOS folder, but inside is some highly confidential data of yours. It works really well and we do recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good Password protection app. If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device, then you can also try AppLocker.

You can download My Secret Folder from the App Store for only $0.99. Try it out and let us know how it helped keep your photos and videos secure.

How to Lock Applications on Your iOS device [Jailbreak Tweak]

There are many ways a jailbroken iOS device is better than a regular one, the amount of tweaks available that make the operating system better is unlimited. Nowadays, people usually run behind security a lot, as most of their data is either stored online, on their computers and on their mobile devices. Even though all of them are pretty secure, it’s easy to break in to them. We all care about our important and personal data and sometimes we do not want to share it with others.

You can password lock your iOS device, but you can’t normally lock application that might be of much importance to you, for example the Messages, Contacts or Notes app. You might have some sensitive data in some of these applications, certain contacts that you may not want to share with others and important data in your Notes app. Wouldn’t it be much simpler if you could just lock applications instead of everything. There’s a tweak for that!

iAppLocker is a Cydia tweak available for all jailbroken iOS devices that can lock application with password protection for each and every app. You can select, which apps you would want to be locked in the Settings menu and also set the global password. All the locked applications will henceforth require you to input a password to gain access.

As you can see in the above screenshot, every time you launch a locked application, you’ll be asked to type in a password set by you. And, this makes your app really secure, by not allowing anyone else to open it. How to get this amazing Cydia tweak on your Jailbroken device?

Well, first of all, you’ll need to have a jailbroken iOS device. Once you have that, head over to Cydia and search for iAppLocker, install it, head over to Settings and Enable the tweak and set your password and select, which applications you’d like to password protect.

Remember, the tweak won’t get enable right after this. You’ll need to Respring to get the tweak working, the same must be followed when you want to disable it. It works pretty well and I was really impressed, so why don’t you try it out yourself and tell us what you think of it.

Simple Startup Password: Set Password for Google Chrome

Google Chrome, nowadays is the most used browser and with the launch of Chrome books, Google chrome would be the most certain choice when it comes to browsers. If Chrome is your default browser, then it is very certain that it may contain very private information which might be confidential and not to be shared with anyone. Sometimes, your friend, your bro or sis or whoever accesses your computer(or laptop) and opens up Chrome. Then he or she might just check out your private information. You might be thinking is there a way to get out from this prob. Let me give you some relief by saying, Yes there is!

Simple Startup Password is a Google Chrome extension which password protects you’re browser. It asks for a password every time you start Google Chrome.

Are you wondering how to set the password? Don’t wonder, read on!

1. Install the extension from here.
2. Click on the ‘wrench’ icon –>  tools –> extensions.
3. Find “Simple Startup Password” and click on “Options”.
4. Set the password.

*Don’t laugh at the notification* Thats it! Simple?  Of course it is simple. Now, the next time you open Google Chrome, you will see a text box asking for the password but I have a warning for you. Don’t forget the password because if you do, you won’t be able to get the password back because the remind feature isn’t working. You would have to re-install Google Chrome for using it again. This plugin is necessary in order to protect your browser from use by unauthorized persons. This extension is nice and easy to use.

If you want to change the password you can change it in the same way you used when you set the password. Using this extension no unauthorized person can get the opportunity to access your Google Chrome and all your private documents would remain private.


So, what do you think about this extension? Would you install it? What are your views? Do comment.

4 Free Utilities to Password Protect Your USB Drive

We use our computer flash drives to save all sorts of files. Often these files are private documents, images, and videos. We would not want anybody else to have access to these files without our permission. For this reason it is best to password protect our flash drives and ensure we are the only ones with access to them.

If you are a Windows user looking for an application to password protect your USB, then the following 4 freeware solutions will serve you perfectly.

1. Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive is a simple yet effective security application for your USB flash drives. The application is sized at nearly 3MB and installs on almost all Windows computers. With Rohos you can create a secret encrypted partition on your flash drive and store private files in it. Encryption is done on the fly and does not require administrative privileges. To access the partition you need to type in the right password. You can carry around Rohos’s portable version in your flash drive to access the encrypted partition from any computer.

Download Rohos Mini Drive

2. Comodo Disk Encryption

Commodo Disk Encryption

Comodo Disk Encryption is another freeware designed to encrypt hard drive partitions. You can use the program to add an encrypted partition on your flash drive that is accessible only through the set password. Get the 8.5MB setup file for the app from the link given below.

Download Comodo Disk Encryption

3. USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard is a tiny executable file sized at only 400KB that you store in your flash drive. Running the executable and setting a password locks down your flash drive. You can unlock it by re-running the EXE file and typing your password.

Get USB Safeguard

4. TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is open-source and its setup file is sized at 3.4MB. The program offers the same features such as Rohos Mini Drive, plus more. In addition to creating encrypted partitions on the hard drive and flash drives, the program can also create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a real disk. Moreover the program’s design helps simultaneously read and write data to your flash drive faster.

Download TrueCrypt

Do let us know which software do you use to password protect your Pen drives?