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Top 6 Tools to Download Online Flv Videos

We watch flash streaming videos but most of the websites do not give the download links for these videos. YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other websites have unique and interesting videos but these are not downloadable directly. But there are many tools to available to download these videos. Actually the flash video is embedded in web page and we have to extract the video file from page. Also read:

Online Java Based Tools

There are a lot of online tools to grab YouTube and many other websites videos such as Dailymotion and Metcafe. For using these online applications you must have java installed on your OS. On these websites you have to put the video page url and these websites extract videos and give you a temporary download link. Below I have listed some good websites to download mainly YouTube videos.

  • Keepvid.com: You can download videos from many websites such as YouTube. You can read the review of KeepVid. [  Download link ]
  • Savevid.com: Just like KeepVid, you can download video from lots of websites. [ Download link ]


Ashampoo Clip Finder

Ashampoo clip finder is a fantastic tool to download flv videos from many websites. This tool is very easy to use. You have to enter your keyword in search and this software finds videos on YouTube,Dailymotion,Metacafe etc. With Ashampoo clip finder you can also convert flv to other formats. And you can also apply search filter only for HD videos.

[  Download Link ]

Moyea  FLV Downloader

Moyea Youtube Flv Downloader is an excellent application that is able to download online flv videos from Youtube,Dailymotion,Google videos ,Fox videos and many other websites. It is a free tool and it downloads flv speedily. You can pause and resume downloading videos any time. You can also manage downloaded videos with its video library.

[ Download link ]

FLV download with IDM

IDM or Internet Download Manager is the best download booster tool. I have observed that download manager can increase download speed up to 8 times. We can download YouTube and other flv videos with IDM while playing video in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (not in Opera).

Download link ]

Speedbit Video Downloader

Speedbit video downloader can grab flv video from internet browsers while playing video. It is also a good flv grabber and accelerator. It is integrated with Internet browser and when a video streams it starts blinking in browser toolbar. It is not free but you can try it for one month.


Download link ]

Do let us know which tool you find best and if you like online tools or offline tools?

Watch YouTube Videos in Clutter Free Interface Using ViewPure

YouTube is an amazing service to watch music and other kinds of videos online. I use this site daily for entertainment as well as learning purpose. But I really hate ads flashed inside the videos and also I don’t like other clutters such as comments, related videos, etc near the video.

Viewpure is a web service that removes all the clutter from YouTube video and runs it in a neat interface. You can also create a custom environment for video viewing, example you can generate personalized URL (ViewPure.com/[URL]) and also password protect your video.


Given below is the screenshot of “Pure video viewing” video playback. There are some useful links given at the top. You can darken the background from white to black .Also you can create short link for the YouTube video. If you want to share the clutter free video on Twitter then click on “share”.


If you scroll down the home page to the bottom, you’ll get a Viewpure bookmarklet. Just drag and drop this bookmark;et on your browser’s bookmark bar. Now go to YouTube website and click on the bookmarklet. It will redirect you to ViewPure and play the video in neat interface. Simple and easy. No signup is required to use this service.

Tip: To fully enjoy the video, darken the background and click the F11 button in Windows. You can watch the video in a neat, full screen mode. Want to come back? Press F11 again.

Go to Viewpure for clutter free YouTube video experience.