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PDFescape : Edit PDF Files Online

Portable Document Format(PDF)  is an open standard for open exchange. PDF files are being used a lot these days. For ebooks, personal documents, stories, etc. Sometimes forms are given out in PDF documents which are needed to be filled. There is a free online tool which can edit your PDF files easily.

PDFescape lets you edit your PDF files so that you can fill forms, design forms, add images etc. The requirements of PDFescape are:-

1. A web browser with JavaScript enabled.
2. An active internet connection.

No installations and downloads required. You can use this site unregistered or register on it. But I recommend you to register on the site because of the three main reasons.
1. Secure account access.
2. Save files online to your account.
3. Publish PDF forms for others to fill out.

Now, let me tell you how can you edit PDF files using this site. The tutorial has been done without logging in.

1. Open PDFescape.
2. Click on “Start Now” tab on the above.
3. Click on “Start using unregistered”.
4. Now, you have to upload the PDF file you want to edit. Upload it from your PC, internet or from the previously saved files(for the registered users).
5. I clicked on “Load PDF from internet”.
6. You will then have the PDF editor open.
You can then edit your PDF file. Checkout the screenshot of the PDF editor.


So, what do you think about this tool? Would you try it? Do comment.

Convert WebPages to PDF in Google Chrome [Extension]

For any web surfer, the option to save visited websites in such a manner that they could be viewed later easily, with no internet is something which everyone wants. One way of achieving this is by converting websites into PDF files which can be saved and then used later. Web2PDFConverter is an extension for Google Chrome web browser which can be used to do this.

Web2PDFConverter and be downloaded and installed via this link. Upon installation, an icon to launch the extension is added to the address bar of Google Chrome web browser.


Using Web2PDFConverter is extremely easy. All you need to do is visit the webpage which you want to save by converting it into a PDF file and click the Web2PDFConverter icon on the address bar of Google Chrome. A popup message will then show where you can click the button saying Convert to PDF.

Web2PDFConverter -2

The extension will then automatically process your request and within a short time the converted PDF will be available for download. From there, you can download the PDF and view the website with the help of any PDF viewer.

Web2PDFConverter -3

Additionally, you can also view the created PDF in Google Docs. You must have a Google Docs account to do so which is free to sign up for.

Web2PDFConverter is a great extension which can help users save their favorite website for offline viewing in a simple and effective manner, and that too, fastly.

Download Web2PDF Converter for Google Chrome

3 Ways to Convert Webpages to PDF

Saving web pages for later access is commonplace. However, sometimes one might require to view web pages offline in this case converting your HTML page into PDFs is a great help for portability later read it later feature. Today we have a list of tools using which you can pages your online web pages as PDFs which can be printed offline and/or taken while you’re on the move. The services listed below are all online and require no installation whatsoever.

PDF Download

PDF Download offers a range of services including saving pages as PDFs. There are multiple ways to do so, but a simple approach is to submit the URL of the page which you wish to convert into PDF along with your e-mail and PDF Download will e-mail you the converted URL as an attachment. It also features a bookmarklet which will convert URLs to PDFs from the browser and also has add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers allowing viewing PDF as HTML. <Link>



A simple to use URL converter to PDF which offers both a free service and a paid service with advanced features. The free version doesn’t allow any change in options for rendering HTML content conversion to PDF, whereas the paid version does. The paid service costs $9.95 per year and the conversion quality is far superior when compared to the free version which is often cluttered with un-needed material. <Link>



Along with the standard feature of converting URLs to PDFs, HTML2PDF also features converting raw HTML content and rendering it as PDF files. This feature can be of additional help as web-mail pages can also be easily converted to PDF using this feature. Once you supply the URL and hit the convert button, the URL is converted and the PDF is made available through a download link. The output PDF is very clean, free from most of the unwanted stuff and can handle PNG based transparencies pretty easily. <link>


If you know about any other online tool or software, please share with us.

Online HTML to PDF converter: Pdfcrowd

PDF is a file format which you can take in a pen drive or send it through mail. Due to ease of export and readable capabilities, it is widely used as an ebooks and guide format. There are web services by which you can convert the html web page into PDF format easily so that you can later read it offline.

Pdfcrowd is one such awesome service that lets you convert the web page into PDF quickly. This service is free to use and it doesn’t require any signup.

To use this service, go to pdfcrowd and enter the URL of webpage in the given box. Click on “Convert to PDF” button.


On the save file pop up, select the save file option and click on OK button.


After saving, open the file in any PDF reader installed in your computer. Here’s a look of Callingallgeeks page in PDF format. Similarly you can convert any other web pages.


There are many options available such as page size, page orientation, page margins, PDF security and HTML options but before using these features signup is required.


This tools also comes with many other features such as online WYSIWYG Editor, to edit the HTML document online and directly export it to PDF. It also provides API for developers to improve the product. Bloggers and webmasters can enter the code in their websites to provide the option to convert web pages directly to PDFs.

Check out Pdfcrowd to convert web pages to PDF quickly.