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5 Websites to Play Online Game for Free

We have already talked about Mario which is one game that you can play on your browser online and offline and here we are adding more into our list of Online gaming. There are many Websites which let you play interesting flash online game for example miniclip and  there are many more such Websites in the market.

We have shared few browser based games with you to enjoy your break and you can play those games easily in your office too. But if you don’t want to bind yourself with browser games then here I am sharing few cool websites where you can play lots and lots of online games of your choice.

Few PC Games:

Play Online Games with These Interesting free sites:

There are endless such websites but before you use any of these online flash game sites, I suggest you to make sure the site is clean and free of spyware. Specially. avoid installing toolbar and spyware these sites offered, as most of them are bundled with some stock app, which will slow down your computer. Simply, go to any of these online game site and start playing game, without installing anything. You also don’t need to have a gaming PC to play these games, as such online game could be played on any computer with minimum configuration. For better experience, I suggest you to download Chrome browser, which will give you better game play experience.


It’s one of my favorite website to play games online because it provides me lots of different category which includes sports, racing, Broad, puzzels and lots more.

Play Online Game

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Here you can see the ratings of all the games by players. You can also discuss about games in community and search different games through categories.


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Are you a Mario lover, I am one and if you are too then MarioFlash is for you. MarioFlash is dedicated for Mario games. There are links to other different types of games too, which you can play according to your wish.

Mario games

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CandyStand is another website for gaming addicts and it allows you to save your favorite games, scores and win exciting prices.


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Bored gives you a brief introduction about the games with rating and number of times a game is played. I like the neat and clean interface of bored.com which makes it easy to select the game.


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If you know more such sites which let us play online game, do let us know via comment. Also let us know your most addictive online game, that you are addicted to right now.

How to Unlock Angry Birds Levels on Chrome Browser

So you’re probably stuck at some difficult level of Angry Birds and are really unhappy about it. If you happen to be playing Chrome Angry birds, then we have a hack for you that will unlock all the levels of the game for you.

Unlock Angry Birds Levels

Google announced Angry Birds on the Chrome browser at the Google I/O key note few weeks ago, all thanks to some HTML5 magic. It was made possible for the game to run on browsers, as it also runs on other browsers. Now why would you want to get a hack to unlock all the levels on the Chrome browser. To be honest, I know that not every one is a master at playing Angry Birds like me, so you’d probably want to skip those annoying moments when you’re losing in front of your friends. Using this little trick that I’m about to tell you, it’s possible to unlock all the 70 levels of Angry Birds at three star ratings.

The trick was actually discovered by some Angry guy over at the WebOS blog, and here’s how you do it.

Hack to Unlock Angry Birds Levels:

  • Fire up the game, if you’ve not installed the game on your Chrome browser, then head over here and do it right away.
  • Once you have the game running, replace the link on the address bar, that will say this “http://chrome.angrybirds.com/” with this “javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3’); i++; } window.location.reload();” without quotes.
  • You’ll then be presented with the game, all the levels unlocked, even the Chrome special levels.
  • In case you’re not a cheater, then you can use this link “javascript: var i = 1; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′); i++; } window.location.reload();” to get things back to how they were before and you will not be sent to hell.


Well, even though you plan to execute this hack to completely unlock Angry birds levels, before that my suggestion would be finish all levels of Angry birds yourself. Else, you will miss out the fun of this game. Anyways, Was that so hard? Thought so! Well, so go on tell your friends how you finished all the levels in an hour.

Top 3 Free Online Multiplayer Games You should Definitely Play

Guys if you are looking for some quality time wasters then today’s post is definitely for you because today I am highlighting some awesome and action packed online games that will quench your gaming thirst. One word of advice is that do check out the minimum system requirements before downloading any of the below listed games. The free multiplayer games that I have compiled are simply download and play but in some instances you will see pop-ups asking you for in-game purchases. Get to know about these cool and awesome Multiplayer games after the break!



This is basically a MMORPG that is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and trust me this game packs some real heavy duty game-play. The game runs on the Valve’s incredible source engine and it is a visually stunning game with some real pleasing looks that will definitely attract you to play more. You can freely interact with in-game objects, every object can be destroyed and can also be picked up as a weapon.

By default, you have to choose from 3 classes (developer’s initially planned 5 classes), teamwork is a must regardless of whatever class you have chosen. If you want to advance in the game then you have to pass through Vindictus’s 6 episodes that are all story-based.


MapleStory -Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

This game is not as meaty as the one mentioned above but it is a perfect game for casual online gamers and young audience. Basically it is a side-scrolling Multiplayer role playing game housing pretty simple controls and you will notice plenty of bright colors.

The moment you start playing game you will notice that it follows a typical role playing game scenario, your character endeavor into dungeons and fight monsters. In-order to increase your score you have to collect in-game currency called as “Mesos”. The game also has a SIM’s City touch to it, apart from converting your player into warrior you can also engage in activities like forming families and getting married. MapleStory is huge in regions like South Korea where it was initially released back in 2010.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms - Online FPS Action

The game takes its basics from classics like Call of Duty Franchise and Counter Strike, it is a FPS game packed with loads of action. The game has a leveling system and players earn Gamer points that they can spend on weapon customization and buying. The game has various modes including missions like co-op play and captures the flag missions. Combat Arms also supports a built-in gaming league and an integrated clan system making it a unique and must-play online game.

If you know about any Multiplayer online games that are worth playing then do let us know in comments.

Play Super Mario on Google Chrome

It’s always recommend to take breaks while work but when you are in office it is tough to refresh yourself sitting at one place and in front of your computer. I came across a awesome and favorite game “Mario” which you can play with your Google Chrome. We all have played Mario in childhood and for me it’s still one of my favorite games.


For playing Mario in your Google Chrome you just need to follow these steps:

  • Install Super Mario Chrome Extension.<link>
  • Once installed, you can click on the extension icon to start playing Mario.


  • You can choose any level you want to play.


Here are the Keyboard instructions to play Mario:

  • To Move: Left/Right/Up/Down
  • Jump: A
  • Run/Pick: S (Hold for HighJump)
  • Pause/Resume: Space

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You can also customize the settings of game. The Flash version of Super Mario is total fun and you can kill your boring time easily. So, whenever you want to take break from your work and boss then don’t forget to try Super Mario.

Also check out infinite super mario bros here.

If you like to play games on Google Chrome, do share with us which one is your favorite game?